Show and Tell: Multiple Orgasms with Satisfyer’s Pret-A-Porter and Master

Show and Tell: multiple orgasms from Satisfyer Pret-A-Porter

“Tonight your job is to put on a show while I’m working. You’ll have an hour, on the floor with a selection of sex toys. And I want you to show me how you play with yourself. You will have 15 minutes to warm yourself up but then I’ll set you a challenge to see how many times you can make yourself orgasm in the remaining 45 minutes. As a reward you will get one point per orgasm, after each one I want you to count it out loud.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but my reaction to this message that PurpleSole sent me was a massive ‘Yes please Master,’ followed by imagining what toys I would like to use.  

Show me which toys?

We have a lot of sex toys, definitely kid in candy shop situation. But it didn’t take me too long to decide that I wanted to use one of the air pulse toys from Satisfyer. We have a few of the air pulse toys and honestly they are all clit heaven, I settled on the Pret-A-Porter from Satisfyer’s luxury range as it’s not only amazing at producing multiple orgasms for me, it is incredibly pretty as well. 

I knew to really give myself a treat I would want something to go inside as well. Blended orgasms are by far my favourite so I wanted to choose a good vibrator. My favourite that we own by far is the Satisfyer Master. How have I not written about the Master before? Definitely need to write about the times we have used it for double penetration and how it can give me amazing vaginal orgasms!! 

Show time

The sex blanket was ready and waiting on the floor, cushions put at one end for my comfort. I walked in and got undressed as directed. PurpleSole was sat on the sofa in front of me, computer on for his work. I got into position on the floor, my selection of toys to one side of me accompanied by a bottle of lube.

“You have 15 minutes warm up time, when the alarm sounds the show will start.”

Now I hadn’t been allowed to orgasm at this point for a few days, perhaps a week. Either way I was really ready to. But I knew that I had to wait for the alarm before I was allowed to start my climax challenge. Usually I am pretty good at edging myself but thinking about what I wanted to do to myself all afternoon had gotten me pretty hot and bothered.

Nipple attention

I started off slow, using just a finger on my already swollen clit. Nope, too much, too good… I started even slower, picking up the Pret-A-Porter I clicked it on to air pulse only and pushed it against one of my nipples. It fit snugly in the cushioned hole and hugged my nipple, tugging at it gently with the pulses. Clicking it up a bit the stimulation to my nipple felt really good, although not quite the same as it being sucked by a mouth, it sent similar waves of pleasure through my torso that shoot down to my clit. I mentioned we have a few of the air pulse toys, well with two nipples I thought why not try it on both at the same time. Yes I do get greedy very quickly. I asked PS very politely if he could pass me the Pro 3 Vibration and I clicked that one up to match the Pret-A-Porter setting in suction and put it against my other nipple. 

The feeling was really good, both my nipples being played with simultaneously felt great. Playing about with the toys I tried putting them both on vibration and air pulse at the same time and cranked them up, I started to feel as if I needed more to keep the pleasure going. Then my brain clicked in and remembered that I was being watched and what must I look like holding these toys against my nipples. A quick glance to PS and he had already started to wank himself off a bit, whilst continuing to focus on his work. 

The alarm sounds

Knowing the time for the alarm would be soon I cast the Pro 3 Vibration to the side and put the Pret-A-Porter back to the lowest setting. Then I pressed it against my wanton clit. The pulling of the air pulse just feels amazing, I turn it up knowing that I am not going to last long, the urge to orgasm is just being pulled closer and closer. The alarm sounds. Within seconds my body gives in and an orgasm washes over me. It is good, but it is not enough. Only a taster of what I want, I give my body a few seconds to adjust back and put the Pret-A-Porter against my clit once more.

I always find the second orgasm always takes the most work. If you can call multiple orgasms work?! For me the second orgasm takes longer to achieve and usually requires more stimulation. After my body acclimatises to the sensation I click the Pret-A-Porter up a setting, intensifying the air pulse once more. Click, my body is at the edge but it can’t tip over. Click, my hips are bucking to press the toy harder against my pleasured nub. Click, I’m so close, my heads tipped, back arched and body convulsing. Click… an explosive orgasm rips through me and I scream out in pleasure. PS is certainly not doing any work now. 

The show is not over

At around my 5th orgasm, I say around as at this point in the haze of pleasure my memory gets blurred. The Master toys gets greedily grabbed from the side and I press it firmly inside my eager hole. The Master is quite large, certainly the largest in length and girth than any other vibrator we own and I wouldn’t usually just shove it straight in. But at this point in time I have no concept of what I should be doing and my body is just responses to pleasure, nothing else. I am also incredibly wet, as is the blanket beneath me. 

As soon as the Master enters me my muscles start to clamp around it and another orgasm shakes my body. I look to PS to remind me what number of orgasms it is as although I am meant to be counting them out loud, my brain turned to mush and I lost the ability to keep count. 

“What are you doing?” I recoil slightly at the sight of PS’s phone pointing at me. “Are you recording me!” A wave of embarrassment is quickly replaced by my exhibitionist side and I confirm that he is ok to carry on. 

Flicking the vibration setting on I start to thrust the Master inside a bit. Moving it around and angling the toy I find I can ride it against my clit at the same time. The shaft is a really lovely soft silicone to touch and quite flexible making this possible without damaging the toy. Using my hips I grind myself against the length of the Master, click the vibration increases sending a jolt of pleasure causing my body to spasm into another orgasm.  

Combining the toys

Both the Pret-A-Porter and the Master are really light and easy to use, combining the two together made for just incredible orgasms. As the Pret-A-Porter doesn’t require me to really do anything, I can even lift my legs up slightly and wedge it in place so it is hands free. This leaves me with a hand or two to use the Master inside at the same time.   

At some point I heard PS ask if I need any help, Nope, doing just fine by myself thanks. I really enjoy putting on a show for him and prefer him to sit back and enjoy it rather than taking part. Besides, I am not allowed usually to masturbate myself to orgasm so when I do get a chance, I want to make the most of it.

As the number of orgasms increase ever closer to double figures my body went into a heightened state of sensitivity. After an orgasm it was taking longer for my clit to be able to have the toy against it once more. It wasn’t becoming numb to the sensation. This has happened to me before when using wand vibrators, the friction of the vibration just becomes too much and starts to numb and hurt. It was more a feeling that the air pulse had drawn the blood to the surface of my clit, causing it to be swollen and incredibly sensitive. This was not a negative feeling though, far from it. If anything it was causing a hyper euphoric state and making me giggly.

To combat the ‘too sensitive’ sensation I just clicked the intensity back down by two or three click after orgasm. Then I was able to continue on my orgasm pursuit.  

Audience participation

After reaching my 9th orgasm I exclaimed I was done with the show. My body had been so tense for so long I felt exhausted. I just couldn’t possibly go on. PS got off of the sofa to join me on the floor, his hand touching my skin, his rock hard cock…

“Just fuck me. Please.” My mind had been easily swayed and PS jumped to go and find a condom. 

“I thought you said you were done?” His eyes were looking down at me as I had returned to laying on the floor. He gave me that look. I had managed to give myself an extra orgasm in the brief wait. 

He pressed his body against mine, driving his hard cock inside me. My 11th and final orgasm took over my body as PS claimed it for his own.

In the interest of transparency we were sent the Satisfyer toys mentioned for free in exchange for an honest review. We do not receive any money if you were to click through to their site and purchase one.

If you are interested in any of our other reviews, including other Satisfyer toys please see our Reviews of Rarity.

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16 Replies to “Show and Tell: Multiple Orgasms with Satisfyer’s Pret-A-Porter and Master

  1. It’s really brave and strong to put yourself out there for all to see, both in words and photos.
    That’s impressive to me.

  2. That photo is beautiful! My first air pulse toy is hopefully on it’s way. I’m excited to try it out. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  3. Just reading the task turned me on a little haha. So I can imagine that your response was ‘yes please Master’!

    The Pret-A-Porter sounds interesting. Might be a toy I want to try out!

    I have a similar thing with orgasms. The more I have, the longer it takes to get one. I only ever manage to get to 4 or 5, it seems. And that’s with a lot of effort so far. I struggle to keep a vibrator against my clit after the first so I’m impressed you only got this after the 5th haha!

    And so impressed you managed 9!!

    I really enjoyed reading this!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. I sometimes need to take the toy away for a few seconds to give my clit a chance to be happy to continue. The air pulse toys are certainly better for me with multiple O’s though!

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