My Third Person

Littlegem's owl socks, image for the poem "My Third Person"

Pushed back, unable to be heard 

Her expression is a glaze 

Watch her prepare for attack 

I’m lingering in a haze

My third person  


Words formed but out of grasp 

Her tongue drips vile speech 

Recoil and hide away 

Our love is out of reach

My third person 


Eyes watch the hurt soak in

Her walls built to keep you out

Anger flickering in her eyes

Saddened heart is full of doubt  

My third person


Fingers tingling into control

Her protective shield held in place

Wrapped around me with your arms

Don’t understand your warm embrace

My third person


Time now to try and explain

Where the pain can be traced

Memory begins to fade

Feelings forgotten and replaced 

My third person

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