The Fan Club is Open

The fan club is open

A couple of months back I did a post titled ‘the Littlegem Fan club‘, it wasn’t a real fan club in that it was more about appreciating littlegem’s beauty rather than being a ‘club’. We got some really nice feedback and it was unexpected due to the nature of what we were asking. Now it’s a new year with exciting new plans, the Littlegem Fan Club is open!

This blog has been about sharing our D/s journey as well as the photos we take. One of the problems has been that we have taken many more photos than we could post, leaving many unused. Also a lot of the photos are more intimate in nature so wouldn’t want them shared on this blog. By creating a space with the best photos they can all be viewed in one place. This also means that members can view many more naughty photos than we publish for our posts. 

the club is open sucking a cock

We also wanted to share our experiences by videoing our play scenes. We have a wide variety of play and intend to share with you how we do it. You’ll know we are into spanking, role play, puppy play as well as many other kinks. Videoing our play pushes our own boundaries and it excites us that our experiences are being shared. 

The videos also extend to the ‘shows’ littlegem makes for me. By sharing the videos that she makes really brings out the exhibitionist in her. 

So if you’re the kind of person that would like to see littlegem masturbate and put things in her bottom then you are in luck, the fan club is open for you to subscribe now to her Only Fans page. 

the club is open White Knicker squirting

If you need a bit more convincing Littlegem has created the Littlegem Fan Club, a blog that keeps you up to date with tasters of what she uploads to her Only Fans page. Littlegem also now has a dedicated twitter account, you can follow her by clicking here. Pictures will be like the ones above slightly obscured or stills from the videos she has made that you can see fully once subscribed. She also has some rather naughty plans for it in the future, so take a look at her first post ‘welcome‘ and see.  

the fan club is open- Littlegem fan club

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