Slap on the Cunt

Slap on the Cunt

Littlegem is in one of those funny moods. One where she is playful and naughty, looking to get a reaction out of me. We are however in a supermarket with our children, so my options are limited. The best way I can describe it is being rude on purpose just to provoke me.

“What you gonna do Daddy, spank me?”

My reaction is muted for now, but yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

That Evening..

Littlegem kneels on the carpet, our usual ritual before the evening begins. She is wearing her owl pyjamas, indicating she is still in a playful mood although she hasn’t gone ‘the full ruby’.

She is told to lay on her back and remove the bottoms to her pyjamas. Recently we received some balls from Satisfyer to tone littlegem’s pelvic floor. The instructions advise 15 minutes intervals of exercise and it is my duty to manage this. So with a bit of water based lube the balls are inserted and I set a 15 minute timer. What she doesn’t know is its other purpose.

I am sitting sideways on the sofa, littlegem is still on her back with her head in my lap facing up. I ask her if she remembers her behaviour in the supermarket earlier.

“No Daddy. “

She knows she’s in trouble and she puts on a voice to try and protect herself from what I’m about to do to her.

“Don’t Daddy me, you’ve been a naughty girl.”

With that she squirms, my hands are touching the skin of her legs. I press her on what she said before.

“I’m going to give you a spanking, but this time I’m going to spank your front bottom.”

She giggles at the phrase ‘front bottom’, her laugh turns to concern as my hand reaches further in between her legs. I’m patting around, on her thighs, on her labia. I may give the odd pull of her skin. I spend a bit of time being gentle, touching her skin so she may feel the connection. 

Then I give a gentle tap on her clit, she gasps and looks up at me. She liked it, so I do it again. What follows is a tease of taps, some on her skin around, others hitting her clit directly. She doesn’t know when it’ll strike where it’s most sensitive.

“You like it when I do this don’t you.” She nods and as she does I slap her clit a little harder, she groans and smiles as me. I feel very much in control and I’m enjoying it. A quick glance shows there’s not much time left. 

Her excitement means there is a slight wetness to some of the slaps. She looks up at me, enjoying the helplessness. I tug at the loop to the balls still inside her, reminding her of their presence. The impacts remain random and unexpected and are growing in intensity. I tell her that blood must be rushing there, swelling and growing ever sensitive. I could be wrong, but it’s the words that are doing it for her. Then a strong slap is directed on her clit, followed by a second, littlegem jolts. 

“Do you like it when I slap your cunt?” 

This isn’t a word I usually use, but when I do it’s intent is to grab attention. That combined with the pain of my blows. Littlegem is very turned on now. I’m rubbing my fingers around her gently, teasing her with pleasure and as it grows a slap of pain replaces it. This is repeated again and again, bringing her to the brink of pleasure until.. 

‘Beep beep’, the alarm goes off. 

“You may take the balls out now.” Littlegem pouts at me, luckily for her I’m not finished. The spanking is over and I instruct her to get on all fours for the next part of our play. 


I’ve used a funishment as a way of dealing with naughty behaviour. It may seem odd to give positive reinforcement for this. But even though she pushes the rules I like that she has fun doing so. Besides I’m less inclined to punish, unless really necessary. It was an experience we both enjoyed, that’s what I would really like to encourage. 

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19 Replies to “Slap on the Cunt

  1. I thought this was a result of the chat too. What a coincidence y’all did this before!

  2. I recognize that playfulness — had a few moments like that myself (ESPECIALLY at times when JB couldn’t do anything about it, lol). And also, YES to cunt-smacking. He’s done it as a “reminder” and also as some fun impact during sex, and OMG it’s so good!

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