Wax Play Our Way

Wax Play

Whenever I begin to think about a scene or play in general I want to know what it is I want to get out of such an experience. Fun, that’s always a good reason. There is always sexual gratification, control (or lack of) or just plain trying something because its a bit weird and curiosity has got the best of you. If you also have a few hours undisturbed spare and the drive to create an absolute mess then maybe it’s time for wax play. 

Whenever it comes to wax play primarily I want littlegem to enjoy herself. Having wax poured on her in a relaxed state will do that. What I enjoy is the art I can make with her body when it is covered in wax. So with that in mind I will have a rough idea of what I will do and how she will be positioned. Part of our play involves a camera, turning gem into the model. 

Getting Started

Littlegem needs to be comfortable to make this work. Any uncertainty or squirming (because she does that a lot) will ruin the effect. Wax play takes time and it’s important for her to know that. So it may be important to ask some questions. 

  • Are you able to stay in that position for a while?
  • Is there anywhere you don’t want wax on you? 
  • Do you need a wee? (crucial to ask prior) 

While she is getting herself ready the room is being prepared. The temperature is being turned up with a space heater, having her cold when naked is a non starter. There are also a few additions for safety purposes. A bowl of water with a cloth and a small first aid kit with all basic essentials in case of burns. 

To create a relaxed environment you may want to play some soft music in the background. For me this makes the play seem more informal and I don’t feel as pressured to get the result I want. 

The camera is positioned how I want to so that I don’t waste time later on. I know roughly what shots I want to take and have a rough frame of where the wax should go. A couple of practice shots confirm correct focus. 

Prior to the wax, littlegem’s body is prepared with coconut oil. Rubbed all over the body where the wax is going to drip. This is great for her skin and makes it easier for the wax to be removed later on. It is also an enjoyable way to start play as it is connective. 

Thinking About Types of Wax

There are two types of wax we use during play. First is soy wax, the melting point is fairly low so it is less likely to cause burns when dropped onto the skin directly. This can therefore be used to create a layer that can cover her body before moving onto a more traditional candle wax.

Soy candles can be bought and lit to create a drop effect. However to get the best dripping effect I microwave a bag of soy wax in jug. Microwaves heat unevenly so it’s important not let it get too hot. Getting it to the point where it has just melted and stirring to get an even temperature. If you need to try on yourself before the person you are about to pour it on. Colour dyes can also be added at this point. 

Wax Play
Green dyes were added to make this effect before poppy heads were added. Details of this are from the post Field of Poppies.

Pouring on a little to begin with, it is important to know that she is OK with the temperature before continuing. Once approved the wax can be poured onto the body, avoiding areas that may cause discomfort. The warm wax will solidify as it cools but soy wax doesn’t typically go hard. Once I am finished with the soy wax, it’s time for the table candles. 

The wax from typical dinner table candles is hot due to a high melting point. This may be exactly what you are looking for but caution is certainly advised. By creating that layer of soy wax the heat can be lessened, especially in more sensitive areas of skin. Dripping for a greater height means the drops cool slightly as they fall but there is less control of where the drops will land the higher you hold the candle. Gently rotating the candle as it burns will create an even drop too, to avoid surprises. This means that if she calls ‘stop’ then the candle can be tipped up quickly without it dripping over your own hand, a lesson learnt myself. 

Just like with the soy wax, colour can be experimented with using different coloured candles. Making sure the candle used before is safely put out and placed in a nonflammable place. 

Fire and Wax Play

The fire of the candles can form part of the finished picture. It is important to take steps to reduce the risk when doing so, especially when using many flames at once. 

Wax Play
Lighting a candle on littlegem’s chest for the post Purple Rain.


The candles must be short, the taller the candle the higher the centre of gravity. This makes it increasingly likely for the candle to fall. The candle also needs to be stuck on to further reduce the chance of movement. Putting a flame to the bottom of the candle and sticking it into the wax layer and holding it until it holds. When all of the candles have been placed and I am certain they are not going to move it is only then that the candles are lit. At this point the picture can be taken and I’d rather not hang around as there are lit flames on littlegem’s body. This is why the camera is in place before. 

Removing the Wax

With photos taken the flames are extinguished. It is at this point that littlegem really needs to move as she has been in the same position for a while now, removing all of the candles she’s allowed a little wiggle before the process of removing the wax can begin.

A blunt knife such as a butter knife will work, but there are other blades which work just as well. The process should be enjoyable for the receiver as the wax is peeled off the skin. Candle wax is easier, it is hard and comes off in large hard chunks. The soy wax is softer and while it does mostly come off with ease it will leave a waxiness. Either way it is probably a good idea to schedule some bath time after wax play, which makes for a good aftercare process. Having her in the bath while I scrub her down, making sure that she is clean again. Coloured wax may stain the skin slightly so extra attention may be needed. 

If all goes well then the play has resulted in some good photos that create a memory of our play. But what is most important is that we have enjoyed ourselves. I for one look forward to the next time and the play possibilities. 


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  1. Well I’m not sure there will be anything left to share about wax play! Thank you so much for this fabulous post for Tell Me About PS.

    Stay safe and well x

    Sweetgirl x

  2. This is a really helpful and detailed post. I enjoyed hearing about how you approach it and the many things that you think of and prepare. Very interesting ?

  3. Loads of detail there guys. I’m sure anyone entering into this for the first time will have plenty of references to go back to for help!

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