Planning a BDSM Schoolgirl Scene

Planning a BDSM schoolgirl scene

Ever since doing our first interrogation scene back in April my mind had been wondering how to do it again, while still keeping it fresh. Finally I decided on a schoolgirl scene, one where the headmaster would have to dominate the schoolgirl.

This is a role play we have done previously, littlegem is Gemma Littlestone a Bratty teenager who doesn’t care what her superiors think. I am Headmaster Dixon and have had Gemma brought into my office for a stern talking to and maybe a little spanking.

But this is more intense. As always there is a backstory to keep it fitting to the scene. So littlegem received a message prior to play.

“Gemma Littlestone has been a naughty girl. Asked to come to the headteachers office during after-school detention he tells her that she needs to say sorry to avoid being expelled. However she has refused and her headmaster must use forceful techniques to get her to apologise. He has an hour to teach her a lesson she won’t forget.”

I have given an hour, an intense scene like this needs an end and the intention is not to keep going until she says her safeword. A discussion after this message and before play confirms that the word “sorry” is the safeword. These are both measures I find important in regards to safety, especially given the forceful nature of the scene.

Other considerations are discussed, penetration is allowed as part of the con non con element of the schoolgirl scene and littlegem makes clear that she will struggle and wiggle. I therefore make clear to her again that only a safeword will stop play. Rules established I can plan what I intend to do.

Creating the Schoolgirl Scene

Now I need to think what will push gem to her limits, keeping within the rules, not using her hard limits and keeping it somewhat relevant to the scene. The obvious choice is impact play, since all previous schoolgirl scenes have involved it. This would require some degree of restraint as I knew she wouldn’t readily sit still. I also would use a set of nipple clamps, clover clamps to be more exact. Those things are bitey and if I really wanted to push her limits that would be good way to do it. To make it relevant I would say I found some ‘crocodile clips’ from the science labs.

I also want to push her from a humiliation point of view, since that’s something gem really enjoys. The roles we play lend themselves to her being ‘little’ however being bratty she will try to wrestle that control away from me. The wording I use needs affirm our positions (such as calling her a little girl) and to be stern and authoritative. I also had another plan which involved her mobile.

Smile for the Camera

If I really want to make her squirm I need to come up with something that will be unexpected. Before the scene can begin a message is sent to her phone, or should I say Gemma’s phone.

‘This is [school secretary] Mrs Penny apple, Headmaster Dixon will see you now. Please bring your mobile phone so it may be confiscated’ 

I needed her phone for my plan to work. Once in position, bent over with her skirt lifted I would ‘go through her messages’. Telling her she’d been flirting with boys because she’s a dirty girl. It’s at this point I take a photo of her exposed bottom and send it to someone, letting her watch me do it. 

What she doesn’t know was that this was pre-planned. I had spoken to the person I was going to message, telling them that ‘gem’ would send pictures to them later that night. The plan was to send ever increasing risky photos until the embarrassment was too much. 

Setting up the Room

To turn the room into an office a table was set up with a stool. The only chairs we have are too large and I wanted to make Gemma feel as small as possible as soon as she entered. 

All other implements needed for the scene were placed hidden but within easy reach if needed. Impact toys, latex gloves and nipple clamps sitting in the Headmasters suitcase. 

The Schoolgirl Scene Happens

If you want to find out how the scene went littlegem wrote up what happened during the scene and if you haven’t you can read it here

What I didn’t expect were some of the underhand tactics Gemma would use to get out of punishment. Saying ‘ow’ and ‘you’re hurting me’ had to be ignored, trusting in her using her safe word. Even when she said ‘don’t hurt the baby’ I had to flinch for a brief moment. 

Gemma was much more wriggly than I thought and having to physically restrain her can be a difficult balance as I genuinely don’t want to hurt her. Even my prepared cuffs and ropes weren’t enough, allowing little time for me to relax. 

The use of sending photos worked well. My intention of showing her the screen as I sent them meant a safe word could be used if it was really too far. But in the discussion after littlegem said the humiliation would be greater if she didn’t know what had been sent or to whom. 

The Aftermath

Aftercare consisted of water, a blanket and sex. The nature of a forceful con non con meant that we both needed to reconnect. It was also thrilling to let off that sexual energy after something so intense. 

Littlegem collapsed on the sofa afterwards, still dressed in her school outfit. I tidied up and sat on the sofa next to her. She didn’t realise that she’d been asleep well over an hour when she was woken to be taken to bed. 


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24 Replies to “Planning a BDSM Schoolgirl Scene

  1. Wow! … I love the thought and preparation that goes into your roleplaying scenes PS … not just the physical aspects of setting up, but the insightful and careful attention paid to little gem’s submissive headspace needs … thanks for the backstage tour 🙂 … nj … xx

  2. It is so interesting to read about what does into the preparation and how and why you choose certain things. The scene sounded amazing and you certainly gave her your full attention! 🙂

  3. The restraint non con part of this is super hot to me. Mostly I am not hugely into little play but the teen/headmaster thing does tick some boxes for me. I love how detailed your scene is and how you planned and thought it all through. I do love a planner


  4. Role play can be quite fun sometimes . . . sometimes! (Mine usually seems to quickly stray from what may have originally been requested LOL !!!)
    Your planning . . . and detail . . . is very impressive I must say !!!
    Xxx – K

  5. Wow! What an informative post! I love hearing all the behind the scenes details of planning a scene. It is much more complex than I would have thought. Your planning was very thorough!

  6. Sometimes I think reading about the preparation and build-up for a scene is as exciting as the scene itself. Thanks for sharing such a detailed account of your experience with this scene. It sounds incredibly hot.

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