Bathe in Blue

Bathe in Blue

Ok so maybe this picture needed a bit of editing magic to get it to represent the colour blue. But I liked the picture and I’ll look for any possibility to crowbar in an image I like. Isolation time has led to a lack of writing time as usually I write at work and that isn’t happening any time soon! Looks like I’ll have to find a new normal to our routine. It isn’t a bad thing having more family time than usual.

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If you like what you see, this photo as well as hundreds of others are available on Littlegem’s OnlyFans site. Littlegem runs it herself and it allows the opportunity to message her as well as view her photos and videos.

the fan club is open- Littlegem fan club

24 Replies to “Bathe in Blue

  1. I have to say that is the most beautiful photo I have ever seen of a woman! Firstly because she is beautiful, and secondly the softness of the photo! My goodness Gem is just gorgeous! The blue contrasts her lovely body!


  2. Gorgeous! Beautiful blue Gem shining like a finely crafted cameo waiting to add beauty to a royal breast! A wonderful contrast to the music classic “Blue Moon.”

  3. A lovely picture PS and I a, sure that you will adjust to your new schedule and find time for your writing again soon ?

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