Winter Sun

Winter Sun: littlegem naked on the beach

With the weather around here being suitably rubbish we thought it better to use a photo that reminds us of a warmer time. Sometimes I look at this and wish we could find some winter sun. We do like to take photos at the beach.

Sinful Sunday
This bottom shot was one of our favourite images from last week.
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34 Replies to “Winter Sun

  1. A gorgeous image. I hope you cleared the stones and pebbles from where she lay—a good photographer would have done that!! lol
    Makes me long for the beach!

    1. Haha, yes an excellent photographer would have done that. I think that was just a pebbles patch. Thanks, we love the beach, luckily we’re near to one

  2. Yep, totally with you on the winter sun. I hate the constant dull grey and cold. I was not built for life in this climate really


  3. Oh yes. Totally with you on wanting to feel the heat on my skin again. Just the right time to pull this gorgeous photo onto our screens. Well done ?

  4. I really like the warm vibe of this picture, definitely reminds me of the sunnier days of summer. They seem long gone at this point. littlegem looks amazing!

  5. I thought I had looked at this picture before and left a comments, but I’m glad I looked at it again — we all need a little sunshine these days (in so many ways). Can’t wait to see more beach pictures! xo

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