I love seeing littlegem in fishnets, they are a bit slutty. But littlegem is my slut, in this picture I had told her this is what I wanted her to wear. I wanted fishnets, with matching lingerie and heels. Not a usual look for her but it was about dressing her sexy to my imagination. She is beautiful and she listens to my instructions (most of the time). Having her dressed this way, coupled with the brickwork was the raw look I was going for. It is sexy with attitude and she is mine.

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  1. I love how you’re claiming ownership like this. Always makes me feel submissive and happy when a Domme does it with me. With that context in mind I love what this picture represents. She’s there dressed like that, in that position and on camera because you want her to be. And we get to enjoy along because we get to see the picture

    1. Thanks ? Yes there is a lot of joy in being able to share pictures like this, especially when they are my ideas and they work how I want them to.

  2. This is my favorite Lingerie Is For Everyone pic this week! Love it! I wish I had the guts to take outdoor shots.

    1. Absolutely agree – Little Gem oozes sex appeal always, but here in particular. You’re right the contrast of rough brickwork and the dressed up heels an easily snagged hosiery bold and exciting.

      I particularly like the fishnet stockings LG is wearing – like Liza Minelli in Cabaret not the modern kind with a wide solid bit at the top, that lends a rawness to the composition too. Bravo!

      1. Now there is an excellent compliment, I will make sure she sees this ?. I do wish that she knew how much sex appeal she oozes, but that’s why we take these photos.

  3. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the two of you are such a FORCE of creativity, together. Gorgeous, well made image, as always!

  4. I love this image! It’s so creative and I feel like there’s so much story to be told.

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