Brought to Life

Brought to Life

For Halloween we did a series of photos, the best of which (in my mind) being of littlegem appearing to float. It was never intended that way when we shot it as my ‘character’ was simply holding her and was going to carry her down the aisle with her draped in his arms. However in editing I came up with the idea of removing me from the photo and I’m so glad with how it looked. Below is one the edits that didn’t make the original cut.

Brought to Life


February Photofest

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  1. Wow, now that I see the original (and since I’ve been delving a little deeper into editing), I realise of course that’s how this was done. Great idea, fantastic setting and a great pic.

    1. Thanks, I normally use light room for editing pictures, I bought an older version so I don’t have to pay monthly. But sometimes it’s easier to use MS paint.

    1. Thank you, it took a lot of fiddling about with. I had to research local church’s and find one that was not ruined but no longer used, luckily I found one. I enjoy researching places for photos.

    1. Haha, the funny thing was because of the position and the weight of the dress I could only hold her for a few seconds. Lots of funny outtakes.

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