Toy with Him

Toy with Him- littlegem in thigh high socks with her laptop on her bare legs.

Her fingers tentatively slid over the touchpad, she knew what she was going to find but was nervous anyway. Not wanting to be caught indulging herself in this guilty pleasure. She navigated the cursor and clicked through to ‘history’, immediately she was met with a toy site that she recognised. She knew it because it had appeared in his browsing history multiple times before. A flicker of embarrassment appeared in her cheeks, ‘what would he say if he knew she was searching his history,’ she thought to herself whilst continuing her probe anyway. 

On her first discovery of his interest she was annoyed. Not at what he was looking at, more that he had been looking at all the pages in secret. Not just once, but weeks worth of evidence mounted up on his laptop. But the annoyance quickly dissipated as she couldn’t help but keep coming back. Greedily consuming more and more of the content he was looking at. Imagining what he must be thinking, or doing, whilst he browsed.

The voyeuristic fantasy continued in her mind. She hitched her skirt up and slid her knickers off. Placing them on the table beside her, she widened her legs. Her thigh high socks brushing against the wood of the chair leg. Laptop still balanced on her lap she started to toy with her aching clit as she read details on one of the products that had piqued her interest and his. 

She envisaged him inserting his hard cock inside the tight sleeve, imagined the sensations of it gripping him as he was fully engulfed. Her fingers circled her clit faster as she heard him grunt his pleasure as the device was clicked into action. The suction squeezing and pulling at his erection. She delved her fingers inside herself and imitated the pumping action of the toy on his cock. The image of him filling the mouth like toy with his hot seed conjured in her mind, the look on his face at his moment of ecstasy made her own juices squirt down her leg. A wet splash left on her wine red socks.

Hastily she replaced her cotton knickers and adjusted her clothing. Her flushed cheeks and stained socks the only evidence of her act. In the heat of the moment before closing her laptop she purchased the stroker, wanting to make the fantasy a reality. She didn’t know fully how she would explain it, a surprise for him for new year perhaps….

The package landed on her desk at work, the sight of it sitting there was enough to make her wet. She left it in her eye line, looking up from her computer at it as she worked. It consumed her thoughts and she knew then she couldn’t wait to open it. The office wasn’t busy, the rush of pre-Christmas was over. With no new cases until after the new year, most people there were just filling time until the clock struck for 5. Making an excuse she left work early, wanting to make sure she was home before he was. The adrenaline surging through her as she once again thought over her plan. 

She placed the toy on his side of the bed, the black of it contrasting against their crisp white sheets. Then she sought out the bottle of lube that lay tucked under his socks in his dresser drawer, she placed it next to the stroker with a note written in her hand. ‘Happy New Year darling. I couldn’t wait and I hope you don’t either.’ It would be the first thing he saw when he walked into their bedroom, ‘would he recognise it from the site?’ These thoughts tantalised her as she slipped out of her grey tailored dress and hid herself in their closet, the door ajar slightly so she could she her fantasy play out.  

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  1. Nicely told Gem – (have u signed up for the smut marathon? )
    That image is fab. I have an acer too although mine is falling apart 😉

  2. Well. Now I can’t stop imagining that all sex bloggers write in some state of partial, and seductive, undress. There goes my Saturday! 😉

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