30 Replies to “Handle With Care

  1. This is a really powerful image. Despite being so simple there feels like there is a lot to see here and I spent a long time lingering over it and sitting with how it made me feel


    1. Thank you, I’m glad that the deeper feeling came across in the image. Sometimes I worry it can be lost in more visually complex images.

  2. I really like the colour your have used here as it adds to the fragility of the image really well. Great idea and beautifully done ?

    1. Thank you missy, this went from PS seeing some interesting tape in the supermarket to becoming something we were both really happy with.

  3. Wow, this is so striking. I can only echo Molly’s words….I keep coming back to this and just looking at it, finding more to relate to and appreciate each time.

    Fantastic photo, truly

  4. This is a powerful image, with more meaning than what just meets the eye. I think we should all remember to handle others with care, as we never know what plays in their lives, in their minds.

    Rebel xox

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