Stroke My Ego, Not Just My Cock

Stroke My Ego, Not Just My Cock

Every once in a while I want to feel special. I want a connection that is greater than being told of how much I am loved, I want it shown in physical form in a way that makes me feel sexy if only for a little while. Is this because I’m quite a needy person that requires a lot of intimacy, yes of cause it is.

Do I need an excuse to justify myself or a reason to feel this way, no. Was it anything to do with growing up in a family that didn’t really do affection or affirmation, maybe. My parents weren’t the kind of people to hug me, that was until I was in my mid twenties. It felt weird then and it still feels weird now. Like a cat that clearly doesn’t want to be stroked that lowers it’s body lower and lower to avoid contact. Generally speaking I hate contact*, the only exceptions being littlegem and the kids so therefore I go to town on the affection front. I make sure that they are loved, they are told and shown in no uncertain terms. That is something that needs no apology.

*This is a sentence I wrote last week and has aged rather badly post-lockdown. 

Littlegem and I are very affectionate to each other. In some ways life is just a series of events that prevent us from being naked and together. I love the feel of her touch and warmth of our intimacy. She also likes to nuzzle in and smell me. I enjoy the weight of her head and arms on me. 

Motivational and Intimate Tasks

To make everyday life more fun littlegem has a routine of tasks for the week. It provides motivation to give her positive feedback, a little chart for being an everyday good girl. On top of this there are tasks that result in gift prizes, because who doesn’t like gifts? In this particular case it is nipple jewellery. Littlegem had both of hers pierced and will spend her free time looking for fun and exciting pieces. However she needs to earn them, so a list of tasks has been made for her to complete. Each completed task wins a pair of nipple accessories. Keen to please littlegem picked a fairly easy one that simply said ‘Buy me a sexy present’, she was told to use my account and no spend limit was given, although I knew she wouldn’t go crazy. 

Downstairs she came one evening, a red shiny bodysuit and some black shiny gloves, needless to say she looked incredibly sexy. Best task ever I thought as she dropped to her knees and started working my cock with her gloved hands. 

I really like gloves. I like how they look, shiny or lacy or leathery. I like that it gives a different feel to the touch as she glides her hand up and down. Does this mean I have a glove fetish? Possible. But what I really enjoy about these experiences is that I’m being made to feel special. An effort has been made, pre-thought into what she is going to buy for me. Then there is effort in finding time during the evening to put the outfit together. Now she’s pleasuring me and only me. All of this makes me feel sexy, because I have become worthy of her time. Yes I set the task, but I gave no other instructions, it was up to littlegem to think of how to implement them. 

‘But you do these sorts of kinky sexy things all the time don’t you?’ 

Times like these are fairly rare. Not because we don’t want to it’s just that you couldn’t possibly expect it all the time even for a couple in a 24/7 D/s dynamic. Life is real and really more often than not means cuddling under a blanket and being there for each other. That said those cuddles feels pretty special too. 

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15 Replies to “Stroke My Ego, Not Just My Cock

  1. Yep she definitely picked a winning outfit that is for sure. I have a bit of thing for gloves too but on men and so I have added gloves to the Kink of the Week list for a future prompt


  2. This post made me smile throughout for the feelings you’re sharing, as well as how you two seem to work so well together. And also because as a submissive I understand and fully relate to that desire to please that you write about here

  3. I am mentioning this post in my roundup and that picture is just amazing beyond words. Seeing it was a moment of joy in these horrible time. Thank you x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! The image, the words, admitting the reality of how a D/s partnership works when there are real life and family commitments to consider. You guys nailed this, as you frequently do. Wow (and thanks!)
    Also thanks to Eve Ray, whose #SoSS post ensured I didn’t miss this post

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