Dipping Our Toes into Needle Play

Dipping our toes into Needle Play: starter pack

Last Christmas I got littlegem a present, a starter pack of needles from Medfet*. Needle play was a kink that she was keen to try and it seemed like a fairly inexpensive way to dip our toes into a new kink. However we hadn’t played with it, not until this week.

Your Kink is Not my Kink

Prompted by a conservation about mis-aligned kinks on the SafeworD/s Club, littlegem and I spoke about play that we are yet to do because of our differences. The main differences we have are our views on playing with others and edge play, namely knife and needle play.

While I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far this year, meeting other kinksters, experimenting with types of play and pushing the boundaries of public nudity, needle play was getting to me. There they sit in the cupboard under the stairs where almost all of our sexual paraphernalia lives. For over 10 months I’d see them, not forgetting about them, just putting them off for another day. In that time my lack of action was doing me no good, if I was going to do needle play it would need to be self motivated. Time to hit the books.

Before taking part in any edge play or anything dangerous of any kind it is important that you do as much research as you can. There are plenty of online guides for needle play, so I can only advise reading them before play.

This wasn’t the first time I’d looked it up. I had intended to use them before but I had talked myself out of it. To be clear needles are not my thing, but I’d rather try it before saying that it was not for me. To give me that push to carry on I messaged gem.

“I have been looking up needle play recently and would like to try it on you tonight.”

“Yay, thank you Master.” 

I’m locked in now. Final preparations are made so that I know exactly what I’ll need with me. 

That night… 

The heating is on warm, almost too warm for me. The top of our sex table is laid on the floor for a comfortable place to lay on the floor complete with pillow. The medfet pack is opened out and I accustom myself with all the parts. I also have some basic medical supplies in case of bleeding.

I also read the need for something sugary in case of a crash from the adrenaline. So in order to play it safe I broke out some chocolate biscuits, since they were medically advised. We ate the whole packet together (to be really safe!) 

Then it was time to play, littlegem was told to lay on her front as the needles would go in her back. I then decided to proceed, with my latex gloves on, opening up a needle. Explaining all of my processes in detail for her. Unfortunately this may have come across as someone validating their own actions. I was nervous, of course I was, and she knew it. She was nervous too and my slow and cautious approach coupled with my nervous over explanation of every movement was too much. A break was called.

In my research I read that you could practice putting needles in an orange. So a quick trip to the kitchen was made, returning with a satsuma, close enough. We both watched as I repeatedly practised inserting the needle into the satsuma until the needle was well past its best, into the sharps box it went. 

Needle Play: A needle in an orange
The Satsuma with its needle inserted

This is when littlegem said she wanted to continue with her words, but said she wanted to stop with her body. It had taken this long to get here and I know that she really wanted to do it. Stopping now seemed like a failure, I know that because I felt it too. I wasn’t confident enough to be that person to take that control away from her. So there was certainly a disappointment, but I don’t want that to force her into not enjoying herself, the pain needs to be good pain, not bad pain.

I am keen to push myself and experience new ways to play. So despite trying a kink that isn’t my thing, I’m glad that I was able to give it a go even if we didn’t get as far as we both had hoped. So we had a cuddle, despite the lack of action aftercare was needed. Even having administered the medical biscuits she felt a drop in energy. So when I thought we were going to do needle play what we ended up doing was eating a packet of biscuits and stabbing a satsuma. 

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*The main picture shows the contents of the starter pack I bought, however I chose to use my purple gloves instead of the ones they provided.

20 Replies to “Dipping Our Toes into Needle Play

  1. Stabbing some citrus is always a win, in my book! 😉

    I love the realism and humor here. This is just… life. It’s how things go. You eat some biscuits, get a little stabby, cuddle up, and maybe one day try again. 🙂

    1. Thanks ?. Biscuits and cuddles make most situations a lot better. Yes we will try again another time, we have already talked about her to make it more relaxed.

  2. I had to laugh when I read that you ate the whole packet of biscuits just to be sure. I don’t see this as a failure, but as a wonderful way to work on it together, and to admit when you are either not ready, or don’t want to try it after all. Maybe next time it will work out, and maybe next time you will just decide not to try it again. Thanks for sharing this.

    Rebel xox

  3. Biscuits and satsuma-poking are still a pretty good recipe for a fun night! The important thing is that you communicated with each other and respected the fact that neither of you were feeling it. That’s is a beautiful thing ?

  4. This made me giggle, stabbing oranges and eating biscuits are also a totally valid kink!

    Needleplay is one of my favourite things but I get its scary. It is edge play after all. I really hope you try again and come to love it but there’s no shame in realising it just doesn’t work for you. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a DM, I’d be happy to help in any way.

  5. I was thinking of Bee as I read this as I know they are into this kink – maybe she can help reassure. Your approach seems to have been spot on, you can’t go wrong starting with chocolate biscuits, or ending with a cuddle. Thanks for your honesty and I hope you are able to try again.

    As an aside, I would have no trouble sticking needles in someone else (I’m a nurse after all), but don’t fancy it for myself.

    1. Thanks, I think the best way to practice is to try it on myself, then I might understand what I’m doing better, as much as I’m not so keen on it.

  6. Sometimes you have to take baby steps with these things and maybe this is laying the ground work for you to do a little bit ore next time


  7. There are definitely worse ways to spend an evening that some satsuma-stabbing. Sorry this scene didn’t work out for you, but it sounds like you didn’t let it ruin your evening. Good stuff.

  8. I think that what is important here is the clear connection that you both have with one another. Exploration is all about finding out more and sometimes things don’t go in the direction we expect. As long as you are going together then I tend to see it as successful as that is the important outcome ?

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