Time to Evaluate

Time to Evaluate

I’m not one for new years resolutions, I don’t believe it’s the best time to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. After all January is, simply put, one of the worst months of the year. There is beauty in winter time, but I’ve had enough now, bring on longer days and warm evenings. But all of this doesn’t mean that we can’t evaluate our life’s and think about how we are and where we want to go. 

Hang Ups and Expectations

As much as I hate to admit it I’m just another male that is rubbish at expressing what I’m feeling. Therefore I’m not open to what I enjoy and what new things I would like to try. Writing down my thoughts does a lot to help, I know littlegem reads what I write and vica versa, this prompts discussion that benefits our relationship. But do I express everything with clarity, no, of course I don’t. I have hang ups and I struggle to understand why. I’m not going to get what I want if I don’t say it. 

Trusting Myself, Trusting littlegem

The biggest barrier is my brain. Those thoughts that lead you to doubt yourself. During play this leads to a lack of confidence and before you know it the enjoyment has gone. I hate this, that my mood that has created this self fulfilling prophesy. 

Just saying ‘feel more confidence’ isn’t going to cut it. I’ve been on this earth long enough to know that it just doesn’t happen that way. But there are things I can do. Better time management, pre planning and contingency plans are just a few things that can be done.

When I plan, I use what littlegem has said. But I don’t always listen to it at the time. “I’ll tell you if you’re pushing me too much”, is a typical one. Come play time thoughts of ‘what if’ pop up. What if she doesn’t want to say red, what if she can’t. I do trust littlegem but I know her self preservation is very poor and I do worry, maybe because I’m very personally involved. This isn’t just sexual, this is my wife that I love dearly. 

Trust myself, trust littlegem, she will say when she wants to stop, so don’t listen to those voices that tell you to stop before it gets too good. 

Continue to Have More Experiences

I have wanted to get away for a while now. We have two young children and it has been so much fun to spend all our time with them over Christmas and new year. But I need a break, we both do. Eroticon isn’t far away but that is hardly the rest and relaxation we’re looking for. What I need is something Ruby. Fun activities to recharge the batteries. 

Littlegem knows some of the things I have in mind. I’ll be taking her to the cinema to see a film, complete with all the childish snacks you can get while watching a film. We haven’t been for years so it’s amazing how much time for little things like this matter. 

But going away excites me. I use my time to look at places to go with the considerations. Somewhere far enough away to be called a ‘trip away’, yet not so far that we spend almost all of the time travelling and not doing fun things. Littlegem gets bored very easy in the car and there is only so much entertainment I can provide while driving. I used to make an activity book for her to complete in the car, maybe I’ll have to come up with something similar. 

Next I need a location that is suitable for our needs. Littlegem loves child like activities so I look through all the nearby attractions. Once I find something I like it’s time to find appropriate accommodation. 

We are creatures of habit, finding comfort in chain hotels. We have found local B&B’s rather awkward because it feels like you’ve come to have sex in a strangers house. At least with a chain you know where you stand so I can think of entertainment. 

I think back to the time we did a prostitute / client role play, taking her back to ‘my hotel room’. I want to come up with something exciting. Too long have I been bound by worrying about the children’s bedtime and being somewhat quiet. It puts me off as it can be so difficult to change the mindset to sexy. 

There will also be time for one of my favourite activities, taking photos. I notice that littlegem has been looking at some pieces to wear of recent, so I’m looking forward to having her model for me. I’ll have to think of all the ways I’ll want her positioned for me. It genuinely does excite me, taking the photos, reviewing the shots, picking the best and then editing them. 

It’s amazing how much this has changed my mood. It’s been the kick I need to get this year going. I can plan routes and timetable activities because that’s the kind of fun I’m into when I have the time. I really hope this will make for an enjoyable experience for littlegem’s birthday. 


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28 Replies to “Time to Evaluate

  1. Those little escapades away from the children are so important to your relationship! It is important to plan them and then execute those plans. May 2020 be a great year for you and your family!!

  2. I understand the mental kick your planning gives you, PS … We started a tradition about the time our kids were the same age as yours … a annual couple days getaway for the two of us to reconnect … with all things kinky being the main event. For me, the planner, the excitment started months in advance. For F, he waited with anticipation to see what I would come up with each year. He would probably tell you today that just about every fantasy he ever had was filled. We still try to do it once a awhile now … even tho there no longer is a need to get away on our own
    … have a great time … with the planning and the execution of said plan! 😉 … nj … xx

    1. Thank you nj that’s very sweet. It would be nice to have a regular going away time. I guess we’re lucky enough to be able to take some time off whenever childcare (and pursestrings) allows

  3. I love how writing this has put you in a better mood, and I love that you are planning ahead. Sounds like some fun times coming up, and I can’t wait to read about it!

    Rebel xox

  4. I hope that you find the right time away for you. I can really relate to how much easier things feel when you are both relaxed and away from home ?

  5. Gorgeous image and I think your plans for a get away are great!! Enjoy the planning and more enjoy the time away when you go!

  6. It’s definitely good to break up the winter time with some fun activities and what you are planning sounds fabulous. I’m looking forward to seeing you both at Eroticon, but you are right there won’t be much relaxation time xx

  7. For two years now we have taken a fall trip to a cabin by a lake. It’s private and a great setting. Fireplace, hot tub, bicycles. They also have paddleboats. I look forward to making it an annual thing. I agree with what you said about bed and breakfasts. I like privacy.

  8. We’ve always planned “duvet days” and “naughty weekend breaks” . . . and they are still so important, even just to get away from the norm.
    I think from your photo you may already be aware of it, but I can certainly recommend “Crazy Bear Beaconsfield” as a fabulous weekend away.
    Xxx – K

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