Littlegem Fan Club

Littlegem Fan Club

One of the biggest hesitations when it comes to posting pictures online is knowing that once they’re out there, there is no turning back. But for littlegem and I, showing our bodies has been a positive experience and we have been grateful for the feedback we have received. 

We were pretty slow in signing up to Twitter in relation to our website, not really seeing the advantage. There was also the issue of receiving unwanted attention. I have seen plenty of others that have received unsolicited pictures from strangers (dick pics). 

Now here’s the thing, in the time we’ve been doing this (over a year now) we have never received any messages, pictures, nothing. Not a sausage. This could be because we are a couple and blog together rather as a single female, which could be seen as a more vulnerable target. But it has led to an odd feeling from littlegem. 

‘What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I get dick pics?’ 

Littlegem wouldn’t say this herself, in her mind she feels like ‘nice girls shouldn’t want this.’ But she would love to know other people find her attractive, to tell her how sexy she is. I’ll of course tell her, but that’s what I do, I’m her partner. I mention how good it would be if she had her own fan club, one that admires her beauty. It started as a joke to begin with, but the idea of it has become more real. Because that is one of the reasons we post pictures, to share how sexy littlegem is. It makes her feel better about herself and her body. 

The Private Message

But then last week she gets a private message on Fetlife, one from a gentleman who says that he enjoys looking at pictures of her and how he enjoyed himself in doing so. Littlegem was so happy, she even messaged him back to say “thank you” which probably gave him a surprise. 

The Importance of Unsolicited Messages

Consent is a massive thing, it’s the difference between sexy and abuse. There are many people that share pictures and stories and are not comfortable receiving private messages like this. So always get consent before doing so. 

However we would both like it if our content was enjoyed to its fullest. So much so that I would like to encourage you to share the joy.

The Littlegem Fan Club

Why not join the fan club? If you would want to, there is something I would like you to do. I would like you to masturbate for littlegem. 

Step 1: Find a picture or story. There are plenty on our website so feel free to browse, but here are some highlights. 

Denying Orgasm- littlegem kissing the tip of PurpleSole's erect penis
From Denying Orgasm: Secret to Increasing Submission


The Littlegem Fan Club: There's Always a But: Littlegem's butt
From There’s Always a But


Erotic Humiliation- A close up of littlegem's mouth with whore written across it. Her mouth making the O
From Erotic Humiliation

Or if you’d prefer to read something sexy, why not try these:

If you’d like to read about her masturbating with a wand in front of the mirror read 40 minutes in the mirror. 

The Littlegem Fan Club: Picture from 40 Minutes in the Mirror

Or when she masturbated with a vibrator in her arse while watching porn.

The Littlegem Fan Club: Butt I Do Like To Masturbate

Step 2: Masturbate! Enjoy yourself, take some time to really get lost in your imagination. 

Step 3: Tell us! Send us a message via Twitter by DM’ing @purplesgem1 (please note the 1 in @PurplesGem1 as there is a completely unrelated Twitter account to ours without the 1!). Or send an email to littlegem directly at Tell us what you enjoyed about her, send pictures or video if you’d like, she’d love to see them. 

Don’t think this is directed at just penis owners, everyone is welcome. Most importantly you have our full consent, so have one for littlegem. 

A Purpose

It may seem a bit crazy to be asking this, but there is a purpose. Littlegem is now more comfortable with sharing our photos online. So much so that she is more happy to show her face. However when littlegem describes herself she’ll say that she’s not particularly attractive, a bit plain. Of course I completely disagree. My mission is to make her feel sexy and better about herself.  

So this is littlegem. Feel free to express how sexy she is. 

The Littlegem Fan Club: Consequence
From Consequence (Full Version)


Masturbation Monday

48 Replies to “Littlegem Fan Club

  1. I think the fact you do blog as a duo may be the inhibitor to the amount of responses you’ve received … that is having the Dom play a primary role with posting etc. I love the creativity of your photos – credit to both photographer and model .. and yes, lg … you are beautiful (and PS is no slouch either … from the little we’ve seen ;>)) … nj … xx

  2. This is such a great post PS ? I suppose that’s one of the things about sex blogging is some think it’s an open invitation when it isn’t. I really love how you emphasised consent and how you show your consent so openly here ? Littlegem you are absolutely stunning ? Got some serious hair envy over here!! Xx

  3. What a very brave, open post. Your pictures are wonderfully evocative and Little Gem looks gorgeous.

  4. Liitle Gem is absolutely gorgeous, I’ve never been one for sending cum tributes but if I ever change my mind I know where to find inspiration :p I know it has already been mentioned, but OMG the hair, all the beautiful hair, I am envious that a) it isn’t on my head and b) I’ve never had that much hair to pull on someone else, lol. Fabulous post and I very much hope you get some fabulous tributes from supporters of your blog x

    1. Haha, we’re always available lol. I’m a big fan of the hair too, luckily we both agree that the hair should stay long and pullable. Thank you floss ?

  5. Your pics are always glorious! But you’ll have to excuse me—I won’t be masturbating to them. Difficult to do when caged and it’s expressly against my rules!

  6. As someone who gets those unsolicited dick pics on Twitter and Instagram, who gets nasty dirty messages on Fetlife, and who gets cum tributes pretty easily, I can tell you that the grass isn’t greener on the other side! Most of those men (yes, so far they have all been men, not one trans* or female), are not respectful of boundaries, they don’t take no for an answer, and they actually can make you feel really uncomfortable.
    I think gem is absolutely gorgeous! But I can relate to the want of being objectified by others, to be wanted, to be able to turn others on. Cum tributes and men sending me messages that they have masturbated over my pictures or videos, is a huge turn on for me! But not only that, it is also a huge confidence boost! Not only am I an object of desire, I am obviously fuckable. it is just a great feeling!
    As for no one having sent dick pics or having hit on gem, or even suggested cum or cock tributes. I am very much convinced that it has absolutely nothing to do with the way gem looks, or if she is fuckable or not. The number one reason why it hasn’t happened, is because gem doesn’t exist much in the internet sphere without PS. Your accounts are couple accounts, and that is a cock block for most men. If gem had her own accounts, would post nudes of herself, she would receive those naughty messages as well. I am very much sure of that! Like, when I go to events on my own, I have someone hit on me,. But when I go with my Master, no men approach me. And another reason that I can see is that your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, but not very sexual- I know, right? Nudes not sexy? I don’t mean sexy though, I mean, sexual. Some of them could be a in a glossy Vogue, but they are not the sort of thing that men usually masturbate to.
    In summary: gem, you are fucking sexy and if I were a dude, I’d totally sent you a cum tribute!

    1. Wow, it’s good to have a comment so long that it needs a summary lol. Thanks DS, I think I am quite the cock block but I do think that’s a good thing in most instances. The responces we’ve had have been really good, most probably because it was posted here rather than fetlife, although we have discussed a personal twitter account for such things. Thank you for you experiences and guidance ?

  7. I love that you all have this duo blog and littlegem.. you are simply stunning! I love the photos you share and they give me inspiration to be a better photographer. ❤️

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind. Especially since we’ve only really found our feet photography wise from other blogs and meme’s this year.

  8. I don’t receive a lot of dick pics (very, very few, especially in the past year or two), and while I don’t want non-consensual nudes, I have had that feeling of, “Why aren’t I getting any?” (Of course, then I get an inappropriate question and that feeling evaporates, lol.) All that being said, I love how you’ve both taken this desire and turned it into something that CAN be consensual.

    1. Thanks Kayla, I really wasn’t sure about posting this to start with. But it’s the direction we’d like to take since we aren’t really erotic writers. Comments like yours have been really supportive ?.

  9. Firstly I want to say that I think LG is a very beautiful and sexy woman.

    Secondly I too have had very little of that type of content directed at me over the years but if you really want random dick pics then join Instagram as my DM’s are constantly full of them.


    1. Yes littlegem is very sexy, thank you?

      Strangely that was something we were considering, I don’t think many of our photos would be appropriate for it though..

  10. What a really cool idea! I bet this lights her up. It is really a proud moment for me when blue gets excited about her photos getting credit.
    I hope you haven’t copyrighted this idea?

  11. Oh . . . my . . . goodness !!!
    Mission accomplished . . . these are all (but especially the first and last) beautiful and sexy photos.
    A simply stunning lady . . . and simply gorgeous photos !!!
    Xxx – K

  12. I totally get those desires and hope that folks capitalized on this request for details about, or images of, them masturbating to littlegem because she’s hot as fuck and deserves all the tributes she desires!

    1. Thank you ?, the reaction we’ve had has been odd because everyone has been so lovely and the corropondance directly has been so warm and thoughtful, really was not expecting it.

  13. Littlegem is gorgeous but I have similar feelings about myself so I understand where she is coming from. I too have never received dick pics and any platform, email, Twitter or even Instagram. There are definitely times that makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me and no one could ever find me attractive. It’s weird how our minds work isn’t it!

  14. My husband started blogging years ago about our intimate relationship and a certain more explicit aspect that he wanted to pursue (and that I ended up LOVING once he started to embrace the act). I joined him in his blogging for some guest posts where I provided my perspective. Paul’s wonderful writing detailing his and our personal experiences attracted a lot of attention. Over the few years that he wrote, he would celebrate his continual growth in readership (it was in the multiple- thousands each month and growing) but seldom did people comment or send messages. When they did, OMG, they were so amazing! He was becoming a de facto sex therapist for a handful of men and a few women who either commented or messaged him. Our sex lives improved exponentially as we experimented and expanded what we did together (there were some serious bumps in the road, too).

    We shared pics in an photo-sharing site that included many of me and I struggled with the same concerns as LG in that I can’t see what Paul (or other men) see in me. Many of my pics were quite vulnerable (leaving nothing to the imagination). Soon, it was just me sharing pics of my body. It was oddly exciting to receive the feedback. However, like LG, I seldom received dick-pics and that is probably because ours was a couples-account (there were plenty of my hubby and a few of us engaged…remember, I mentioned things were explicit?). I did receive pics from an admirer who “tributed” my pics with self-pleasuring and the end result. That was both sexy and strange.

    Anyway, we both find LG to be astonishing and absolutely alluring!


    1. Thank you Melinda. When we started initially it was about us both sharing our experiences. Littlegem was nervous about taking photos but soon enjoyed the comments she received. This continues now with me wanting to show how sexy she is as it has been so beneficial to her self image. We now have people who go to her OnlyFans site and it really does make a difference. She feels sexy in front of the camera. I’m glad that you have had a similar experience, sometimes we don’t see it in ourselves so need to be pushed. And yes she is absolutely alluring, and I will win her over how beautiful she is.

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