PurpleSole 2.0

PurpleSole 2.0

I have been absent for a bit. Absent from writing, absent from reading and supporting others. For that I am sorry and I don’t even promise that things will change back, I just need some time to adjust to how things are now. 

When we first started Purple’s Gem it was about sharing our experience as we moved our relationship into our D/s adventure. Sharing the things we do, the way it made us both feel. It has also become a platform for us to take photos and for me there has been great joy in sharing those images. It has been almost 2 years since we began our journey and I proud of what we have done and achieved. 

It has provided a lot of joy for me to have a way of feeling like myself, as in real life I am a lot more reserved, quiet in fact. I like talking about sex, about kink, about being whoever you want to be. Outside of myself and littlegem there were few people in our lives that would talk to us about such things, having our website has opened up friendships that are very valuable to me. 


The past few weeks have highlighted to us how fragile we both can be emotionally. It seems many factors have taken their toll and littlegem and I have had many conversations about how we feel and what we need from each other. For littlegem she now has a journal to write down her thoughts. I have been trying to encourage her to express herself more and feel that is of benefit for both of us. 

I am taking a similar path by taking more of a journal approach to some of my posts. Yes this could mean they could be more boring personal, as I usually have an approach to always maintain a sex element, it is a sex blog after all. So it may be a bit more feelingsy. Also I needed an outlet for some of the photos that I have stored that don’t have a home. Typically they are taken for a purpose or need to have context to what is being written. 

PurpleSole 2.0, a Dominant male husband, sharing his inner thoughts and trying to show the world how beautiful his wife is. That’s the plan. 


14 Replies to “PurpleSole 2.0

  1. I can completely understand the desire and need to reasses every now and then, and recent events have been particularly trying for many.

    There are many of us who enjoy reading about and sharing in your journey. Try to remember that the only people who actually matter are you and Gem and your girls.

    Stay safe, and look after yourselves.

    Sweet x

  2. I look forward to PS 2.0. I can relate as my blog has been anything but sexy lately. So many changes, some good, some not, tend to dictate the voice of our blogs. I love the image of littlegem, it speaks volumes.

  3. ‘Feelingsy’ sounds good to me. I have enjoyed your photos and blog from the very start of your journey on here. You have a great joie de vivre and I am saddened that it has been affected by the recent unpleasantness. But I know you will flourish and I look forward to reading and seeing more about your wonderful life together. It is uplifting, inspiring and exceedingly hot.

  4. I look forward to PS 2.0 and am sure I will enjoy it just as much as I did before. Always just write for yourself, your space, your words. Whether it’s more ‘feelingsy’, showing fragility, sharing images… I will be back here for more. Take care, PS xox

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