Feeding her my Cum

Feeding her my Cum

The nights have become a bit colder recently. Coupled with our dynamic being a little less kink than it is normally, from tiredness and seasonal pressures, we have found our sexual activity move away from the living room and into the bedroom. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, bed is a great place to have sex. It’s warm and comfortable so when you want to share the warmth of each other in an intimate way  its the perfect place. Usually it will be the last thing we do before we cuddle and fall asleep, there really is no better soporific than sex. 

With most of our sexual equipment hidden away downstairs, the nature of our sex is somewhat vanilla. This is however vanilla by our standards, littlegem will still kneel at the foot of the bed before entering and the chain attached. She may not have the cuff attached until afterwards, but there is something sexy about her being tethered during intercourse. 

Littlegem has clearly been paying attention to what I have written. Having discussed the delights of cock worship she has been orally attentive to my needs and I have basked in the pleasure that has come from it. 

More often than not this kind of foreplay will lead to sex, I’m turned on, she’s turned on, it would be a shame to waste this moment. However there is a brief delay to proceedings. 

Contraception Considerations

Condoms are our contraception of choice. Littlegem has used medication based alternatives but they don’t react well with her. Plus she doesn’t want to see it as a long term solution, I’m inclined to agree. As a couple not yet decided whether we have finished making a family more permanent options also aren’t available yet. 

This means a quick jump to the drawer, grab a condom, pop it on and we’re on our way. I don’t bemoan them too much, they are very much a necessity. There are times when it’s not needed, either the week before her period when the risk is acceptably low or when anal is on the cards. I love anal, we both do, but it can’t be done too regularly. 

So it’s not too long before we are having sex and back in the moment. The vanilla style sex may now commence. However this doesn’t mean that our dominance and submission can’t show. I can pin her down and thrust into her the way I want, I can remind her how easily my cock slips inside due to how wet she is. 

It’s at this point I’m considering my options for littlegem’s pleasure. Do I want her to let go and orgasm or leave her needy and wanting. Either way the pleasure stems from maintaining the passion of that moment. 

But then it’s my turn, it’s getting late and we do need to sleep. Either that or it’s getting to the point where I can’t maintain this stamina as it’s getting too much. I do enjoy that feeling before though, that animalistic need to cum inside her. This is when I become more aware of the condom. I don’t mind having sex with a condom, I’m less keen on having on orgasm with it on. 

Pleasure Within

What I really enjoy is filling littlegem with my cum. Not just from a physical perspective. Her holes are warm and wet, giving intense pleasure. But what I mean is that the thought of my cum being inside her really turns me on. 

So the condom is taken off and it is communicated to littlegem that I want her to use her mouth. She may be a little spaced out so I have to be careful with my instructions. What I want is her to take me in her mouth, just the tip, nothing more. She may use her tongue gently but apart from that her job is to be a vessel of my orgasm. Using my hand I work my own shaft softly, I’m close to tipping point beforehand so it doesn’t need much. That thought of her taking everything I have to give her, swallowing it all and having it inside her is getting me heady. I am feeding her my cum that in turn will nourish her body. 

So I get myself closer and closer until I can no longer hang on, my orgasm is powerful and I expel all of my satisfaction into her mouth. She takes it all and licks the shaft of my cock to swallow every drop. I look down and stroke her hair, we both snuggle together and fall asleep in that post pleasure glow. 

Masturbation Monday
For clarity littlegem hasn’t been feeling too well this week, so that is Calpol on the spoon I’m feeding her in the picture. 

20 Replies to “Feeding her my Cum

  1. I think the reality of a lifestyle dynamic is often different to the picture that is painted and we all have times where there is less of things. I get the idea of swallowing too. It is something that HL likes me to do also ?

  2. Thanks for sharing… I must admit to feeling a little queasy by the idea of cum on the spoon! So thank you for telling us its calpol!

    I guess I’m an odd one, I have no problem with MrH cum but I don’t like seeing images with cum in them…. It wouldn’t do for us all to be the same though would it?! LOL

  3. I guess I’m different. The thought of you issuing a spoonful of cum to Gem is arousing to me. But then I’ve had cum sundaes! lol. I do admit the idea is sexier than reality though.

  4. Haha! I don’t have issues with cum on a spoon…I’m just usually the one feeding it back to he who provides it. ? Anyway, this was a lovely read. Thanks for sharing!

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