January 27th 2420

January 27th 2020: Man looks into screen with website information

January 27th 2420AD. 

“Susan, I’ve found something.”

He pressed his glasses, pinging the information over to Susan for her to process.

“Do you remember the Internet? The old one I mean. I’ve found an old website about a couple that lived in a D/s relationship.”

“Purple’s Gem, that’s an unusual name”, Susan quickly scanned all of the information. “This dates back 400 years ago. ”  

“I know, its amazing how different it was back then. What it must have been like to live in the 21st Century eh.”

He read through some of the pages, looking at the posts.

“Look at what they had to do back then, everything was so primitive. All of the fisting was done by hand. No mention of nanotechnology at all, no output pleasure meters. It all had to be done on intuition with no technological help. No wonder there are posts with the Dom whining about self doubt. How would he know what his partner was thinking when there isn’t even an Unconscious Thoughts Analyser (UTA).”

“Well Sir it was a different time back then. We must be grateful for what we have. “

“That is true Susan, but it does seem so primitive. But I imagine there is a beauty in that, learning to be so intuitive, connecting with someone in such a way, deep connections.”

“Don’t you feel a deep connection with me Sir?” Susan wondered. 

“Of course I do, you are everything that I need from a partner. You do everything as asked and you make me feel Dominant. All of your actions are done to please me. “

He continued to look through the archives, observing all of the information. 

“Look at the pictures, I wonder what part of the world this was. “

Susan stared and scanned the picture.”Looking at the flora and geography of the photos most of the pictures of here seem to originate from what used to be the East of England. This picture contains a lighthouse that was lost to the sea in the 22nd Century. “

“If only they knew, then we wouldn’t be bound to live in this capsule. It seems strange they just go outside, not a care in the world. No one listened to the prophecys of doom. The world was so beautiful back then.”

Susan was finishing her duties, once duties were complete she knelt silently next to her Master. 

“I will have to study this more in the morning, there really is some unusual posts on here. For the most part it is sexy pictures of his partner or writing about their lifestyle. But then occasionally there are some works of fiction, he does write some odd stuff, what was he trying to do, be funny? Anyway Susan it is time to provide me with pleasure… Susan?”

Susan was still, her eyes glazed. Walking behind her he lifted a panel and looked at her diagnostic screen. ‘Updating Fellatio Software (1 of 9)’ 2%. 

“Oh Susan you’ve had all day to update and you choose now. ” 

He waited a couple of hours for her to update and install, luckily for him it was worth the wait. 

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12 Replies to “January 27th 2420

  1. Oh, this was fun, I love it when you write things like this for us, and they certainly get a chuckle from me, so whether you’re trying to be funny or not, I think you do succeed 🙂 x

  2. I really like the perspective of this, how the current way of D/s look primitive to them, and theirs is just a bit too technical to my liking 😉
    Great story!

    Rebel xox

  3. I loved the way you have written this. I felt like I was eavesdropping on their very believable conversation, It may be in the future but people are still people with all their foibles, hopes and desires. and that came across very well. As did the humour, which I loved. Sorry that Happisburgh (?) lighthouse will be under the sea, So could most of Norfolk for that matter!

    1. Thanks, it was ment to be humour with a touch of environmental issues thrown in. Yes I think Norfolk would probably be the first to go in this dystopia.

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