Wax play- A view from the bottom

Wax play- A view from the bottom: coloured and white wax dripped on littlegem's side

I wanted PurpleSole to film the latest wax play session that he had in mind. There were a few reasons for this. Firstly because I like to see what’s happening and although this has been possible with mirrors, this particular idea could only be viewed from behind. Secondly because I wanted others to experience wax play from our perspective. 

What wax play feels like

We usually begin our wax play with a massage. PS will use coconut oil and rub it into my body or areas in which the wax is going to drip. I think this is a great way to start the play and to warm me up, to have a connection right from the beginning. Although wax play is full of sensations, none of them are from PS’s own skin so I like to have this time for him to touch me before the wax starts to fall. Also, during the play he will often graze my skin with his hands, a nice reminder of his presence to ground me. It is also a literal warm up, usually for wax play I am nude for a large amount of time so the oil being rubbed in does create a nice heat all over before the warm wax touches.

The first drop of wax is always highly anticipated, my skin has a memory of how it previously felt and can’t wait to feel the warm trickles once again. Usually PS starts off really slow, to firstly check that the wax isn’t too hot and I think it’s also to add to the drama. The occasional splashes of wax tickling my skin feel warm and my body just aches to be flooded with the warm liquid. 

I enjoy not just the initial hit of heat but as the wax drips down my back the feeling is like a feather flicking against my curves. My skin twitches slightly as the line of wax begins to harden and pulls it slightly taut. As PS moves the jug of soy wax down my side from shoulders to bottom these sensations are magnified as all the fresh skin gets a sporadic dripped coating of wax. 

Layering the wax

Once the length of my back has been covered PS concentrates on adding layers to my hips and bottom. You know those sensitive spots, located just above your arse cheeks to the area between where your bottom becomes back. That’s one of my favourite areas to have wax poured down. As the warm wax falls and licks against them, jolts of tingling pleasure spark around my body. It’s very hard to stop myself wiggling around at this point. As the layers of wax grow the pressure against these spots increases and it is such a good feeling. 

After one layer of wax is dropped, PS moves the jug on so that what has fallen can harden slightly against my skin. This moves him on to another of my favourite areas for wax to touch me, my arse. More particularly between my bum cheeks. I love the initial tickles as the wax droplets kiss my bum, just hoping they will reach down to the delicate skin in between. Then the tension rises as the wax rains down, a hot wave over my arse that never fails to awaken my cunt. As the wax sets my cheeks feel as if they are being pulled apart, my skin prickling with pleasure as it’s held taut. I always ask for more wax on my arse, I never want the sensation to end but PS has his own plans for me.      

Time to add some fire

When PS is happy and finished creating wax layers on my skin he then gets a table candle out. I hear the sound of the match striking to light the candle and the familiar smell of burnt wood as the match is extinguished. Little pools of wax are then created on my side, I can tell this because the heat is more intense. The table candles burn hotter than soy and the puddles of wax begin to melt through to my skin. But it’s not too hot, just enough to get my heart racing slightly with the new adrenaline of the moment. 

I feel a cold hard object, a candle being pressed into the wax upon my side. At this point in the play I have let go completely. My mind is accepting of everything PS has planned, trusting him completely. My body is his object to sculpt as he chooses. 

I hear the flare of fire as candles are lit, a hot glow near to my skin. My transition into a piece of art is complete.   

Wax play visually 

I find the result of wax play really beautiful and love to look through pictures of others’ work. I said that we have used mirrors previously because I enjoyed watching the whole process so much. It does feel like art to me and a really interesting process of creating the art at that. I really enjoy it when PS takes photos of what he has created, this for me never takes from the play but enhances it. I like to be PS’s model and makes me feel very submissive to him, this is no different. I like to see the end result and I like others to see it too. I guess I do have a bit of an exhibitionist side to me.  

Why film your wax play?

PS recently wrote about wax play from his side of the coin. It was a sort of technical guide with tricks that he has picked up along the way, if you would like to read you can find it here. So although you can read from both a Dom/sub or Top/bottoms view of wax play I personally prefer a visual. What’s better than to watch what happened for yourself?  

I really enjoy our wax play and for me watching it is a way I can relive it. Remembering how I felt and how I looked when the overall piece was finished. And also knowing you can see it, not just the overall look but the before and during, well that just makes it extra hot for me. Yes defiantly an exhibitionist.   

Last but not least

I can’t write about wax play without writing about the removal of the wax. If we were just using soy wax (and possibly a lower quantity than we used) it could be rubbed into the skin. As although it does set, it’s not as hard as other waxes due to its low melting point and completely skin friendly. But I prefer it to be scrapped off, much more fun for me. Which sounds awful but it’s really not. I have a thing for knives so this might aid my enjoyment of the process but the feeling of the knife lifting the wax off my skin is delightful.    

Another reason for the coconut oil is to help the wax be removed at the end. The coconut oil has created a layer so when the knife scraps the wax, it’s not taking dead skin with it. So although there’s a pulling of the wax from the skin, it’s not a harsh one. I like how PS methodically peels and scraps all the wax away, slowly exposing my soft skin underneath. Very satisfying to watch…  and to feel of course.


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  1. Beautiful images and videos and also a fabulous piece of writing. Lovely. Thank you for sharing with Tell Me About.

    Take care,

    Sweetgirl x

  2. Your guys’ wax use is so artful and the way you describe the experience I can imagine what it would feel like to be you, as you become that art object. I’m really curious what it feels like to have wax poured down my bum now and I would love to try and have someone remove the wax with knives like that. I really enjoyed reading this

  3. Love the images and video which really help bring an understanding to wax play that words cannot do alone. I’m very visual in my learning so this great!

  4. Beautiful. And I love the little shivers when the wax is being removed. I can just imagine the sensation, and know that I would love it and be shivering, too!

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