Housewife to Pornstar

When we 19 littlegem gave me a gift, I can’t remember the occasion, but I can distinctly remember her coy look as she handed it to me. It was a collection of erotic photos she had taken at home, printed off on the family computer and bound in shiny purple card. Inside, the photos were of her in stockings and corsets with notes saying “something to think of while I’m not here”, we both were still living with our parents at this time.

Teenage me was blown away. Firstly the fact that she had done this, she is shy and has taken the time to do this for me. I hugged her and thanked her for my collection of photos. Now I had my very own porn mag. This was the end of the organic porn age, foraging for porn under a hedge, online porn was very much a thing but this was different. It didn’t matter that the quality wasn’t professional or that she looked super nervous in some of the shots, it was endearing even. It was special because it was the person I love putting themselves out of their comfort zone for me.

I still have it many years and house moves later, in a secret place. I may have a sneaky peek if I have cause to go into our loft to get something down. It reminds me how far we have come. Only a handful of erotic photos were taken in the early years of our relationship. 

Beginnings of an Erotic Photo Adventure

Not long after getting married and before we decided to have children I ask littlegem to model for me. She wore her wedding lingerie and I covered the bed in silk sheets (how cliché). Thinking back I feel bad because I pushed her a little to do it.

Littlegem has always been beautiful, no more so than when she became pregnant a few months later, in fact it gave me feelings I didn’t know I had, a beautiful curve of the bump, the engorged breasts. But pregnancy is a huge undertaking, the sickness, aches and pains of physical change and the emotional toll of hormonal changes. Its understandable why she didn’t quite see it that way. The only photos we took were functional to show progress rather than erotic, as we still wanted to record this part of our life. 

Having children had a large impact on her, an emotional response to not feeling happy about herself and her body. It wasn’t long after that she asked to be submissive to me, to help deal with those emotions. Although this wasn’t primarily about taking photos, it was about feeling good about herself again. 

Going D/s

Taking photos is now very much part of our D/s lifestyle, I enjoy littlegem being a model for me. I create a scene and she follows my instruction. I love every part, from thinking about it, taking the photos and looking through them all as I edit them. I want littlegem to feel sexy as a result of this process. 

Body image worries are not to be underestimated and it’s always a conflict how to manage a partner that doesn’t always feel comfortable. My love and support isn’t enough, I need to prove that she is sexy. To take photos that make her proud of herself, to show them to the world so that she may be displayed in all her glory. To see her in my eyes. This challenge pushes me to come up with new ways to showcase her and I embrace that challenge. 

A crucial part of what we are is making each other feel better about ourselves. Littlegem has that fantasy of being shown off for all to admire and likewise I get satisfaction from putting her on display. Her body is beautiful and by putting her in front of a camera there is this wonderful moment where she looks so comfortable, so happy. I love this because there are so many other times in our life where I see the opposite, the one in which I see I her judging herself unfairly. 

With the camera on her and with no instruction littlegem danced on the beach.

Since going D/s and taking more images there is now around 5000 photos taken from the last 2 years, in multiple folders, it’s becoming an organisational problem. Then we started making videos and that made it even worse. 

Making Porn

The next natural step from making erotic photos is erotic videos. The videos we make go onto littlegem’s OnlyFans site and is a reflection of the play that we do, giggles and kisses left in. The pleasure and the enjoyment is real, the only difference is having to do all of the camerawork to find the best angles, if only we had someone to film for us. The primary purpose of making our own porn is to have fun. We both get enjoyment from capturing our play, watching it back and then allowing others to watch. It is down to choice, we are both consenting adults and have equal say in what gets included and at any time, this consent can be removed at any point. This mutual trust and respect is essential to any partners sharing porn online. 

Too Much Sex
A still from a spanking video we did at a hotel

Porn can be divisive, in its attitudes towards those shown on screen, typically women. It can be seen as unrealistic and a bad example to those watching. But it can be empowering, being open with sexual desire, being somebody’s erotic fantasy. Much like the gift she gave me many years ago, it makes her feel sexy knowing that somebody is watching and getting sexual pleasure from it. Being seen as a sexual object takes away the everyday labels of house wife or mother. It is her choice to be seen this way and I embrace the positivity that it brings. 

Littlegem Fan Club

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34 Replies to “Housewife to Pornstar

  1. Everything I read about your dynamic a new part of my mind is opened. I love this idea of using photos and video to make LG feel better about herself, but also that you are so excepting of it. That says amazing things about your trust in each other!

  2. This is so sweet 🙂 I am a bit envious to be honest. But then my wife surprised me with professionally made erotic pictures made when she was pregnant. She was always camera shy but she did this totally on her own.

  3. With every post I read, I feel I learn a little bit more about you and the lovely dynamic you have. Love the respect and trust you have in each other. It shines through in your words.
    ~ Marie

  4. Body image worries wreak havoc. I remember the first time Sir wanted to see me naked, I nearly cried. We talked about my insecurities and how I needed him to make me feel sexy. I’m glad that you have found a way to make Littlegem feel sexy. It probably reinsures her that you do in fact want her and see past any flaws that she may see.

    1. You’re totally right and people don’t see the insecurities until you really get to know someone. But yes, this is one of the ways of getting that sexy back.

  5. This is so lovely to read … and so closely mirrors the journey and experiences of another couple I can think of (Lol !!!)
    I have always loved and admired your photos and posts … and enjoyed your OFs as well.
    And totally agree at how empowering that sharing can be.
    Looking forward to viewing many more of those 5,000 for years … and years … to come !!!
    Xxx – K

  6. I love that you talk about using pictures to make littlegem feel proud of herself. You’ve done a fabulous job at putting her on display. Her pictures are always among my favorites. You’re right about film. I don’t watch porn, except some done by amateurs. Maybe I’ll have to join the littlegem Fan Club…?

  7. I think that was a wonderful thing gem did giving u the images when u were a teen. Particularly as u said she was a little shy and it would have put her out of her comfort zone. I expect u treasure the photos. It reminded me of something I did for my man when we got together this time round. I have a problem with “love” takes me out of my comfort zone for many reasons – mainly the intimacy of it. I bought a tiny note pad and on each of the 30 pages I wrote a reason of why I loved my man – little things like ” I love the hair on your chest that peeps out when you are wearing a shirt” – that kinda thing. And gave it to him for his birthday. He was blown away. As he knew it would have be difficult for me to put my self in a vulnerable place by writing such things…
    May xx

    1. Yes it was, doing things for a partner that push you out of your comfort zone show how much you mean to them. So I’m glad you told you man the things you love about him, must really be a special person.

  8. I love reading about you and Little Gem and the part photography plays in your lives. I am reminded of these lyrics “And in the end, The love you take, Is equal to the love you make” Abbey Road, The Beatles, 1969.

  9. It made me smile reading she made you your own personal porn catalogue with pictures of her. That’s adorable and such a nice gift. I like the progression you describe. It seems rather organic and I like how it progressed into making these videos. “But it can be empowering, being open with sexual desire, being somebody’s erotic fantasy.” I think you’re right in this and I hope you will both continue to tell that empowerment, and the fun you describe!

    1. Oh we’re all about the fun, it needs to be enjoyment otherwise that’s the point. I now have a whole digital portfolio of pictures now 🙂.

  10. I loved this post PS and it is so interesting that you have included snippets of your whole journey with taking pictures as well as some to illustrated that. Your header image is gorgeous. I am really pleased that the images and the movie makes up such a strong part of your dynamic. Although we don’t do as much of this as you, I can really relate to the connection that it brings. 🙂

  11. I think your photographic path was laid very early! Life does change the way we look and social media does try to occasionally to move away from the perfect body image, however, we make the best of what we have. I think your photographs, and videos just keep getting better and Gem does look very relaxed in artistic role. Just keep them coming!

    1. Thank you HL. Body image does get in the way a lot and perhaps it can be easy to forget when we take these photos. But I do try and keep things real in regards to how our life and taking photos makes us feel. Absolutely will continue taking photos and videos.

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