Healthy Competition

Healthy Competition

“The winner gets the orgasm of their choosing.” 


Now that we have come more used to the new routine of being in isolation as a D/s couple we realise a few changes needed to be made. One of those being that we have become less active than we used to be. 

Littlegem and I share a trait that can clash, we are both more competitive than we like to admit, something that we found out this week.

Littlegem earned herself a Fitbit recently for being a good everyday submissive. She reached the top of her totaliser after accruing points on her routine list. Very proud of her reward she now counts her steps daily. I also have a step counter on my phone. This led to a discussion in the garden and a simple challenge, who can do the most steps, with the winner getting the orgasm of their choosing, a healthy competition.

Why We Are Having A Healthy Competition

Despite the government allowing us to do one exercise outside of the house a day, we don’t. There isn’t really much point as there isn’t a huge amount of options around for open space. Therefore we are inside, all of the time. 

Turns out I don’t do enough exercise anyway. Despite walking (a short distance) to work and standing all day I don’t really move that much. My phone tells me that I average around 3,000 steps a day which is far off the 10,000 that I’d prefer to be at.

On the opposite end of the scale from PurpleSole my usual week is very hectic and with walking to and from nursery with my oldest child, I would easily have done 10,000 steps before lunch time. Since lockdown this reduced dramatically, which in turn had it’s knock on effects. I am a strong believer that being physically active and doing regular exercise improves your mood, so when my steps for the day plummeted it wasn’t surprising that so did my general outlook. Quickly I fell into bad habits of eating naughty food to try and feel happy, not doing my usual daily exercise, which then affects my weight, lowers my self esteem… etc… Generally it was not great for me. 

The last thing needed when the current world situation is already taking its toll on my mental health is for me to feel like a thick fog has swallowed me up.    

I can easily be motivated by rewards so taking part in the step challenge with PS seemed like a great way to add a bit of fun and encourage us to move more.   

Early Days

Now we had some motivation to keep active. Not knowing whether this was going to be one of those plans that would stick, we both didn’t think much about the task we had both set ourselves. The weather was nice and we took the time to enjoy our isolation in the garden. 

30 minutes later

Cut to us now striding around the garden to try and get the upper hand on each other. With littlegem having to do some work inside I took the opportunity to get the children on the trampoline, therefore I got plenty of time to get the steps in. The upper hand was mine. By the end of the first day I’d smashed it thanks to some active children.

Having lost out on the first day this was the day I found out just how petty littlegem can be. Spending time in the garden I knew was more active during the day. When she asked me how many steps I’d done before an evening bath I found out I was 1500 steps ahead. Another victory for me I thought as I got in the bath. But now wanting to give up littlegem started marching on the spot as she undressed.

“Are you really that petty?” I say. 

Yes, yes she is. Turns out I underestimated how much she wanted to win. A final check that evening showed that she had surged ahead by bloody minded running on the spot. It wasn’t because she wanted an orgasm, more she didn’t want me to win.

Yes I can get very competitive but who enters a competition not to win? If I didn’t care about winning then I wouldn’t bother to take part which then eliminates the whole point. I think as long as we were still having fun then it was ok, the competition stayed healthy.  

The problem was when it came down to collecting my reward I was hesitant. Although my mood had lifted I still didn’t feel great about myself so wasn’t really in the right place in my head to have sexual acts doted upon me. I squirmed and tried to get out of it but PS was persistent and ended up going down on me. 

My annoyance and doubt soon melted as he swirled his tongue over my clit and it wasn’t long until he had me riding a wave of delicious orgasm.

The Competition Steps Up

With a rivalry now in place we now try to find ways to up our steps at any opportunity. Jogging on the spot while making breakfast, moving things unnecessarily around the house, using the trampoline until the kids look at me with abject boredom. 


Healthy Competition


The daily steps ramp up, aided by good weather. Every time one of us asks the other of their progress with it comes a flurry of activity. Unfortunately for me this seem to end with littlegem only just beating me for many days in a row. Every time I thought I had the upper hand, she would do more. I would do better the next day, only to be beaten again!

 I accept her victories, knowing that she’ll want sex as her ‘reward.’ 

I would like to add I never moved anything around the house pointlessly?! 

Once again when it came to collecting my reward I was hesitant, there was only one thing I really wanted and I didn’t think it would be on offer as an option.

PS was persistent and teased out my confession.

“I really just want you to hold your hard cock inside me, deep and still for me to orgasm around.”

I should briefly explain that we don’t use protection but have a more natural method of birth control. Apart from After my period until a few days after I have ovulated, during these times it is strictly condoms for PIV only. The problem is I prefer au naturel as for me it feels way more sensitive but this competition fell right at condom time.

To my surprise PS pressed his body against mine, his cock nuzzling between my inner lips teasingly as he embraced me with kisses. My heart raced as his kisses engulfed me, his hands pinning my arms down but his cock stayed still, just slightly parting my lips. My anticipation for his thrust, for his warmth to fill me was so high I wanted to scream. His legs locked mine so my hips were unable to buck, to reach up and force him inside. It felt like forever that he held me there, wanting him but unable to move, my passion increasing with every second. 

Then he took me. His hard cock drove inside my slick wanton cunt and he ground himself so deep I could feel his pubis pressed against my swollen clit. I worked myself feverishly until I climaxed hard around him, my hips rocking involuntary with every wash of pleasure. My orgasm seemed to last longer as his cock stayed still, not quenching my need to be thrust upon. We parted and I layed panting on the bed, my heavy eyes drifting. My final thought of wanting to suck PS off into return, to allow him a release but it was fleeting, sleep overwhelmed me.

I wake up the next few mornings really stiff, partly my calves from all those steps but also from a lack of sexual release following a number of consecutive losses. That said having littlegem swallowed my cum after sex one evening was exactly what I needed, so it wasn’t all bad. 

Dirty tactics

In order to get the upper hand on the other, thoughts started circling in my mind. How could I cheat to win? It wasn’t in the spirit of competition, but I’ve lost 4 days in a row by now. I think, what if I put my phone on one of my children, they have endless energy running around the garden and I don’t have to do anything. I didn’t follow through with the plan, but having crossed my mind was worrying. 

Whenever littlegem would ask me how many steps so far, I would ask for hers. It always surprised me how she caught up and passed me so quickly. She wasn’t quite honest with the truth when it came to telling me her number. I’d been tricked.

A Step too Far

So, on the plus side we were pushing each other to do more exercise. On the down side we are both too competitive. I think that we certainly needed something to encourage us to be more active but perhaps a goal as opposed to a competition. 

I asked for the competition to end as It was starting to affect the time I was spending with our children, I felt guilty that instead of focusing on them I had instead become focused on steps. Really the best way forward is to do a bit of everything. Yes I want to be more active so I am going to aim for 10,000 steps a day, this is a manageable number for me to do without it becoming consuming. 

Also exercise isn’t the one profound answer to my problems, yes it can uplift your mood but my problems lie a bit deeper. I understand now that I need to make several little adjustments that will all help rather than just one big one. Sometimes I can become a bit overly focused and need my eyes opening.  

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16 Replies to “Healthy Competition

  1. Hahaha bless you guys, this was so much fun to read. I could really feel your competitive spirits while keeping it fun. Did the kids find it strange that you suddenly started doing so much to gain steps? Also, you do realise that your phone is less accurate than her Fitbit right :p When I used mine on walks with my friend while she used her phone, hers always came up with about a 1000 fewer steps. I can imagine the challenge started becoming a bit too much in the end though haha

    1. We did do some ‘test’ walking to see if there was a difference and it was fairly nominal, but now you’ve said it I might have to investigate ?. Kids found it funny that Mummy and Daddy were marching on the spot and joined in. I’m glad we stopped, I couldn’t get up by the end of it.

  2. This made me smile once I realized you are both so competitive. Brilliant idea to get moving, but indeed, other things definitely need attention too. I should start counting my steps again too!

    Rebel xox

  3. This was so warm and fun – I loved it. My OH is very sporty, everything comes easily to him. I am not. I also like to think I’m not competitive – but I am, I just wont be lured into sporty things because I cant win. 2 friends and I did a night walk for breast cancer, all given pedometers, all walked together – got 3 widely diverse totals! I’m sure Fitbit is more accurate though. Keep having fun guys (and keep telling us about it!) x

  4. I LOVED this post – u made me smile and look in depth at your graph – i love stats lol – go little gem – and yes exercide is great mood lifter – I am just odd for my walk!

  5. What a brilliant approach and a real illustration of how the D/s dynamic is incorporated into a full time lifestyle. I love this post and the fact that you have adapted and shifted to make something positive from the change of a difficult situation ?

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