The Difficulty Curve

The Difficulty Curve

Sunday morning is the only morning that we don’t need to get up early. Littlegem is nestled into my shoulder and purring away. My hand has navigated its way over the curve of her hip and in between her legs. My finger is gently circling her clit and we are both enjoying the feeling of intimacy in this warm bed. We could be in this moment forever. I enjoy the gasps and deep breathes she takes as I bring her close to the edge, before withdrawing to a slower pace. As I do so she grinds her hips, rubbing herself against my fingers wanting more. 

She wants me to get on top of her, to really take control and fill her desires. But I don’t, because I know what is about to happen. Soon enough it does.

Our daughter bursts through the door, “it’s morning Mummy and Daddy!”

Our ‘cuddle plus’ comes crashing to an end. Having a baby monitor on next to our bed means that your brain never really switches off. In fact it’s come to a point that when the children are being looked after and there is no monitor it feels weird in the absolute silence.

Knowing that a child can walk in on mummy and daddy does affect our sexual relationship. This will only become more difficult as they grow and we have had to adapt. They are becoming more aware and I don’t want their first memories to be something it shouldn’t be.

To that end the chain that bonds littlegem to the bed at night has gone. In its place is just the thick leather cuff around her ankle, the bondage becoming verbal as she still needs to ask permission to leave the bed and we still have the ritual of her asking “who’s are you?” before being released in the morning.

Adapting to Change

It’s important to adapt to change, to accept that it will happen. The afternoon nap times that the children used to have are gone, therefore we need to make better use of the time we have. For now we still have the evening times for play. 

Acknowledging that more of our photography will happen in the evening we bought some new lights for our living room. The most powerful colour neutral lights we could find. It’s amazing how much difference it makes. We call these lights our ‘porn lights’ as we hope to make more videos for the littlegem fan club as well. 

Recently we did some wax play and experimented with the effects we could make. It was a fun evening, with music and relaxation. I just hope we’re making the most of it now. I don’t think it’d be easy to explain if a child was to run downstairs during the night and see us, as the clean up is hardly quick. 

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21 Replies to “The Difficulty Curve

  1. Another absolutely stunning image, and a beautiful curve of Gem’s body!
    You are so right about having to adjust to the children interrupting play, and as they get bigger, the window for play gets smaller. But, eventually that passes too, as there comes a time when either they will be out and you two home together, or you can leave them at home to tend for themselves, and spend a night in a hotel. Every age brings its own challenges, in more way than one.

    Rebel xox

      1. No shame in editing. It’s funny that you decided to buy large studio lights because you can only really shoot in the evenings, we did the opposite and just embrace the black and white grainy look that comes from low light and high ISO. Gotta work with the circumstances..

  2. Brilliant, brilliant photo.
    And yes remember those interruptions very well . . . but from the effort you make with all your photos, and your new “porn lights”, I’m positive you’ll continue to have lots more fun in your future!!!
    Xxx – K

      1. So many conversations with children while our bodies were covered by blankets and they couldn’t see what was going on underneath!!!

        It does end. They do grow and become aware enough to know to stay out of your room unless invited in. But it does take a long time.

        1. I’m glad we’re not the only ones! I do want to be somewhat transparent with our children about our connection, without the mental scarring. To teach them that mummy and daddy love each other. Maybe a lock should be in order soon though.

  3. I actually remember bursting into my parent’s bedroom one Saturday morning and walking into them having sex…. was a little traumatising lol!
    This picture though, wow. I don’t know how you do it!

  4. This is a gorgeous image and I am with you on the need to adapt and change as our family grows and our practice has to alter. Each phase is fairly short lived though and the important thing is making that time for each other in whatever way it can happen. ?

  5. The need to adapt and change in time with your children’s alertness and mobility – yeah I remember that well. It keeps adjusting until you’re going to bed just as your teenager comes ‘alive’ – that really curtails your activities, but I don’t want to be depressing, you’ll work through it. A useful tip I was given (once they’re a bit older) is that you will respect their need for privacy in the space of their bedroom and knock first, and they need to do the same.
    Your image is awesome – I’m impressed (as ever) x

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