Tasting Myself

Tasting Myself- littlegem licking her fingers clean from her juices

Do you ever do something and not really realise you were doing it? Or not think anything of it. Well not until you get a weird look from your partner…

Recently I was sent a brilliant book by the lovely Lola and H.H. The book is fantastic and I am thoroughly enjoying it, but more on that in a later post. When reading some of the sexy stories I noticed that the thing that I do, that I only realised I did when PurpleSole gave me ‘that look’ is something that Lola does as well. Woop, not just me then! That has given me the confidence to write about it, so thank you Lola and H.H. 

A quick lick

Whilst lying on the sofa together, PS using his fingers to tease my clit through my knickers. Enjoying the soft cotton brushing against my body, I groan. “Are you enjoying that, I bet you’re getting very wet.” PS remarks in his Dom voice.

Without a thought I slid my hand down inside my knickers and dipped my fingers between my very wet lips. “I am Master.” My hand is removed, the confirmation glistening on my first two fingers. I then put them to my mouth and lick my moisture away. Receiving ‘that look’ from PS.

“Taste good?” PS remarked, leaving me feeling a bit self conscious. Although I’m assured he didn’t mean it in that way. A shy “Yes…” as I squirm slightly. 

Tasting Humiliation

The thing is I then realised it wasn’t the first time that I had inadvertently had a tasting of myself, it is something I have always just done. Just perhaps not in front of PS. 

It is something that PS can use to humiliate me erotically. As now I realise that I do it but in my mind ‘it’s not what nice normal girls would do.’ This gives good ammunition for PS, that great combination of things that makes me embarrassed and squirm but turns me on. Having PS talk about it or watch me works really well.  

Lingering suck

When I used to masturbate, I say used to as I don’t so often now. It would be part of it to clean my fingers after ward by sucking them. I never really thought about it, I just did it. Once PS had pointed it out to me though, I did then feel like I was a bit weird. Was it not common for women to do this? 

I was not perturbed for long though, although it did make me feel a little strange at the time. I am very comfortable with PS, we have after all been together a long time and we have done a lot of kinky shit together. I’m very cheeky when in the right mood so occasionally I do like to play to it. Once he confirmed that he actually liked seeing me taste myself of course.

Most evening after I have knelt (part of my ritual) PS will put inside me one of the sets of balls that Satisfyer sent to us, more on that experiment later. After I have done some exercise and the allotted time is up PS will then remove them, clean and put the balls away. Usually anyway. One day I decided that I would remove them and give them a clean myself. After swirling my tongue around them, whilst maintaining eye contact with PS, I then submerged them in my mouth for a good sucking. Pulling them out one by one with a satisfying plop. 

Giggling I handed them to a stunned PS who was a bit lost for words and once again gave me ‘that look’. 

Enjoying tasting myself

I don’t know if there is a name for enjoying tasting myself, I couldn’t find it on a kink list. Please enlighten me if you know otherwise! But I have decided that I do. I don’t think it simply comes down to cleaning up a mess (I don’t like mess very much). It is an action and taste that I just enjoy. So weird or not, it is what it is.

Masturbation Monday

28 Replies to “Tasting Myself

  1. I might have done this on occasion, taste myself, but mostly I do so when Master T sticks his fingers in my mouth after he has fingered me. I quite enjoy my own taste 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. These words conveyed a very hot and sexy scene for me. Thank you.

    And also thank you for the extremely sexy photo. Almost as good as being there.

  3. It’s a bit of a ‘thing’ here as well. F will often ‘make me’ clean fingers or himself … my erotic embarassment buttons then pushed ? … nj … xx

  4. This was really interesting as it is something that I just don’t do. HL would like me to and sometimes threatens but I don’t like it. I don’t like sucking his cock after it has a been inside me either. You make it sound hot but not sure I could ever feel that about myself ?

    1. Honestly I thought that I was just weird and no one would want to do it so I am really suprised others do. Would it not push humiliation buttons for you if he made you? Or is it just too far? Sucking cock after it’s been inside me is one I really like but I’m not sure that PS knows that.

  5. Strangely I’m not all that keen on the taste of my own juices, especially if I taste them while kissing him. But that’s not to say I haven’t licked a toy or my finger on occasion 🙂

  6. Massive thing for me. I love sucking myself off of my partners cock and fingers and I will lick my fingers when I masturbate and dildos etc… I love my taste and smell and I also find the whole action of it a huge turn on to me.

    This is not a kink we have done but I am totally going to add it to the Kink of the Week spread sheet


    1. It’s always a good thing to hear that others share your kinks and your not odd! I look forward to writing more about it then in the future!

  7. This is not a thing for me at all, but I know from experience that it is for many women! I actually quite dislike it and I have even gagged when someone tried to kiss me after going down on me. My Master uses as a humiliating torture for me: sticking his fingers covered in my juices into my mouth. I hate it, but love the torture part of it, ha.

  8. I tend to taste myself as part of the power dynamic between JB and myself and I enjoy it, but it’s less about the taste and more about the submissive feeling I get when he does it. That being said, I’d be fascinated to know if there’s an official name for enjoying it.

    1. It’s interesting how the same act works differently for others. Yeah I would like to know if it has a name, I did look but couldn’t find anything.

  9. I never felt the desire to taste myself until I got this sudden curiosity, for no apparent reason, I think. The first time I only very lightly touched the wetness on my fingers with the tip of my tongue. Then eventually just put my fingers straight in my mouth. Later it became more of a convenience to quickly pre-clean my fingers, haha. And just like for you, it was sort of normal?

    I relate to how then when I was told to do it in front of my Mistress, it suddenly became a lot more embarrassing and I would catch myself hesitating.

    I really enjoyed reading this!

  10. I was never into tasting myself until I met H, who likes me to suck myself off of his fingers, and ever since then I find it a huge turn on, whether it’s his fingers or mine!

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