The Pull of Puppy Play

Waking up in the morning to a bright room my eyes are barely open and I can feel the soreness in my cock. Littlegem has awoken next to me due to the children’s lost patience over our 7 o clock lie in.

“Tired?” I ask.

She grumbles a “.. yes” and buries her head into me wishing she had an extra hour or 4.

The Night Before.. 

One of the issues with only having an upstairs bathroom is that if you need the toilet you have to take the quiet gauntlet. Past the child that now wants it’s door open at night because it’s warm, without waking it from its ever light slumber. 

It has passed 9 o clock, the child in question is still occasionally shuffling in its semi sleep and littlegem is getting increasingly desperate and it just isn’t worth the risk. 

“You could take me into the garden?” She says joking, but not joking, to get a read of what I’ll do. 

“OK then,” I say calling her bluff as her cheeks blush. Going to the cupboard I grab the rose gold collar that Puppy uses along with matching chain lead. I can tell she really isn’t sure, it’s getting dark, but not that dark. A neighbour could easily see if they wanted to. I’m nervous about it, but at least I’m not the one about to be naked in the garden. 

Littlegem unclothed and kneels before me, allowing her collar to be attached and the leash secured. You’d think that she’d be more obedient on a leash. But no, more discipline is needed to stop her sniffing and playing with things around the room. Opening the back door to the garden the air rushes into the room to break it to her what’s about to happen. 

“Come on,” I call, giving the lead a short tug to encourage her to move. Slowly on all fours, naked and connected by lead she follows me outside, over the patio and onto the lawn. Looking up I can see the windows of the houses around us, the lights are on, but nobody is watching, not that I’m letting gem know that. She can stew on the thought that someone may be watching her doing her business on the grass. Our eyes lock as I can hear her release herself, her face is one of humiliation. When she’s done she gets a pat on the backside and a “good girl” before being led back inside. Finally she is wiped cleaned with a wet wipe. 

The whole experience has put littlegem in a puppy mindset, which is unusual. Puppy play is planned, a certain day, a certain time. It isn’t a thing we just ‘do’ like you would an impromptu quickie, but here we are with her still on her leash and feeling in a playful mood. Now I’m thinking, does she want to keep playing? Was this only for fun to go to the toilet? I can’t ask because Puppy doesn’t speak (that would be silly). My now engorged penis is telling me we should continue, something Puppy has noticed, as she nuzzled up to the bulge in my shorts. 

The Pull of Puppy

But why am I so turned on? It’d been a couple of days since last sexual activity but that clearly wasn’t the full cause of my arousal. I enjoy butt plug tails, knowing that she has something inside her and the swishing of the tail behind her. But she isn’t wearing the tail this time, normally that would have been inserted before play, as planned and agreed. This Dom-rod is more than likely the result of the power exchange that shifted as she was put on a lead and led into a humiliating situation.

With Puppy now rubbing her face against my crotch it was only natural for me to unbuckled my belt and let her see what it is she is interested in, it’s only fair. Knelt before me she takes me into her mouth, she doesn’t stop until an orgasm pulses into her throat and another “good girl” is given. 

In order to get out the leash and collar I had to pull out the ‘puppy box’ from the cupboard. In it are all the accessories that puppy needs and she crawls over to take a look. Puff, the purple dragon toy takes her fancy and she lays on the sofa with it in her mouth, squeezing the squeaker with her mouth. I like just watching her play, her head is in my lap and I can stroke her head and skin. Feeling this she indicates she wants something else, although communication is rather difficult. Sometimes it’s easier to just ask “What do you want?” She will then crawl and ‘point’ to what she wants, in this case a brush. 

The brush softly strokes her skin/fur, she responds positively with pants and little growls. Her chest, her belly, the panting increases as I brush up her leg. Resting the flat side of the brush on her clit she looks up at me from my lap, instantly I know what she what’s. The brush is replaced with my hand as I begin to rub her, the positivity in her body language suggests I am correct to do so. With her face panting against my lap I feel my body react too as the intensity of the rubbing increases. Having the control of her body like this in her puppy state is having that same affect on me too and it hasn’t been that long since I came, I welcome this development of course, I’m just a little surprised. 

Puppy indicates her desire to lick me again whilst she is simultaneously pleasured herself. That is literally what happens, she licks my cock. That’s not a tip you’ll read in a Cosmo magazine, licking the shaft vigorously, but in this scenario it works, really well. Had it not been for the previous orgasm that alone would have done it, but in this case assistance was required. Again it was lapped up dutifully, not before puppy herself reached satisfaction too, with flurry of puffs and pants. It was then that puppy knelt before me, telling me she was ready to transform back. Collar removed, we laid on the sofa cuddled up and happy. Able to talk I can finally discuss my satisfaction of doing something weird again. 

To be continued.. 



14 Replies to “The Pull of Puppy Play

  1. I think spontaneous play is probably the most satisfying, because its driven by a need that needs to be fulfilled. It definitely sounds like this was the case here!

    Take care

    Sweet x

  2. I love the fact this was impromptu but obviously what you needed. An interesting insight into the way puppy play works for you both. And yay for keeping Dom Rod on the books. 😊

  3. I love the fact that your neighbours are awake locked behind their walls unknowing that the sweet young mother next door is playing the puppy and peeing on the grass. Great account.

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