Magic Bunny Satisfyer Vibes Review: Guest Post by Violet Grey

Magic Bunny Satisfyer Vibes

This year we had the pleasure of meeting Violet Grey at Eroticon. She was so bubbly and lovely to talk to! We were so happy when she agreed to take the Magic Bunny Satisfyer Vibes for a test drive. Violet Grey is an erotic writer of fiction and real life sex stories, please check out her blog and Twitter.

Satisfyer Vibes: The Magic Bunny

First of all: amazing name. Second, it’s purple, and purple is one of my favourite colours. And third, it’s got a clitoris stimulation!! With your girl being a clitoral stimulation fan, this was a BIG plus.

One of my sex toy peeves is wishing when I had an amazing product for clitoral stimulation, that it would have an attachment for penetration and vice versa, when I’m in the mood for it. Thankfully, I’ve experienced this in the form of the ‘Rampant Rabbit’ style vibrators that see to both needs accordingly.

With this being a Satisfyer product, it has the usual perks its products are known for: smooth, body safe silicone, rechargeable, and easy to manoeuvre. It’s easy to clean (I use a spray-on toy cleaner, rather than wipes. Trying to sex-positive and more eco-friendly!)

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this product. What I really liked about it, is the size. The overall insert-able size is smaller than other conventional sized ‘rabbit’ vibrators, with the insertion length, approx. 4 inches. (it measures 7 inches from bottom to tip) You can insert it, leaving the clitoris stimulator, a very smooth, rounded piece, resting on the clit. The curve at the inserting end can be used to massage the g-spot, as well as use for pleasuring the clitoris. The Magic Bunny is currently available for £44.95 GBP on the Satisfyer website.

Magic Bunny “Killer orgasms”

As usual with Satisfyer, I thoroughly enjoyed the Magic Bunny 12 speed and pulse settings, though I would have liked to see a little more variety, as these are the same in the other Satisfyer vibrators I’ve had the pleasure of using and reviewing. That being said, they’re still good and I got some killer orgasms from this! Plus, this product has a ten year warranty. For any product really, especially a sex toy, that’s bloody good!

One qualm I do have is the same I had with the Vibease Esthesia ‘rabbit’ style vibrator. I would have liked speed and pulse settings for the individual pieces, as well as what the vibrator provides: both at the same time. Being someone who’s primary way to orgasm is through the clitoris, but finds penetrative vibrations uncomfortable, I would have liked to use vibrations on the clit while the phallus was inserted, but no vibrations on the phallus.

Therefore, I could experience the pleasure and orgasm from penetration as well as having my clitoris stimulated in the way I like, when using a vibrator. Given there are now many ‘rabbit’ style products that do this (as well as thrusting actions for the penis shape, or even swirling in some products) I feel this might be worth Satisfyer looking into to develop if they haven’t already.

Final thoughts

Having said that, the Magic Bunny is one of my favourite vibrators to test so far, and I’ll definitely be using it again. Also for someone looking for a smaller ‘rabbit’ style vibrator but enjoys penetrative vibrations, I’d recommend this product. Thanks again to PurpleSole and Littlegem for being so kind to send these products to me!

In the interest of transparency we were sent this product for free in exchange for an honest review. We do not receive any money if you were to click through to their site and purchase one.

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  1. I’m not a fan of internal vibrations either. I’m hoping to get with with separate controls for this reason. Great review!

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