History Around Us


One of the best things about the adventures we’ve had outdoors taking photos is being able to explore the history of where we live. Occasionally we stumble across some amazing places and end up leaning a bit more about the places around us. This photo is taken in the grounds of a 15th Century Church, hidden by trees and not far from a main road. Most people would drive by and not even know it was there. 

In the centre of the now ruined church is a large Oak tree. There is a myth that a witch with a wooden leg was buried alive and that the tree grew out of it, destroying the church. Either that or a squirrel simply forget where it buried its acorn after the church fell into disuse in the 17th Century. 

Had we not found this place we wouldn’t know any of this and nor would you. I love finding out little bits of history, almost as much as sharing littlegem’s beautiful body. The vines and the height of the building make it so difficult to capture how impressive we found this place, it looked like something you’d find in an Indiana Jones movie or a Tomb Raider game.

History Around Us

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44 Replies to “History Around Us

  1. Outstanding post. I like how you chose History as your theme and loved your commentary. And of course, then there’s Little Gem.

    I would love to have been taking photos there.

  2. Two wonderful images. I particularly like the one in colour. As a history buff I can never get enough of our local churches. The legend of the witch and the oak tree make this one particularly fascinating. I believe it attracts a lot of ghost hunters when night has fallen.

  3. That place look similar to my deserted mansion. It is indeed a pleasure to take photos in areas so steeped in history and gem looks wonderful
    May x

  4. I love that second image, and it’s so nice to read about your adventures as well as being able to enjoy the beautiful images you take. And of course, thank you very much for the shout out, I’m so pleased you enjoyed my photos from last week x

  5. I am continually envious of the part of the world you live it. It is rich in history and clearly off the beaten track enough to be largely unspoiled apart from by nature… and then you enhance it by adding the beautiful Gem


  6. What a stunning location and I am always surprised how relaxed you make your images when really there must be a high risk to being spotted. This is gorgeous and I love the way that Gem blends naturally with the history around her 🙂

    1. When we turned up there were people there so we were super cautious. Have to be eagle eyed but yes she gets more comfortable the longer we are there.

  7. You have the most amazing locations around you, I need to come and visit 😀

    This one is truly spectacular!

    1. Thank you ? wish we could be sponsored by the local tourist board. I would love people to come with us, although I’d be nervous that they’d expect me to be good.

  8. Great setting and pic. Yep…it makes me want to rewatch Indian Jones! It’s got to be in there somewhere.

  9. This is gorgeous, so atmospheric and I’m wondering where you live with this sort of scenery x

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