Snow Drift

Snow Drift

Here Ruby is laying in some fake snow we bought. We took a few photographs with her wings and tutu on, this being our favourite one.

Christmas is a time for children, they are the ones that get most excited by the presents and the food and all of the other parts of the holiday. This is especially true for Ruby. On Christmas day she awoke to a stocking full of presents, including chocolates, some unicorn socks and a jar of oversized hot dogs. It was very special to see her opening her gifts before the real rush of the day.

Sinful SundayWe were in awe of May’s editing skills last week, kiss the lips to see the other images from this week.

49 Replies to “Snow Drift

  1. I love the detail of the snowflakes on/in her hair. The picture definitely has a winter wonderland vibe, but one for adults perhaps haha. It looks so serene. It’s a beautiful picture!

  2. Ruby took my breath away when I saw her. Always like to see when that ‘little side’ peek out. Do we get to see her in her unicorn socks, and I am really intrigued with that jar of oversized hotdogs.

    1. We bought a couple of tubes of this powder you add water to, we expected if to fluff up, but it didn’t quite live up to expectations.

  3. Perfection. I love the look from the side, with the mouth slightly open and the beautiful collar. Oh, and I’m still jealous of your nipple piercings…. ???

    1. She made that collar herself, I really like it. I’m more comfortable with the piercings too, even if that means I can’t play with them currently.

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