Wrapping Up for Christmas

Christmas Wrapping

I have always been terrible at Christmas wrapping, the corners are never neatly tucked and I certainly need help when it comes to wrapping anything other than a square shape. Therefore I am always in need of practice, this is when an opportunity presented itself.

The place I work has a warehouse that is a treasure trove of the unnecessary. Old parts and bits that no longer have use but can’t bear to be parted with. After a while they become forgotten, waiting for some sexual deviant to come along and re-purpose them for his desires. That’s how I got the sewing machine for this photo.

During a recent tidy up, in a box of old packaging I found a roll of pallet wrap. Think clingfilm / Saran wrap but a bit larger for keeping boxes together during transit. Instantly I knew that I wanted to wrap littlegem up in it. We’d found ourselves having a go for the first time at Eroticon this year and I was surprised at littlegem’s enthusiasm given she is very claustrophobic.

Given that this sort of play may push her boundaries I thought it best to give plenty of warning about what I was planning to do. Littlegem was excited by the thought, it had been a while since kinky play on the sex table had happened. It took a few days to find the opportunity to play

The Play

The children were put down to bed and instead of sitting down and relaxing I wanted to get straight into it. Stopping will only give me reason to put off doing it. I’m a little nervous, I have other elements that while littlegem might be clued up on, she doesn’t fully know what to expect. She is busy doing something else and without telling her I set up the room around her. I hope this energy will transfer onto her as we have been struggling of late to get into the sexy mood in the evening.

The room is 19 degrees, a little cold for play, but my thoughts are she is going to get hot wrapped up so I decide not to adjust the thermostat. If there’s anything that is going to ruin a scene before we even begin, it is a cold sub. If I could give one piece of advise to anyone starting out doing kink at home it would be to buy a space heater.

Room set up, I tell littlegem to finish up and she stops immediately, kneeling before me. Her day collar is replaced with her play collar, she is also instructed to remove all clothing.

The plan is to have littlegem wrapped to the table, with ElectraStim pads placed on her bottom and thighs. That way the muscles would contract whilst encased, allowing little room. Littlegem made the excellent suggestion that we should test the pads were in the right place before we began wrapping. Once the positioning was right I wrapped up her legs individually to lock the pads in place. Littlegem has a fear that the pads will peel off and I want to do my best to reduce those fears. She is then instructed to lie on the bench face down.

The next step is to wrap her body. Playing it safe I tell her that her head, shoulders and arms will be left alone. I wrap from her chest down, it goes under the table and over her body, wrapping tightly but not so much to scare her. I try to keep communication up to get a reading of how she is feeling. Almost done, she tells me to leave her toes open, I comply. She now looks like a human poly tunnel.

The wires to the ElectraStim are now hidden under the plastic of the wrapping. This is done on purpose so I can use a knife to expose a hole and feed the wire through. She is then connected up and play can begin.

The pads are turned up, a little more on the bottom than the thighs to create the right balance of sensations. Again I’m cautious, always asking before turning up the power. The sensations are coupled with my warm hands feeling over her body, she is still a little cold, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Other sensations include using a Wartenberg wheel over her body, the spikes cutting the wrap as it rolled over her skin. A knife was also used, cutting a hole so that the blade could be drawn along her skin. It would tickle, but her movements were limited by the wrapping. The play continued with a variety of sensations until we had to stop.

Littlegem has been a bit poorly recently. The last couple of nights I have been medicating her with Calpol and ice cream. A cough has meant that she feels a tightness in her chest. This lead to a premature end of the play. The knife is used to cut her out. A blanket is needed because she never became warm enough.

Wrapping It Up

We discussed how the play went. It was nice to get back in to doing something kinky. Littlegem said how much she enjoyed the process of being wrapped, the vibration of the wrap against her inner thighs pleasing her. I didn’t see this as part of the play, more of setting up. So I will make sure to turn it into part of play, taking my time. I also will try to be less cautious when using the ElectraStim, turning it up under my direction and trusting my instincts. After all I did so during our Interrogation play. It makes my participation more active and takes control away from littlegem. 

I have taken some notes from what didn’t quite go right, so I can improve for next time. At least if anything I got some much needed practice for wrapping the Christmas presents.

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17 Replies to “Wrapping Up for Christmas

  1. You could always roughly cover the gifts in tissue paper then cover in clingfilm… pretty and practical…

    And gives you practice with the clingfilm lol

  2. Good to hear such a detailed account of how it went for you. You have reminded me that I did enjoy being wrapped and it was something that we said we would do more but haven’t. I will mention this to HL as I think he enjoyed it too ?

    1. It was fun, so it is something to be revisited. Have to add it to the long list of things to try again 2020. I’m sure HL would enjoy doing it again too.

  3. I love how you are exploring different ideas and adapting ‘everyday’ and discarded materials. It would be lovely to hear littlegem’s thoughts on how it was for her.

  4. A very sweet idea. I have a large amount of similar film purchased for just such a purpose. It has never been used but remains available should my Queen so decide!

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