Headmaster Dixon Will See You Now

Headmaster Dixon: Gemma Little-Stone dressed in her school girl outfit with the wooden ruler behind her back

Content warning: This is describing a consensual non-consensual scene. This includes violence and a forced sexual encounter with a ‘highschool student’ by a ‘Headmaster’.  

If you would like to read how the scene was set and planned PurpleSole has given you a backstage pass in Planning a BDSM Schoolgirl Scene

‘This is Mrs Pennyapple, Headmaster Dixon will see you now. Please bring your mobile phone so it may be confiscated.’

After gazing at the message she flicked her phone back to Whatsapp and continued to message her friend. She wanted to keep him waiting. This wasn’t the first time she had been sent to see Headmaster and wanted to play him a bit. Thought she could get the upper hand, she was wrong.

Headmaster Dixon awaits

Gemma knocked on his office door and listened intently for a stirring inside. Once footsteps could be heard, she put her phone to her ear and started to have a mock conversation on it. She was trying to put him off. The door started to open. A quick adjustment of her white blouse before the door swung open and Headmaster Dixon’s stern face greeted her. His hand out and gesturing.

“I will have that now Gemma,” She placed her phone in his palm. “Come in and sit down at my desk.”

It irked her that he didn’t seem to notice or acknowledge she was late, she would have to step it up a bit. Walking into his office she noticed the ‘chair’ he had meant for her to sit on, but it wasn’t what was usually there, it was a low stool.

She put on her sassy tone and started “Don’t you have the budget for normal chairs…” But he cut her off. “A tiny stool perfect for naughty little girls. Sit down now Gemma.” Taken aback she crouched on the stool before his desk and looked up to him upon his leather bound chair.

“Due to your bad behaviour your teachers are gunning for you to be expelled from St James’ High. I don’t want that Gemma, I think you have great potential. If you apologise to me now you can stay. If not, you will be expelled Gemma.”

He paused and looked at her. She was not in the mood to give up easily. Wanting him to make her say it, she knew by the way his eyes had already taken in her breast exposed through her low buttoned blouse that he wanted it too. “So do you have anything to say Gemma, don’t keep me waiting.”

Then make me

She looked him directly in the eyes and gave a half grin. “I have done nothing wrong, Headmaster.”

“You want to play games do you Gemma.” He got up from his desk. She could feel his presence behind her, she felt so small perched so low. His fine suit and stern demeanour adding to these feelings. “Stand up and put your hands on my desk.” Doing what she was told, bending over the hard oak, her already too short plaid skirt riding further up her thigh. She gasped as she felt his hand upon her thigh but she didn’t try to move. Warming to the sensation of his touch, his hand glided closer to her bottom. In one swift motion he yanked the material of her skirt right up revealing her arse and spanked her. 

Before she could react he had pulled her up and spun her around to face him. “You are not leaving here until you have apologised Gemma, you can say it willingly or you will be made to.” His tone was calm but assertive, she liked where this was going

“Then make me.” Twisting out of his grasp she picked up a wooden ruler from his desk and made her way towards the door. He caught her wrist and yanked her back. Trying to break free she playfully spanked him with the ruler, giggling.

Gemma detained

“You know I can use reasonable force to detain a student Gemma.” He released the ruler from her grasp and it dropped to the floor. Then pressed his patent leather shoe against the back of her knee. She folded as he guided her down toward the sofa, using his body to detain her. Still trying to struggle from his grip, he bound her arms in cuffs attached to some rope.

“What unusual kit to have in your office Headmaster, I’m not sure this is an acceptable way to treat your students.” She said as she struggled ‘helplessly’ against the restraints.

“Some students require special attention and you Gemma, are one of those students.” He undid his thick black leather belt and doubled it over holding onto the metal fastening. Her knickers were pulled down to her ankles. Thwack the leather kissed her arse cheek, she whimpered as her cold skin stung in response to the belt. Thwack she could feel her arse start to warm as the thuds continued. Thwack, “All you have to do is say sorry Gemma.” 

There was no response. He picked up her phone, “What are you doing!?” She demanded. “Looks like you have been flirting with some boys, do you like being a slut Gemma?” Her face reddened and she shook her head. “If you like it so much I think you would like them to see photos of you.” She whimpered and screwed her eyes shut. Click a photo was taken of her blushing arse.

“Are you going to apologise, otherwise I will send this photo and message,” He flashed the phone towards her to confirm his intent. “No,” She buried her head into the sofa.   

Headmaster and his slut

But she had other ideas. Releasing her wrists from the cuffs, the clip attaching them to the rope had been left unknowingly in her reach. She slid herself free from the sofa and tried to wriggle away. “I don’t think so Gemma.” He grabbed her from under her armpits and threw her back on the sofa.

“Don’t, you will hurt the baby!” She watched his face closely for a response, a slight flicker maybe but not the desired effect she thought the lie would have. 

Have you been a dirty slut letting the boys play with you behind the bike sheds.” He had turned it around once more and gained back the control. “I think I need to take a closer look at you, you dirty little girl.” He restrained her wrists down once more and this time her ankles, a spreader bar was prised between her legs. She felt a gloved finger pull at her exposed lips, the folds of skin prised apart. His fingers entered her.

She writhed to try and escape but her bonds held her tight this time. She wanted to fight him but her body was reacting to his thrusting hand, he was bending her will to his. “I can see you are enjoying this Gemma,” Click another photo taken, the phone put to her face confirming it was sent. More fingers found their way back inside her and her she couldn’t stop a moan escaping her lips. 

Nipples clamped

“I had been to the science lab to get some ‘crocodile clips’ in case I required them. Looks like you need some more persuading to apologise Gemma.” He manoeuvred her onto the sofa, his head facing her erect nipples. His fingers grazed over them and pinched the hardened skin. She squirmed in his fingers, whimpering and trying to evade his touch. She felt the cold metal briefly before the pinching of the clamp encased her nipple. The bite of the clip was too much, forcing droplets of liquid from her sensitive nipple. 

The idea that a photo of this might be sent was too much. The thought of her breasts being seen to others seeping their milky liquid was just too humiliating. That mixed with the harsh pinch of the clamp, starting to numb her nipple. She finally cracked. “I’m sorry Headmaster.”   

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  1. I might not personally be into role play (I sooooo am not) BUT I love reading good role play, especially when I can temporarily forget who the players are because the story is so good. 🙂

  2. This sounds like an incredibly well-constructed and seriously hot scene. It was also a very hot read – thank you for sharing your role-playing adventures with us!

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