Welcome Home

Welcome Home

As I make it back to the front door I am in a foul mood. There’s no hiding it, it still consumes me as I close the door behind me.

You ask how was my day, but you know, its etched on my face for you to see. Any question was always going to be met with a low grunt of disappointment. “It was shit” I spit out, precise and to the point.

You show empathy, but as far as I’m concerned I want to be left alone. Nothing will shift this attitude, I just want to sit and selfishly dwell in my own melancholy.

But before I can action my plan you look at me, your eyes loving and warm. Dropping to your knees, “what are you doing?” I ask.

“I’m making it all better”. I try resist faintly, but you are insistent. Locking eyes with me while your hands work on unbuckling my belt and unbuttoning my trousers. My flaccid cock limps out, uninterested. But you are undeterred, greedily you envelop all of it looking back up at me. I can feel the flick of your tongue, with it a tingle. Withdrawing yourself, my cock has grown. Knowing this you take me back in, the motion feeding my engorgement. I get bigger, thicker, harder. 

The dark thoughts begin to melt away, lost in the sensations that you are giving me. All that anguish begins to dissipate. Those thoughts are replaced by those of you, dark thoughts.

You stop and I wonder why, standing up you take my hand and lead me upstairs. All the way to the bedroom where you turn to kiss me. It is that moment you whisper something in my ear.

“Use me”. 

That something tells me all I need to know. That allows me to be free to express and vent myself. To consider her as nothing more than a vessel for my pleasure. 

She sits on the bed, lays back and lifts her dress. In doing so you reveal that today was not a day for wearing underwear. I position myself before the foot of the bed and drop my trousers. Positioning myself above you, my hands meet her wrists, locking them in place as my hips press into yours.

You’re wet, soaking in fact. I make that clear to you as my cock glides with a slow deep plunge. A gasp escapes both of us. Holding myself deep inside I can feel the twitch of your anticipation. Hungrily I thrust, with every moment taking you for my own. You are mine and will be fucked as such. 

By now the only thoughts that remain are those that wish to pound you, it’s just you and me, nothing else matters. Whatever made me so frustrated before has been turned into sexual energy to drive every inch of me inside you. 

I look down and can see your eyes looking back at me. I know that being used like this gets you off. The mere sight of you gets me hard, you are incredibly sexy and that is why I yearn to take you like a wild animal. 

The pleasure takes over me, my grunts become deep and long. Your body beckons my satisfaction, your words draw me nearer still. 

“Cum inside me, please”. 

The urge becomes overwhelming, it is time to claim you as mine. My pace intensifies as I feel my desire building. With every inward slide I edge nearer, closer. I cannot contain myself any longer, I groan as the pleasure swells from within. Long, deep strokes and with it a crescendo that pulses, again and again, echoing away until a calm befalls us. 

The corners of your lips show a wicked smile, knowing that I’ve had my gratification. I lean forward and we embrace with a kiss. 

That was the welcome home I needed. 


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25 Replies to “Welcome Home

  1. I understand that! Sex just dissolves the stress and black mood! Great post. She is a great woman you have there! I sometimes wish that Rex got a bit grumpy so I could do the same. Hes too calm and gentle!

  2. I kinda gripped my mouser harder while scrolling down to read everything 😉 As our roles are reversed at home maybe I conjure up something similar for when my career wife comes home. You gave me an idea…thanks!

  3. I know it’s fiction, but I’ve done some version of this for JB a few times — especially back in the day when he worked for someone else and came home in a mood. It was always good for both of us and I felt so freaking submissive. Love this!

  4. This was so captivatingly written. I could very clearly relate to how you (if it is real? if not, your character haha) felt at the start and smiled upon reading how she was determined she could help change your mood for the better and I love how it proceeded from there

    1. It was fiction based on real life event. In reality there would be children in the house so that would be awkward. But this is exactly what she would do to cheer me up.

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