Milk Bath Anyone?

Milk Bath Anyone?

This time last year littlegem and I were making a decision. We wanted to go away on a weekend just us two, a concept that seems rather alien right now. When we discuss trips away typically there is a lot of research of ideas about where we want to go, places to visit, things to do etc.

However in my collection of erotic picture notes there was a milk bath photo. It was decided that we wanted to go to a hotel that had a luxurious bath to create these photos and we found one. A copper bath in the middle of the room with water that comes down the ceiling, amazing!

Now the decision here was, do we spend a lot of money purely on the basis of taking some photos that may or may not work out. In an effort of cost cutting we stayed one night in a budget hotel, the next in the luxury one. Imagine the check out after the first night. 

‘Going anywhere nice?’

‘Yeah, the fancy hotel down the road’

Justifying spending the money came down to asking would we enjoy ourselves? It isn’t often we treat ourselves like this, so there is no reason to feel guilty. We ended up having a great time, choosing the budget hotel for the first night was the right choice otherwise there would be massive disappointment.

Taking the Milk Bath Photo

The first thing you’ll need for a milk bath photo is milk, obviously. Full fat, the higher density of lipids reduces transparency of water better. If you want a vegan option you could use milk alternatives, but I’m not sure on their effectiveness.

So after check in a trip to the local supermarket was needed, Waitrose to be exact (befitting of the area). We bought 4 large (6 pint) bottles. Turns out that you don’t need as much as you think, probably half that for a standard bath. Given that the bath we were using was quite big we overestimated and now we were wishing we’d bought milkshake powder too.

We also bought some extras at the supermarket and headed back. By this time it was late afternoon and with a dinner in the restaurant booked we delayed the bath until the following morning. You need enough time and plenty of natural sunlight for it to be as effective as possible. The trouble with bathrooms in general being that windows are smaller or frosted (or both). 

Milk Bath Anyone?
Littlegem gets undressed as the bath is run.

The bath was run as normal, maybe a little hotter than usual given the need to pour in cold milk. Now it can be time to experiment. The ultimate goal for us was to have a white opaque look, but it was worth trying with different levels by slowly adding the milk into the bath. As you pour it forms an interesting cloud that is mesmerising to watch as it mixes. 

Milk Bath Anyone?
You don’t need to be naked, clothes or lingerie could be worn if preferred.

One of the reasons for doing a milk bath photo is that it allows the person modelling to show off the parts of their body that they are comfortable with whilst obscuring others. Trying different positions until you find something that works for you, maybe you want to focus on a bottom or breasts or genitals. Most photos we took didn’t include littlegem’s tummy, that is her choice and I try to make her feel as beautiful as I can. 

Adding Extras

Now that you are comfortable with the temperature of the bath, the transparency and the position you can consider embellishing your scene with details. For us we purchased flowers and fruit at the supermarket. We wanted to add colour and a delicate feel to the pictures. You can use your imagination about what to add, as long as it floats! Turns out flower heads float better than petals, so you’d need to be quick to get in a shot before they start to sink. 

It’s time to take some photos. Now I’m not going to tell you how because I don’t have the expertise to do that. Especially since I didn’t consider how shiny a metal bath would be and how that may be a hindrance to taking photos. Getting up high and shooting downwards is a good start, but you can try plenty of other angles too. 

Milk Bath: littlegem in a bath of milk and flowers

At this time littlegem wasn’t showing her face on the blog so it was another challenge to think of positions that didn’t involve her face (or just crop it out). However a few months later things had changed, it no longer mattered to her. I wanted to give it another go and so a few months later we tried again. 

Milk Bath at Home

With the opportunity of some time alone during the day we again prepared for our milk bath, but this time in the comfort of our own home. Our bath like most is white, giving a clean background to the photos. The extras this time were a colourful bath bomb and some candy canes (it was around Christmas time). This time the mood was more playful than artsy. Littlegem took the time to pretty herself with make up to get in the mood and I got to work setting up the bath much like before. 

With littlegem ready she was helped in and given the bath bomb, playing with it as it fizzed. She sucked on the candy cane and I took photos around her as she played. 

Christmas Bath
Taken from the post Christmas Candy Canes.

We experimented with different water levels, particularly in regards to how her hair flowed in the water. In a shallow bath more hair can be seen, creating patterns as it suspends in the water. The bath bomb also gave the water some colour, as it doesn’t have to be white. You could try any colour, although I wouldn’t recommend red, unless you literally want to make a bloodbath. 

Hair Octopus
Taken from Hair Octopus.

Afterwards it’s best to have wash, even if the milk is highly diluted you don’t want to have smelly cheese hair. 

Reviewing the Photos

As I said before light is probably the biggest issue when it comes to taking photos in a bathroom. To create the effect of a bright liquid you may have to play with the histogram settings to enhance your photos. 

Milk Bath Anyone?
The darkness of the room can only be edited so much, but this was the best I could do.

So why not give milk bath photography a try? 

– You don’t need as much milk as you might think. 

– You don’t need to book an expensive hotel room for it. 

– It is good for those that aren’t totally comfortable taking naked photos. 

– It can be fun and imaginative. 

fun theme photo meme

24 Replies to “Milk Bath Anyone?

  1. I love this post because I too have chosen hotel rooms and air bnbs simply for their photogenic quality 🙂 I hope you and gem are holding up well during these weird times. I look forward to seeing your photography when we all come out on the other side.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one 🙂. It’s been pretty tough, as it has for most, but we’re getting there. Hopefully the photography will continue.

  2. What a fantastic post PS and I love that you have encouraged everyone to give it a go. I am not sure our bath at home would work well but I might as HL if we can give it a go. I don’t think I have seen the candycane pictures before but I really like the idea. Thank you for sharing your tips on how to create a milkbath photo and inspiring us with your lovely images 🙂

  3. Your collection of shots fro that weekend are great. The use of the copper bath, light, and of course milk for those special shots are really good. Knowing how a camera works is one thing, having an eye for a picture is totally different!

  4. Ohh do you like specifically choose a place with a nice bath in these cases? I love how you use weekends away for these purposes. It’s very creative. I really enjoy reading about the time and thought you put into creating these pictures. They certainly create something unique and I’m not sure if I would be dedicated enough to lie down in a bath of milk haha

    1. It’s unusual for us to go away for the purpose of specifically taking shots like this. Although I will try and research what we can do before we go, it’s always good to be prepared 😊

  5. Your pictures are always so perfect and creative! I am not sure I’d like a milk bath (does soy milk bath count? I could try that!), but I love the idea of it, and especially the time alone sounds lovely.

  6. great and creative photography, love the one in bath tub with the nipple perfectly showing with the other details. thanks for sharing. Amy

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