Cruel to You

Cruel to You, a woman in latex

CW: Sexual Violence, Blood

The Mercedes rolled up cautiously, the building he found himself parked at was unassuming, not like he was expecting. He checked his watch, although he knew he was on time. Suddenly the door opened, a sigh of relief as a man came outside to meet him. 

They shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. The man in the car was an investor looking around a potential client. However, this wasn’t a regular sort of business. He just had to see it for himself.  

Behind the door was a large room, within were naked women, strapped down to various machines. Some crying out in agony, others silently drifting into subspace as the machines pounded their holes relentlessly. 

“We call this the slut making room.” The investors jaw visibly dropped and his eyes widened from the shock of the site before him. “Yes, all these women are being trained into submissives, either going back to their Masters or to make themselves a better proposition for potential masters.”

The men walked through the room, looking at the women. The investor remained silent for most of the time, the owner continued seemingly unfazed. 

“This lady here is being mechanically flogged,” he points to the rotating drum with two heavy leather flails attached. The woman is chained to the wall and moans quietly with each impact. “Back when my father was in charge the flogging was done by hand, but of course you have to move with the times.”

The investor finally summons the courage to speak, “this all seems a bit cruel.” 

“Cruel? Nonsense, all of this is consensual. Everyone you will see wants to be here, to be a better submissive. We even get them to sign forms now, so we know what their limits are. We even employ hands to maintain everybody’s safety.”

They continued and walked past a woman strapped down to a hobby horse face down. Behind her were two fucking machines, filling both her holes with powerful thrusts, her screams of pleasure could be heard across the room as each mechanical cock drove in with a piston like action. 

“Let me take you to the next room,” he led the investor to a slightly smaller room. “This is our biggest growing market.”

Within the room were men, all of them silent. The only noise in the room was being made by a latex clad woman with a bullwhip. The men did as they were told, becoming furniture for her when she commanded. Others sat on the floor wearing thick leather collars, obediently awaiting instruction. 

“Sometimes you just can’t replace the human touch, Sasha here has been with us for many years now. My father adored her work, we never could replace her.”

All the men’s genitals were caged, some of the men wore harnesses enclosing their chests. To the right of them one was chained to the wall, hanging with his feet raised. The pulley with which the chain was attached to was lowering him onto an enormous butt plug. With every steady descend the plug plunged deeper and wider inside. His cries muffled by a cock shaped ball gag lodged at the back of his throat. 

“One last thing to show you, she’s in my office.” 

He led the investor into his office. Next to his large solid wood desk was a cage. Within it was a woman with a tail. Her appearance was all designed to look as canine as possible, tattoos providing the markings and her hair made to look like the floppy ears of a spaniel. 

The investor took a seat in a large leather chair, with heavy wooden arms. There were cuffs set in the rests and legs. 

“This is Laika, I trained her myself.”

Unlocking the cage, Laika excitedly joined her Master, kneeling to heel beside him. 

“You see the world isn’t as simple as male and female, straight and gay. There are so many facets of humans when it comes to being how we are. We are looking for investment so that we can personalise our clients experience.” 

The investor nodded, he looked at Laika studying her form, her naked body. He could feel a strange arousal within him, his suit trousers were unforgiving. 

“How about a sample, you want to know what you’ll be investing in. Laika, follow me.”

He led his puppy forward. She crawled on her hands and feet, her bottom swaying from side to side flicking the tail with it. When she reached the investor she rested her chin on his thigh in between his legs. His excitement was now clearly visible, he looked a little uncomfortable. 

“Relax, she’s been trained for pleasure. Undo your trousers and she’ll show you.”

Tentatively he unbuckled his belt and lowered his trousers. Laika’s eyes widened at the view of a hard, glistening cock before her. She moved closer, lapping her tongue against his shaft. The investor’s head rocked back and he closed his eyes, as she took in the head of his cock. 

“Let’s make this more interesting, you’ll enjoy this,” he said, strapping his limbs to the chair. He was now unable to move, focusing his pleasure of the  tongue that was now dancing its way majestically around his engorged member. 

“Now, Mr Fisher,” his voice changed, becoming more stern. “Let me tell you a story.” 

The investor looked confused, distracting him only slightly from his pleasure. The owner continued. 

“I was only a child, my father and I went to the bank that your father used to run. My father poured all his energy into this business and he needed investment to keep his dreams alive. Your father gave him the investment he needed, he was very interested in my father’s work. So much that he looked into having his own submissives to satisfy his needs.”

“But then word got out, people read in the newspaper about what happened. To save himself your father withdrew his investment and disassociated himself. He went as far to say that he was tricked to avoid bad press.”

“But you see a lot of that money had been spent already, my father had to sell everything to recover the money.”

The investor interrupted, “that must have been years ago, we had rules, you know what it’s like, it’s business.” 

“Oh, I know what it’s like. I know what it’s like to see your father struggle to make ends meet, to almost lose everything. He did everything he could to make the business work and it drove him mad. When he died soon after, I picked up the pieces and continued what he started no thanks to your family. But here you are now, looking for a business opportunity now that we are a success.”

“Ok, I’ve heard enough. You can unstrap me now.”

“But Laika hasn’t finished with you, she’s a hungry girl.”

“If you’ve invited me here to tell me your family back story, why is my cock being sucked?” 

“That is an excellent question. You see Laika has been trained to do anything that I ask her to. Months of hard training and she is totally submissive to me.” 

He stood up and looked down at his pet. 

“OK Laika, bite his cock off.” 

The investor looked down, Laika looked back up at him and smiled, exposing a set of sharpened canine teeth. Shaking wildly in his shackles the investor watched on as Laika took as much of him as she could. With a strong grip of her jaw her teeth tore through his skin, easily ripping through the muscle. Blood spurted out of his stiff cock, splashing over Laika’s face as she closed her jaw, severing his penis in two. His screams could be heard throughout the building, a piercing shriek of pain. But the pain wasn’t subsiding, it was consuming him. His shouts and cries drowning out the violent shaking of the shackles. 

The spurt soon disappeared into a steady stream as what was left of his cock was drained of the blood that nourished its embellishment. Laika crawled back to her cage, dropped the blood stained tip in her dish. Before returning to her Master. 

“Good girl,” as he stroked her hair, Laika closed her eyes and nuzzled into his leg. 

“Looks like you need some help there, I wouldn’t worry.” Pressing on a buzzer he asked for Sasha to join him in the office. 

The spilt blood had soaked into his suit trousers and clung to his skin as it began to coagulate. He didn’t notice her come in, he didn’t see the long black cane with the metal end. 

“You’re a very noisy boy aren’t you,” she presented a ball gag and forcibly strapped it on him. 

“That’s a very sorry looking cock isn’t it,” She picked up a lighter from the desk of her boss. Sparking a flame beneath the metal end of her cane. 

“Many clients wish to be marked to show who they belong to, I had this made especially to put my own mark on them.”

The investors weeping nub was still exposed. Sasha thrust her red hot cane against it, cauterising the wound to the backdrop of his curdling scream through his gag. Removing the cane, his cock sealed by the heat with a faint ‘S’ pressed into it. 

“Thank you Sasha, excellent work again”. He turned to the investor had now become unconscious from the pain. 

By the time he woke again the room was dark and empty. The shackles were undone and tentatively he limped out of the room. On the door was a note it simply read. 

‘It’s not business, it’s family’ 


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21 Replies to “Cruel to You

  1. Damn this is an amazing piece, I was all yes, yes, yes NOOOOOO! I LOVE the industrial-dystopic factory part! Only five days in and I think I have a front-runner for best fiction of the year!

  2. Most Of Us Working People Have Been In Similar Circumstances and No Way To Return Our Feelings To Whatever Bastard(s) Were Able To Crush Us! Exciting Story! Loved The Twist! It’s Always Family!

  3. I loved every bit of it! Haha I’m a bit dark and twisty though so it’s right up my alley. I agree you should definitely write more. ❤️

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