The Little(gem) Mermaid

The Little(gem) Mermaid

Littlegem is a talented woman. When I came up with an idea of taking a photo at the beach with her dressed as a mermaid it was a fantasy, something that would be nice but isn’t really possible. However having found some material littlegem made this mermaid tail by the end of the next day. 

There have been a few things we have done in public that have drawn the eye. This certainly raised a few eyebrows to the dog walkers as the sun started to rise in the early morning. 

The Littlegem Mermaid

Sinful Sunday
Both ours and Missy’s from Focused and Filthy photo from last week had a similar theme. We love the way she has used light and shadow to decorate her skin.

37 Replies to “The Little(gem) Mermaid

  1. It looks so real as if it could have straight up been an actual mermaid in the first picture. The atmosphere with the colours is amazing and well done on turning the fantasy in reality so quickly!

  2. I SO envy you the area that you live in and also bravo fro Gem’s amazing making skills. You are an amazing team and create beautiful images together


  3. This is fantastic! gem did a fab job in creating the tail and she looks stunning as a mermaid! You two are so creative! (if I ever be a beach animal, I’d dress up as a fat seagull haha)

  4. You guys!! Every time your photos stand out. Ethereal, erotic, they have drama and humour.
    (I admire Little Gem’s can-do attitude and sewing skills – love her x)

  5. This is fantastic. The skirt is very clever but the lighting and the tone of gem’s skin works so well too. I think that being able to show some of your faces has opened up the possibilities for you too which is really nice. It can be hard to take a picture knowing that some of it can’t be shown. 🙂

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