Skin to Skin

Skin to Skin

How heartbreaking was it to hear that Eroticon had been cancelled? Especially for Molly, Michael and all those that help make the event. Doing so for the good of the community. Having to pull the plug must of been so difficult and I know that it is a decision I wouldn’t have like to have made. 

Truth is there were doubts whether we would be going either. If we did it would be filled with worry that would lead to us not enjoying the weekend. As it stood the weekend was family time, no going out, just enjoying time to ourselves.

Skin to Skin

These pressures clearly have been having an affect on us. The kinky play is down, partially due to a lack of sleep. Littlegem told me that she missed being intimate, that she needed more contact. That’s not true, what she really said was:

‘I want to feel your skin wrapped around my skin’. 

As creepy as that sounds I know what she means. It was time to come up with a plan to correct this imbalance of intimacy. 

The best way to relax a stressed littlegem is with food. Naughty takeaway food means no cooking and cleaning responsibilities. We sat down together, no screens just us talking about our dynamic and what can be done to improve. Having time to relax was a great way to improve our mood. 

The duvet was brought down onto the sofa, littlegem was told to get naked, she dutifully complied. We cuddled, we kissed and ran our fingers over each other, our bodies reconnecting with each other. It was then that we 69’d. 

I love a 69. We almost always do it side to side. Our bodies seem to fit so well together. It’s not energetic but it’s both of us mutually pleasing each other. I can feel the humming vibrations that come from littlegem’s moans as I play with her clit. As much as I ask her to take it gently, I can feel my cock hitting the back of her throat. I can easily get lost in the feelings of enjoyment of both giving and receiving, all whilst holding her close to me. 

That was that for the evening. A bath and a spanking was also planned, but it wasn’t required. Neither of us orgasmed, but we both got exactly what we wanted. The following evening, after another stressful more skin time was required as we headed up to bed. 

Sensual Sex

If you’ve ever parented then you know the feeling that comes from waiting for a child to settle. They start crying and you know they’ll stop at some point. Disturbing them is the nuclear option and you’d rather avoid it as it causes more trouble than it solves. Staring at the monitor we wait for her to finally fall back asleep. 

Getting under the covers we both admit to our feelings. These physical interactions keep us levelled during testing times and we are grateful for the bond we have. Whilst talking I get on top of gem, my cock slides easily into her. There is no thrusting, little movement. We kiss and enjoy the moment. It is at this time we notice things we wouldn’t usually. The pulses and grip of our muscles as we are joined. She can feel the slightest twitches as my cock gets ever harder inside of her. We are one body and through our connection the issues disappear. Nothing matters, it’s just us. 

Slowly our body move, making the more usual movements. The squeezes and thrusts feel wonderful. But I know it can’t last, I haven’t put on a condom and being the one that tracks littlegem’s cycle I know the risk is unacceptable. Luckily she comes up with an alternative. 

Can we have Anal? 

Littlegem rolls back a little, I apply enough lube and press the head of my cock against her. She looks up at me with those eyes. I love that look, right before I push inside her. It is the embodiment of our power exchange. Despite anal becoming more vanilla, I am on top of her and she is trusting me where she is vulnerable. It is naughty and not befitting the little girl I tell her she is. 

As I begin to penetrate, her eyes roll back and she moans as slowly her hole is stretched open. I can feel the tightness squeezing against every ridge of me. 

Tentatively the thrusts become deeper. The sensations are different and littlegem needs movement to maintain pleasure. Knowing that the thrusts are slow but deep. Both of us blissfully groaning. My hips meet her bum, a sign that I have thrust all the way inside. We kiss passionately. That’s when she wraps her legs around me, pressing me against her as tight as she can muster. She’s had enough of the slow gentle sex and so have I. 

My thrusts become powerful and I am driven by the sexy noises she makes as she is filled completely again and again. She asks permission to touch herself, as I allowing it she joyfully rubs herself. The feelings are too intense, she needs to cum. It can’t wait and she doesn’t want to be denied, not this time. I can feel myself so close too. 

“Please can I cum?” 

“Yes you may.” 

That’s exactly what we do, she grips tightly and releases the tension of all the stress she’s had in the form of an explosive orgasm. I can feel the shuddering and that tips me over the edge too. I stop thrusting, holding myself deep inside and allow the pleasure to ripple through. Passionately we embrace, a kiss seal’s our joyous union. 

Uncertain Times

Times are uncertain and there are so many things we simply cannot control. What we can do is find comfort in those around us. For me it is important to find the time for physical intimacy, to momentarily let go of the worries we may have and find the positives. 

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17 Replies to “Skin to Skin

  1. Children can be challenging when it comes to maintaining intimacy, as you say, waiting for them to settle, or when they become light sleepers. Our youngest would wake up from the slightest sound making any sexy noises a no no.

    It sounds like you had a beautiful weekend of loving.

    Sweetgirl x

  2. This is really beautiful and sexy, and in these difficult times we should find comfort in each other, while trying to uphold some kind of normalcy.

    Rebel xox

  3. This is soooo My Kitten and I. Multiply the complexity with a 24/7 poly shared house and you get the picture.

    Skin on skin time is essential and takes precedence over sleep and sometimes intercourse.

    Well written
    Very familiar. Well said. Thanks for

  4. One thing you two always do so well is communicating. When you write about it, it is clear you don’t just bury your feelings and walk around with it for a while. You acknowledge when you’re feeling a certain way and then talk about it and I think that’s really admirable. I’m glad that you were able to find that intimacy that you both craved and I’m really happy to read alongside, knowing you guys were happy and enjoying it.
    In these times, I wish I had a Mistress here. What a joy it would be being locked up at home with just her!

    1. Thank you, we do try and make it as real as possible especially in regards to feelings.

      You and a Mistress locked in together? Now that would be something I’d love to hear about.

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