Plug-B by Godemiche: A Spaceship going to Uranus

Plug B: A Godemiche Butt Plug

I love littlegem very dearly, but she can be an awkward person sometimes.

For Christmas I got her a few presents, although these presents are for her little side, after all presents are better given to children. One of these was to be a new butt plug. We have plenty of them but this was for when she was playing for an evening in her long socks and other little clothes, an outfit known as ‘the full ruby’. Having her plugged completes the outfit as part of the power exchange.

So I asked what kind of butt plug would Ruby like. Having seen the options on the Godemiche website her response was that she wanted one that was pearlescent, sparkled and glowed in the dark, Options that were available in the Plug-B, but not all together.

So I sent an email, explaining that I was after something a bit different. Usually you’d expect a response politely telling you this wasn’t possible, but I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to do it. There were a couple of stipulations, mainly because it needed to be made with different mixtures so the plug had to be large, and even so there would be mixture left. So I was a little cheeky and asked if they could make another toy with the spare (but i’ll leave that for another time). They agreed and I made my purchase via the website. I can’t speak highly enough of their customer service and how accommodating they were. Not long after a package arrived at our door.

Opening it up: The Plug-B

I was a little nervous. This was a present that I had bought and even though I had ordered, I didn’t know exactly how it’d look. I tentatively handed the package to littlegem to open. 

Opening my present I was extremely excited, I didn’t think my crazy idea would be made a reality, I just thought it would be funny.

 “It looks like a spaceship!” The plug is so smooth and the colours are amazing. Glitter, shimmery and glow in the dark, what’s not to like? The first thing I wanted to do was test the glow in the dark part. I really wanted to have a glowing bum. Putting it under a light for a few minutes I then shielded the end inside my hands, woop glowing fun!

“Do you want to see my butt glow Daddy?” 

Using water based lube I smothered the curves of the plug and circled my finger around my hole as well. Once everything was nice and slick I tentatively pressed the Plug-B against myself. The silicone is a nice firmness which I like and cold against my skin. It could be warmed up more if needed but I quite like the feeling of a cold plug on insertion. 

The Plug-B is big, although not the largest butt toy I own. I still wanted to take it slow putting it in for the first time, so gently dipped it in and out to start off. This is also the first good sized plug I have thats silicone, as usually I prefer metal. The plug felt really nice going in and I was surprised how comfortable it felt, it didn’t take long until I had pressed it firmly inside. It gives a nice full feeling without being too weighty, if that’s your preference. With my other plugs after a bit of time wearing them the stem would begin to press on my skin and become uncomfortable. The Plug-B has a rectangular stem so if inserted with the longer ends between my cheeks it’s comfortable for longer than the circular stems of my other plugs. The silicone although is firmer than other silicone toys I have used, which for a butt toy I enjoy more, is still soft enough to not apply too much pressure from the stem to my skin.

“Turn the lights off Daddy.”  

The best part is that I could wiggle my butt and the glowing stem could just be seem between my cheeks. I would really like to play a game of hide and seek with the Plug-B in, nude and in the dark so Daddy would have to look for my glowing bum.

For me the butt plug adds to the power exchange. Simply knowing she is wearing it is enough but it is fun to play with her, getting her to bend over or remind her of it inside. It adds excitement as this is Ruby’s plug, so the only time it gets used is when she is being a little. 

Personal Plug  

I spent ages looking for a plug that was a bit different, I searched through tons of different online shops looking for something that was pretty, a good size for me and different. Most of the ones I found ticked a couple of boxes but none that could be personalised like Godemiche’s Plug-B. I really think that all the pretty colours, sparkles and glowing really fits with ruby’s personality and not only does it look amazing, it’s a great plug too.

If you are curious about purchasing a Godemiche product, their website is, the butt plug we have is available here but there are so many options to choose from as well as a variety of colours and sizes. They are also available on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

If the funky colours and styles isn’t enough for you then know that we had the pleasure to meet Adam and Monika at Eroticon last year and they really are lovely people making fantastic products. 


6 Replies to “Plug-B by Godemiche: A Spaceship going to Uranus

  1. That plug looks gorgeous!! It’s incredible they were just like, sure, we can make the plug of your dreams!
    I love Littlegem’s idea of playing hide and seek while wearing it, haha. That’s definitely cheeky!

  2. The title of this post blew me away! ? I’ve been thinking about ordering one of their plugs because I love their products, and now I’m sold.

  3. wonderful review . i love their style and how they accommodated your request.
    Now the way you described putting it im made me run and get one of my plugs and insert.

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