Tied by the Light

Tied By the Light

I needed some motivation to get out our rope. There is a lot of fun and bonding that comes from binding a partner in rope. MLSlavePuppet’s new meme Tie Me Up Tuesday is a great way to inspire people like me to tie up littlegem. The first week includes one of my favourite ways to tie littlegem’s legs. We have done it before once as I gave her an orgasm after a long denial and also on a beach for our Anniversary.

For these photos littlegem is tied by the light of a LED light I found in the discount bin of a hardware store. It has lots of different colours and it gives a nice soft glow, so much that I haven’t edited the pictures at all, which is unusual for me.

Tied by the Light

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 11.45.33 PM

Lingerie is for everyone

17 Replies to “Tied by the Light

  1. Really gorgeous! I love blue light and how it plays on all colours of skin. I also love boobs and bondage, so this post is tickling all my fancies!

  2. I want to get my hands on an LED light like this. It’s very creative how you have learned to use simple things like this to create amazing images like this. It looks like the rope has naturally become a part of her in this light and the spacing between the strands is perfect. I’m so glad you guys have decided to join in!!

  3. Such a beautiful tie. I love playing with out LED lights so much, they just add so much more in surprising ways.

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