Use Me

Use Me

Littlegem communicates more with body language than she likes to admit. When we go to bed in the evening I await her reaction when I lay next to her. If she rolls away from me it means she want me to wrap my arms around her for a cuddle and go to sleep. If she lies on her back something is on her mind and she’ll want to talk. If she rolls towards me then she is horny. She will claim this isn’t true, but that’s only because she doesn’t want to admit that I’m in her head.

This particular night she rolled towards me and put her chin on my shoulder, like a dog would rest on my lap if I was eating some cake. Except the cake is my cock and her drooling lips are… well you get the picture.

After months of being a bit lax with the assertiveness we are doing denial again, but not as we did before. Previously gem simply wasn’t allowed to come and while it did drive her wild there are issues.

– If the denial was for a set time then she would know that it would be futile to try and orgasm before then, there was no thrill of chase.

– When the time was set, but without her knowledge of the date of orgasm there was a lot of frustration in not knowing when the orgasm would come. Plenty of post coital tantrums ensued, simply put it worked well until it didn’t.

So now how it works is that I still have the control of her orgasms, whether she does or not. But instead of denying her orgasm for a while and then letting her release she’ll be allowed them on occasion, at my discretion. This way her desire to orgasm will be maintained but with the pressure only released slightly, therefore (hopefully) keeping her perpetually needy. 

Rolling on top of her, she asks me if she is wet. She is, she likes to be told and I like to tell her. Sometimes I’ll stick my fingers inside of her then put them in her mouth to prove it. Then come 3 words that I love. 

‘Use me Daddy’ 

A lot of active submission has gone on here, the initial advances, the asking of her wetness. Now she is telling me that she wants me to fuck her purely for my pleasure. I perhaps haven’t given her enough credit for that but I’d like to think it is the result of both of us making an effort. 

In order for denial to work, it needs to be constant. Reminders of her submission, telling her that she is mine. Whispers in her ear during the day of the naughty things I’d like to do to her. Without this what is about to happen is some bad sex. It’s a fine line that I have struggled with. But those words ‘use me’, gives me the mindset that I need in that moment. It gives me the validation I need, no matter how many times I’ve been told before. It is almost a way of consenting to me that there is no pressure. I am to take what is mine and use her like a real life sex doll. I would hate it if she felt sexually neglected. 

Typically littlegem won’t orgasm, the pleasure of her submission being greater than that of orgasm. She may be brought close, she may be teased. I may tell her a fantasy situation, such as the thought of her being tied to the bed all day. In this fantasy her purpose is to satisfy my needs. I will visit her regularly, have my fill of pleasure and leave, only to do it again. She is to be left, begging to be taken over the edge, but not until I say so. This fantasy seems to work, she growls with delight. 

My pleasure satisfied, it’s time to end. I could finish inside her, I could pull out and release myself all over her. Regardless of my choice I will say the same thing. I want her to wear it, decorated with the spoils of my pleasure, all night. She hates it, but loves it, she’s a naughty girl, a dirty girl. Going to sleep with my cum dripping on her body. I want to remind her that she has been used, even when she wakes the next day. Only then can she wash herself. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t give me Dominant feelings. 


14 Replies to “Use Me

  1. I love how you know her body language so well. That’s such an intimate thing. I had to laugh at the second paragraph, in a, I’m enjoying alongside, as a reader kind of way.

    This was such a pleasure to read because your pleasure and hers and the enjoyment you each get out of this shines through so strongly.

    This may be a strange comment to make, but you somehow sound a lot more confident and assertive in this post, and I guess that must be because of how comfortable you felt (though that’s only my assumption)

    1. Thank you, sometimes I worry that my writing is a little silly and I should take things more seriously.

      I think to your last point I am writing about something I enjoy and it feels fun and free, so hopefully that has come through. But of recent they haven’t quite felt that way so I’m glad you’ve noticed. Not quite sure about assertive yet, but I’ll get there.

  2. I love that you show the way that the power exchange works for you and how you feed each other’s Dominance and submission through your actions. I loved this too – “She will claim this isn’t true, but that’s only because she doesn’t want to admit that I’m in her head.“ missy x

  3. Great insight into your own observations of how you see Gem’s behaviours, and she doesn’t! Good that your dynamic is continuing to play denial; I know how much Gem enjoy’s such exercises………….

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