Personal Time

Personal Time

Littlegem is masturbating in front of me on the sofa. I always like an exciting start to a post and I can’t think of anything better than the thought of her being sexual with herself, if need help visualising this you can press this. She is doing so because I have told her to. Taking full advantage of the situation she has a vibrator inside her with one hand and a sucky clit toy in the other. The combination of the two is extremely pleasurable.

A bit of back story, we do a lot of play that uses denial. Either edging her until she cannot take it any longer or simply not allowing it. Making her wait for days or weeks before her next orgasm. The reason for this is that it increases her neediness. She becomes a horny monster, one that needs to feel that release, only to be denied again. She needs to feel my touch and will tell me how much she craves attention, of course to me that makes me feel special. I have the power and she wants to do the sex to me much more regularly than she normally would. Her increased sexual drive is a result of my actions, that’s what makes it oh so delicious to see.

But it isn’t as simple as not letting her orgasm. Denial requires constant attention, verbal as well as physical. Occasionally situations don’t allow that to happen and the positive frustration of denial can easily become negative. So I made a change, instead of being in control of her not having an orgasm I would control her by increasing her orgasms.

Back on the sofa it is clear littlegem wants to cum. The vibrations and the suction doing their magic. She asks permission for orgasm, it is granted on one condition.

“Yes you may, but I need you to orgasm 5 times”.

She looks confused but chooses not to ask too many questions, after all more orgasms. I then watch as she builds up to an orgasm. Her breathing becomes more pronounced and he back begins to arch. Oh goody here comes the best bit. Her noises stop to a series of short gasps. Now must be the tipping point of her orgasm. She continues these gasps of pleasure and her expression of enjoyment. Wow this must really be a good one.

Boy, this is taking a while. Is she done yet? 

My focus begins to waver as this orgasm seems to be endless and this is only the first of at least 5. I look over to the clock. Looking back at her now I can see tears rolling down her face, she is panting and moaning.

Finally she releases the toy from her clit to her a brief rest bite. Over 2 minutes she had ridden this wave of pleasure. I am proud to have witnessed this but concerned that she has pleasured herself in a way that I seemly can’t. She knows the feelings inside her and how to delay and give herself the gratification she needs. It’s impressive. 4 more orgasms follow but not nearly as long as the others. Glad that I only said 5 not more the toys are handed back to be, the show for now is over.

A Plan is Made

As much as I like denying littlegem’s orgasms it was fun to see her enjoying herself. Issues of recent have surrounded my control, what I mean by that is I felt a lack of purpose. While I’m currently not at work I need a way of having use around the house. The situation has had a negative effect on littlegem’s mental health and denial simply isn’t working in these circumstances. So instead of controlling when she doesn’t orgasm, I wanted to take the control to increase her orgasms. 

Every Sunday her weekly routine is set. Within that I set weekly tasks for her to complete. I set a fun task for her that stated ‘Masturbate to orgasm 5 times during the day’. With the children being a constant priority during the day I have insisted on having ‘personal time’. This means during the day littlegem or I have time alone to do whatever we need, write, nap or as the task states, masturbate.

I was keen to clarify that she was to orgasm on separate occasions, as I knew she is wiggly enough to bang out 5 orgasms and say she completed the task. With the task air tight the week began.

Littlegem carried out her extra task dutifully. She would go upstairs, have some fun time and return around an hour later. On the nights she hasn’t slept well she has taken longer to have a nap. One day I found her sleeping with a vibrator still in her hand post wank.

On the face of it I would say that she has been happier, but there are too many other factors to say that there is a direct correlation. But I have enjoyed pressing her on what she got up to when we’re alone together in the evening. She squirms a little and tells me the porn she’s watched or the objects she’s put in her arse. It’s quite the turn on.

My concern with all this self pleasure is that there wouldn’t be enough left for me, but how wrong was I. Another task I had set that week was to wear an item of sexy clothing I knew she had but hadn’t shown me yet. She came downstairs wearing it coupled with some long black latex gloves. Let me tell you they look and feel amazing, but I’m sure there is another time for that. As well as this we have had an active sex life, albeit more vanilla than kinky. Either way it has been detracted, she has said before she never feels ‘done’ after having orgasms.

End of Week Chat

Every week ends with a chat. An evaluation of what we have done and a frank discussion of what so can do to improve each other. Top of my list of discussion points was the orgasm challenge. It had been something of a experiment and I was keen to get her thoughts.

My interest focused on the fact that if she can orgasm for so long and so much then why would she want to be denied? Speaking as a man who could only dream of having minute long multiple orgasms. The answer is the pleasure in my control is greater than that of having many orgasms, something which I struggle to understand but accept.

My task had given her too much freedom. Of course she was going to take the orgasms and complete the task as I had asked but on reflection I need to keep the reins tighter. The personal time will stay as it gives us the space we need. But if I choose to do so I can give her a command at the time to masturbate, in a certain way or with a certain toy. That way the control is more in my hands, plus then I know exactly when I’m going to get a sexy story in the evening.

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12 Replies to “Personal Time

  1. This is a beautiful image, I enjoyed reading, and would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during that first orgasm.

  2. Loved this. We are fairly new to orgasm control…he took control of “O” about 4-5 months ago. And while going in the thought was all about DENIAL, he quickly determined it could be about MULTIPLES. It’s a mind-fuck (I say that in glowing terms as someone who loves a good mind-fuck) to be chaste, then to have to edge whenever asked and denied orgasm, or have to be sexual in other ways and denied orgasm. But to be made to cum a certain number… 3, 4, or like you had her do.. 5 times! As someone who can be multi-orgasmic it sounds fun, but it can be torture (again, torture as in “painfully pleasurable, both mentally and physically). When your expected to do it or you know there are still several more you’ll have to get to… well, it’s a challenge. Maybe I need to rethink agreeing to giving him my orgasms? Nah, that would be very unsubmissive-like. Thanks for the post on a great topic!!

    1. I’ve seen her do more but yes I knew that if I told her at least 5 then it would be in her head. She also describes a painful pleasure from having multiple orgasms. It’s definitely something fun to explore ?

  3. I totally get how the control is more important than the orgasms 😉
    Great way to experiment and find what works for both of you, and good to grant yourselves some personal time!

    Rebel xox

  4. This was so enjoyable to read. I really like how you decided to take control in a slightly different way by dictating the amount of orgasms she must have, rather than denial. It’s a rather creative adjustment to the situation and a good experiment to have fun with. You’re so good at conveying the process of your thoughts and ideas. I love reading your posts

    1. When I first started reading I struggled to find a Dom voice that explained why they were doing the things they do. I guess I also have a need to rationale my actions, from the outside a lot of things we do need are a little different.

  5. I love how you work through these things – and the chat you have a the end of each week is such a good idea. I commend you for still doing that in these difficult times

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