Nipple Piercing Experience

Nipple Piercing Experience- a close up on littlegems nipple bar slightly covered by the silk kimono

Not too long ago I wrote the post Piercings and littlegem and explained how I had once gotten my nipple pierced at 18 but it didn’t heal properly so I let it close up. I wouldn’t say I regretted letting it close up as at that time it was what was best for me, but I did want to explore the idea of getting a new nipple piercing.

To pierce or not to pierce? 

The first time I got my nipple pierced I hadn’t thought it through, was a bit drunk and hadn’t told PurpleSole about it. This was many years ago and certainly before our D/s, but still I do wish I had discussed it with him first. Looking back now I don’t think I gave the piercing enough time to heal properly as I certainly don’t think I had it in for a year. Part of the many reasons was because PS wasn’t keen. But I think if I had talked it through with him first we would have had a different outlook and the result may have been a lot more positive, for us both. Rather than it being, and certainly amplified in my mind, something hidden and wrong. But that is in the past and can’t be changed.

After posting about wanting to have a nipple piercing again PS and I had a conversation. I was surprised to find that his views weren’t so much dislike, but more concerns for healing times etc. We both did some research to confirm nipple piercings can take up to a year to heal, so play we enjoy like nipple clamps would potentially be not possible for a whole year.

My other concern was around breastfeeding, although we are not planning to have another child any time soon, it’s not off the table completely for the future. I had enough trouble breastfeeding my first two children and assumed that a piercing wouldn’t help things. So again, lots of research found that although there is no evidence that nipple piercings affect breastfeeding, it certainly isn’t wise to keep the jewellery in place whilst nursing. I know that I could just not breastfeed and I completely think it’s up to the parents to decide what feeding method is best for their baby. I just know I would not be able to cope with the immense guilt I would feel and I did enjoy it. I’m very good at making myself feel guilty and awful.         

Nipple piercing- Our conclusion 

I am really happy that this time around I can say ‘our’ because it is a joint decision. With our D/s dynamic although I am not completely ‘property’ of PS, I respect and want the decisions to be what he wants. Really like the first time I had my nipple pierced, I know I would not be happy with it if it wasn’t what PS wanted. 

It was decided that if I really wanted to get my nipple pierced, I had PS’s full consent and interestingly he said that he would actually prefer if I had both done. This isn’t something I had initially considered but once it was suggested, kind of liked the idea.

The next decision we had to make was when. Initially it was decided that I would wait for a couple of years, until we had decided if our family was complete or not. Then the nursing issue wouldn’t be affected and we left it there… For a few weeks anyway. I am not good at waiting. If I am told I can have something, I really just want it right now.

Double nipple Piercing- a walk through

This time I had done some research, found a good piercing studio in our city and confirmed that they didn’t need a booking, just drop in.

“I’m not sure about this, are you definitely sure it’s a good idea?” Standing outside the door, I wasn’t nervous about actually getting it done. Just whether it was a silly thing to do or not. Also we had our kids with us so I would have to go alone. PS certainly didn’t want to watch and I understand that. Although having someone to hold my hand would be nice, I knew I would feel less awkward by myself. 

“You will be fine, off you go.” He kissed me and started to walk off. I am glad that he did, otherwise I would have talked myself out of going in. 

Walking up the narrow staircase a million things were swirling in my head but ultimately I knew it was something I still wanted to do. Entering the studio I was met by quite loud but atmospheric music and some beautiful art work along the walls. It was also empty as it had only just opened up for the day. I confirmed the piercings and price then filled out a consent and general health paperwork. My ID was also checked and photocopied. This really surprised me, I don’t remember doing this the first time but may have just forgotten. One of the first questions were regarding inebriation, so I had either lied or not been asked before. I was then asked if I wanted to be pierced with a bar or ring, I chose bar as I had read a ring could be more uncomfortable while healing as more area of jewellery to be knocked. 

Deep breath 

A short wait and I was called in. The lady who was doing my piercings was lovely and really put me at ease. We chatted whilst I was asked to remove my top half clothing and stand back against the wall. She then eyed my breasts up at different levels deciding what the best placement would be. I told her about my previous nipple piercing and she checked to see if there was any scar tissue that would be an issue. As there wasn’t she used a skin safe marker to mark out where the bars would go.

The marking up took much longer than the actual piercing. Better to get it right marked out than when it’s less reversible I suppose. She explained that she usually does double nipple piercings at a slight angle as she thinks they look prettier that way, I left it up to her as shes the pro!

A clamp was then used to squeeze my nipple as flat as possible, I was told to take a deep breath and the needle entered my nipple. Then I was asked to exhale as she went through to the other side and the piercing was done. One down.

This was then repeated and in no time at all she was screwing on the little balls to the nipple jewellery. I am not going to lie, I did feel it and it did hurt. It is a big needle going through an extremely sensitive part of my body, it would be silly to think it wouldn’t. The first one was not as bad as the second which I thought odd as she had pierced the one which had the healed old piercing in first. She said this could be due to adrenaline running out by the time the second was done. My relationship to pain means that it doesn’t bother me, I can feel it but I don’t try and veer away from it. The opposite really.

Nipple Piercing aftercare

A sheet of guidelines were given to me and I am following them to the letter this time. I definitely want my nipple piercings to heal up nicely. I also asked the lady who was piercing me what she recommended in regards to wearing a bra or not. The first time I had my nipple pierced all I remember is it rubbed on my bra all the time and caused a lot of discomfort. I had also read that some people wear a bra at night to ‘protect’ the piercings.

She confirmed that it was really down to preference and not a recommendation. She said when she had hers done she didn’t wear a bra at all as it was more comfortable for her that way. She asked If I wanted the fresh piercings covered just until I got home and again said it was down to personal preference. I opted to for comfort and did have to put my bra back on, it certainly wasn’t going to fit in my pocket or handbag.   

After I got home I removed the plaster and all my clothing. They were sore from being squashed in my bra and I wanted them to breath. At this point I did start to think maybe it was a silly idea to have them pierced, I like being nude but can’t really spend the next year topless! Plus it’s winter, I will freeze my nips off. It did of course get better. 

Since having them pierced I have not worn a bra as it does just rub on them and instead wear a loose t-shirt under my top. Although by the evening I do have backache, some exercise and stretches does help to alleviate this. They have been pierced for just over a week so far and I am shocked at how quickly they felt ‘back to normal’. After a day the initial piercing aching had gone and after three days I stopped noticing them during the day. The only slight pain and sensitivity is whilst cleaning them, which I do twice a day as directed. Or if they get knocked, I have two young kids so it was inevitable they would get squashed a few times.

Pretty nipples?

I am really glad I went through with getting my nipples pierced again and happy that I got them both done. Like with a lot of things the idea of the negative points, healing pain etc, was worse than the reality. So I am glad that PS supported me and pushed me to go through with it. 

Although the jewellery can’t be changed until healing is completed I do look forward to taking some new nipple photos (One has been taken already but I don’t think the piercing was prominent). I do think having my nipples pierced again will really help me to accept my nipples further. Before I have written about how my relationship with my nipples had not been great over the years. How my views on them are quite unkind and unrealistic. This has started to change, I have allowed PS to take and post photos of my nipples and we were playing with my nipples more. Getting them pierced, for me, was a step further in acceptance and actually liking my nipples.


I found my light summer kimono for this photo as I really love the soft silk against my nipples and thought it would be perfect as something different for Lingerie is for Everyone (I am running out of lingerie that hasn’t been photoed before!).

Lingerie is for everyone

37 Replies to “Nipple Piercing Experience

  1. How exciting! Really enjoyed this post and interesting to hear your story. I breastfed both of my kids after my piercing and I even put jewellery back in after four years out, so hopefully it gives you lots of options in the future. I can’t wait to see what jewellery you will go for in the future!
    Missy x

    1. Wow really, that’s good to hear! Yeah can’t wait to buy new jewellery, but takes so long until I can actually use it lol. I must say your lovely piercing pictures certainly are what re spiked my interest in getting them pierced again, so thank you!

  2. Very pretty… I would love my belly done again but while there is a change of more MRI’s Xrays and surgery it would be a waste of time and money ☹

    1. My Queen is anti nipple piercings. And that’s cool. She did have her belly button pierced until her hysterectomy. But they went in through her belly button so it isn’t pierced anymore. Perhaps when fully healed she will redo that! Yours look great. I hope they heal quickly and well.

    2. I can’t remember how long belly piercings take to heal or when you can swap jewellery safely but you can buy bioflex bars or ptfe ones that are xray and surgery safe.

        1. My nipple piercings are more like 2 years, at least on one side. I still have fun with them, but if I try to change the jewelry, or leave it out for any length of time, I’m sure it would close up immediately.

  3. Apart from the beautiful picture and your kimono, those are beautiful piercings. I’m really glad this worked out for you, and even though the healing time is long, it’s well worth it. I’m also glad you discussed breastfeeding and nipple piercings, and subsequent re-piercing. I had to take my piercings out (which had for a long time, but were poorly done) a few months into my pregnancy. I have every intention of having them re-pierced, but am in the same boat you were in. I’m glad you are going into such detail, it’s a commitment, and like so many other things in life, that can make it difficult to balance with other important plans (like nursing a baby). At the end of the day, though, I hope I will feel the way you do that it’s all worthwhile and maybe even better the second time around.

    1. Does he mean initially whilst healing or not at all?! Yes I can understand you not wanting to, I do miss them being sucked and nibbled atm.

  4. They look great and I hope they work out this time, but all I can think is…OUCH! ?

    1. Lol I’m not going to lie I have re thought about the actual piercing part a lot in my mind, remembering the feeling of it.. Would happily do it again!

    1. That was my thoughts too but the healing seems to be going really well, the only real downside is PS can’t play with my nipples the way he wants to atm!

  5. This was very interesting and well balanced, may well help people thinking if THEY want it done to, as well as giving us insight into your DS and previous/future issues with the piercings.

    You were very brave and I hope it heals well so that they can be fun as well as beautiful enhancements to your breasts.

  6. As someone with zero knowledge of nipple piercing ,other than how beautiful and sexy they look, I really enjoyed reading this brilliant, in depth piece. You taught me so much about the whole process. I was getting quite nervous as you described walking up the stairs to the studio. I’m glad it all went so well for you.

  7. I loved reading about your experience, and great that you had your nipples pierced again. I hope yours heal as fast as mine, and you can put in new jewelry sooner rather than later. I love changing my jewelry every couple of weeks 🙂

    Rebel xox

  8. beautiful! nipple piercings are something i have considered for awhile but I’m still not ready to take the plunge.

  9. Great post, lg! … thoughtful and informative … and the piercings are very pretty and sexy. I think if I was younger I might consider having mine done. However, in our relationship as it is now, I wouldn’t want my nipples to be out of commission for that long … lol! … nj … xx

  10. I am here for the picture 😛 I really liked reading how the process was! I remember going with a friend to get her nipples pierced back in the 90s, and I had to hold her hand. She screamed from the pain, but wow, it looked amazing! I am glad you feel like you have made the right decision, and they look great on you!

    1. Thanks DS. Did your friend just get one pierced? I couldn’t imagine finding the pain that bad then having the second done lol. I do enjoy watching piercings being done though!

  11. This is so insightful and a very interesting read for someone that might be interested in nipple piercings, aka me, though I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to get some as my nipples are sensitive enough as it is. But I love how it looks on other people!

    1. Mine are very sensative too, it’s only been recently (before piercing) I’ve enjoyed them being touched more really because of how sensitive. But I do enjoy a certain element of pain so that helped for me. Overall for the brief pain of getting them pierced compared to how much I like how they look lol, for me very worth it.

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