Jet Set Pain

Jet Set Pain- jet getting ready

“There is a little surprise waiting for you at home… Well actually it’s quite a big one… My friend Jet is there.”

“Bit tricky to manage so I wanted to give you some warning… Jet is waiting for you and it’s fine with Gem so don’t worry. She is cool with it”

I felt the vibrations from my phone in my pocket but ignored the first two, it was nearing the end of the work day and I really just wanted to get finished. By the third message I picked up and started to read the unravelling story. 

“I see, how intriguing. What is she like this Jet?” I quickly tapped my reply, slightly vexed at the silly messages.

“Anyway Jet’s fab. She is really cool and can be a kitten at times but she is wild too.”

The messages were coming thick and fast, my interest was certainly being piqued as were other parts of me. Words like “face fuck,”  “fist her,” and “fuck her in the arse,” were starting to cause a tightening in my rough work trousers. My replies were brief as she didn’t need much tempting, she was obviously in the mood for some seriously naughty play.

“She needs to be hurt. I know that seems harsh but she will thank you for it… She likes pain.”   

“Well best I pack up now and sort this out right away.”

“Fab thanks PS… The safeword is red.”

The front door left unlocked, I stepped inside the seemingly empty house. A quick glance around and nothing, so continued my usual routine of removing my coat, bag and shoes before putting them away. Walking through to the living room I am met by a vision in black leather trousers and a cropped white blouse that showed off her nipples through the thin cotton. Perched on the arm of the sofa looking at her phone, clearly uninterested by my hastily return. 

“Well?!” I demanded.

“Oh, Hey.” Her attitude seeped out of her painted dark red lips. “I’m Jet. My friend sent me here, but she didn’t mention you were a boring looking old man,” Her dark eyes glared straight at me, not a flinch of acknowledgement of her rude comment. This girl, not my wife anymore but transformed into this brattish Jet, certainly was after some punishment.  

“She said a lot about you, how you are a dirty girl who needs to be hurt. Is that right Jet?” I said, grabbing her arm and returning her glare.

“Whatever old man,” She replied trying to brush me away and out of my grip.

“Kneel Jet, I need to clean out that dirty mouth of yours.” 

Pulling her up by her wrist she then collapsed into a kneeling position at my feet. Her face looking up at me and a deviant smile creeping across her lips. Clenching her hair in my fist I release my hard cock and stuff it into her mouth, her warmth engulfing me. I let out a sigh as I forced her further down my length.

“Do you think your friend wants to see what a good girl you are at taking my cock?” I feel her try to shake her head but her voice is muffled. Taking a photo on my phone I taunt her further. “I think your mouth is getting much cleaner now,” I say as I thrust my hips, driving my cock deeper into her throat. Her eyes watering she looks up at me but I know this isn’t pushing her enough. She needs more.

Into the cupboard of sex toys I delve and find the crop hanging on it’s hook. “Get onto the sofa, your back against the cushions and legs out straight.” My request ignored, I pushed her onto the sofa and enjoyed the feel of her leather trousers as my hands wandered. Rubbing at her through the fabric, finding her delicate lips as she began to moan. Swiftly I then smack her, the leather making a fantastic crack as the crop landed between her legs.

“I could barely feel it old man.” She goaded before another thwack landed. The leather softened the blow somewhat but I know it was still being felt by the expressions her face portrayed on impact, besides I was just warming up. I continued down her thighs, raining blows on the tight leather and enjoying the sound of the crack punctuated with her moans.  

“Take your trousers off Jet, I can tell you are eager for something a bit harder.” My request was met with another grin of non compliance. She was certainly trying to push my buttons. Pulling the leather down to her ankles I revealed her pink tinged lips. “No knickers I see, you are a slut.” Drawing the crop up I watch her flinch and squirm, she knows this time it’s going to hurt. The crop lands squarely between her legs.

“Is that all you have…” 

She trails off as the smack of the crop is heard. “Are you trying to chat back to me?” Smack, my question lingers, smack. “Such wimpy hitting from an old man,” SMACK. As her punishment continues, she squeals and writhes as her lips begin to turn a nice hue of red. Prising her legs open revealing her hard clit I spank it with the crop. Her body bucks and her legs seek escape after each blow.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you,” I spread open her legs and wipe a finger over her collected moisture, ”such a dirty girl, I think your friend should see this.” My fingers inspect her further, pulling her red hot lips apart and sliding a couple inside of her, “So wet and ready for me.” Putting on a purple latex glove I had hidden in my pocket I then re-enter her slick and ripe cunt, three fingers this time and so easily they work their way in.     

I can feel her becoming more pliable to me, letting me in not only with her body but her demeanour is starting to soften. Slowly I work in more fingers and finally a thumb. “You have swallowed my hand, it’s all inside you now,” The pleasure is not only coming from the physical act of my hand fucking her, but my words too. She’s getting off on hearing about what is happening to her, knowing her body is betraying her. 

“Enjoying my fist inside you?” Her face scrunched up and she stifled a moan. “Can you feel how deep inside you I am?” Her intake of breath squealed an acceptance, the more I take from her. The more she has to give.

“Is that going to make you come?”

“Keep taking it Jet. I haven’t tamed you yet.”

Masturbation Monday

If you are interested to see how the roleplay unravelled check out the Littlegem Fan Club and my Only Fans to see.

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