A Date to Remember

A Date to Remember

Littlegem and I like sex. Being sexually compatible has been part of what brought us together in the first place. This compatibility has continued as our interest in kink and D/s develop but has forked off in different directions. As the partner that is less kinky I find myself catching up on the interests littlegem has, needing to know how it effects her emotionally.

It hasn’t always been that way, our beginnings were part of the teenage fumbling that make up part of the adventure of growing into adulthood. So in that regard its difficult to say what our first ‘date’ was. Could it be the time she gave me a hand job in my bedroom for the first time or the time we went to a birthday party at a business events place, sneaking off into a conference room and having sex.

Either way our courtship perhaps wasn’t as romantic as it could be, but then again I would argue most people’s relationships don’t follow the pattern of ‘dates’ in a traditional sense.

So how would a first date look, knowing what I know now and with perhaps a few more resources than I had back then.

Planning the Date

I have assumed that littlegem is aware of the forthcoming date, so I can bypass the awkward way of indicating my affection. The subtle gestures, the smiles and nods, passing a note. No, as far as we’re all concerned I have spotted her from afar, strode up to her with masculine confidence and politely requested her to accompany me on a date. She is coy and shy but accepts. Details are exchanged and she awaits further instruction.

First impressions are everything so it’s important to turn up in the right car. Something comfortable with a hint of sportiness, I want to look dependable with a hint of edge, nobody likes a flash Rick.

I’m smartly dressed but not a full suit, this date is going to be outside and I don’t want to feel stuffy. Oh yeah, the date is during summer and it’s a lovely day because I have control of that too. I make my plans and give you your instructions.

“You will be picked up at 5. Wear a dress, but not your favourite one, tights and heels no taller than 2 inches.”

My message is direct, mysterious and maintains my meagre height advantage. 

Later there is a knock at the door, I am prompt as directed and you are also ready at the given time. I take your hand and guide you to the passenger side door, opening it for you. You take my politeness with a delicate “thank you”. Returning to my side we may begin the journey. Side talk is light and jovial, you ask where we’re going being the curious person you are, but I refuse to divulge. Looking to the back seat you see a willow basket shrouded in gingham. 

The conversation continues, no politics, no religion, I focus most of my questions on you, to get to know you. Before long we have arrived. 

The car is parked by a woods. After letting you out you see that there is a valley with a river that flows at the bottom. Basket in one hand, I take yours in the other and lead you through the woods, down the path to an opening by the river. The sun is still shining brightly although the intensity of midday has lessened.

Underneath the gingham is a blanket which I lay on the grass next to the river. You are instructed to sit and take in your surroundings. It is calm and the only noises are that of the babbling water and the odd honk of nearby waterfowl. 

It is time to eat, sitting next to you I am about to open the basket. 

“Close you eyes”. You pause, but eventually do as told. My words replacing the need for a blindfold. 

“Now open your mouth”. 

From my basket I feed you a selection of foods. Without your sight I encourage you use your other senses to smell and taste. The sensations heightening the experience. An onion pickled in balsamic vinegar, a piece of goats cheese lastly an olive. You look at me, breaking my command, with a face of disgust. 

“You don’t know it now, but you will enjoy olives, now swallow it.”

Placing my fingers on your neck I wait for your throat to swallow, feeling the muscles move as you do so. 

“Good girl, would you like a drink?” 

You accept, most probably to get the taste of olive out of your mouth. I grab the bottle and twist the cap. There is also a couple of fancy looking plastic glasses. 

“What is it?” you ask. 

“Milkshake,” I reply, “Chocolate milkshake.”

My choice shows responsibility for the drive home with a touch of silliness. The flavour pairs beautifully with the rest of the food provided. 

The time slips by as the conversation continues. I allow time for the food to settle before executing the next part of my plan. 

“Stand up,” I tell her. Joining her I tell simple instructions. 

“I want you to run and I will try and catch you. If I do there will be a consequence.”

You look confused as if the words aren’t real, it takes a few seconds to really understand. I bring the reality by giving a short slap on the bottom.


Making your way to the nearest trees you look back to see me slowly giving chase. However it is a carr woodland (maintaining environmental continuity to the narrative) and the roots of the woods are easily stumbled upon in the shine of the lowering sun. The soft wet ground also makes you regret pushing my 2 inch heel limit. You look back and see I have made ground on you, the welted Oxford’s I am wearing making better work of the squishy undergrowth. 

Scrambling up a short incline you sense that I am near. Your pace quickens on the harder surface but its to no avail, my hand grasps, firmly pressing you against the nearest tree. Bodies pressed together our foreheads meet, looking up at each other as we breathe heavily to catch ourselves. In this moment there is a spark of feeling that both of us feel. 

“I caught you, now it’s time for your consequence, Kneel on the floor for me.”

As you do as you’re told you can see me reaching into my pocket, inside is a leather collar with a leash. 

“You are to stay on your hands and knees,” I tell you as the collar is attached. “Stay by my side at all times.” I can see that it is making you twist and squirm inside, what if somebody was to see you? 

You are held to heel as I lead you back to the picnic blanket. As I look down at you I see your focus is only at the floor, the humiliation of being spotted so mortifying that you cannot bear to look open. Any slowing in your pace is reminded with a tug on your leash. 

Returning to the picnic, the pieces from the basket are taken back in one hand, the leash in the other. I take you back to the car, your clothes are filthy. Laying the blanket on the passenger seat I unclip the collar and allow you to escape into the car with your muddied dress barely intact

Fortunately the journey back to my house is short. Helping you inside a bath is run, I make sure that the temperature is just right for you before telling you to undress before me. The bath is refreshing, cleansing the thoughts you may have had before. The aromas calm your senses and are part of the relaxation. I help wash all of the dirt that collected on your skin during our date. When you are finished a towel is readied and a silky outfit is laid out, you don’t question as to why I would have such a garment ready. 

Once you are finished you are directed to sit on the sofa to relax, a soft blanket wrapped around you to feel safe. Within it you find comfort and unexpectedly you fall asleep. Sleeping soundly you don’t wake until the following morning to the smell of French pastries. 

Back to Reality

Would this ever happen on a first date? No, of course not. Firstly there’s no way I’m that cool. Also you’re never going to create that sort of wilful power exchange instantly. The elements of this fantasy come from the communication between us and some real life experiences. I’m not really one for dates in the traditional sense. But I’m all down for a bit of fun, maybe one day it might all be real. 


8 Replies to “A Date to Remember

  1. Loved this PS – great tale and I could visualise every step. TY so much for linking it to F4T it is good to see u on here 😉 x

  2. Well even if it wasn’t a reality that was a fabulous read, and definitely a date adventure I’d be up for. Roll on the warmer months where we can all get out and about for some outdoor frolicking in the sunshine 🙂 x

  3. Wonderfully imaginative . . . and naughtily exciting . . . to read.
    And, some occasional role-play, kinky-script instructions to follow, is often lots of fun !!!
    Xxx – K

  4. I could imagine this being real. I love the idea. It’s so exciting and playful and still so very clearly a power dynamic. I really enjoyed reading this

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