In The Alley

In The Alley
This is the alley between our house and the house next door. Luckily they were out this day, I wonder if they know what kind of stuff we get up to. After all we are the kind of people to do wax play in the garden, or frolic about at nighttime naked with glowsticks. 
Sinful Sunday
Of all the photos last week this bottom was our favourite. Kiss the lips to see the images this week.

30 Replies to “In The Alley

  1. I love the contrast between the dark inside the alley and the light outside of the alley. I also love the angle and how you are further away from the camera. And I love the heels, the outfit, the pose. Just all round love this image!

    1. No, strangely not. If you turn around it faces the road. Although saying that would make it even more of a challenge to make you want to do it lol.

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