DIY Sex Table

DIY Sex Table littlegem bent over backwards and cuffed onto the table

I have been meaning to write a post for quite a while about our sex table. This weeks prompt for Kink of the Week is ‘Making your own BDSM kit’ so thought it would be the perfect opportunity to write about our DIY sex table. 

I can only apologise for the amount of links in this post, it is rather littered with them. Rather than putting in tons of photos I thought if you want more visuals and details you can find them in the links!  

DIY sex table

We have named it the sex table although we rarely actually have sex on it. The idea behind it was a raised platform to perform any BDSM delights on. So be it a spanking, somewhere to be tied down to or inspected. We wanted one table to do all of these tasks. Before deciding to make it we had a look around at the many different types of BDSM table on offer. I mean they all look fantastic and pretty much encompassed what we required, although a few were more spanking bench or horse type that would not have worked for everything we wanted. The main problem was the price, not wanting to pay £200+ for what is essentially a raised table with some rings on. 

So I decided I could make it myself. I really enjoy making things in general so based my idea on a bondage board that I had seen on amazon. But for ours we wanted it raised off the ground so a good height for PurpleSole to have access to me. 

DIY sex table: How it’s made

We were lucky to be able to utilise a thick wooden board that is padded and covered in black faux leather material that we already own. It is thick enough to hold my weight fine, this was tested by PS first to make sure of it’s safety!

The rest of the table is essentially two folding hobby tables, Nine Metal rings on plates, some screws and glue. A grand total of under £70 and very little DIY skills required. We also had in mind being able to add to the sex table for any future requirements so there is space for clamps to attach other accessories to the table if PS wants.

The whole DIY sex table is pretty easy to store as it folds away. It could be stored at the back of a cupboard, under the bed or even behind the sofa. All great hidden options. Much better than where we store it…and PS’s parents saw it.

Using the DIY sex table in scenes

For such a simple table I think it really looks the part and adds to many of our play scenes. The legs are adjustable to a few different heights so makes it nice and versatile for PS’s needs. 

One of my favourite scenes that it has been used in is Full Metal Racket and in fact most of our ElectraStim play is done with me on the table. It is a comfortable place to lie down and stay in position, as it is padded. It can also be positioned in the middle of the room so PS has space to go right around my body if he wishes. This could not be achieved if I was lying on the sofa.

I think it does help with my head space, as it looks very medical and an imposing object. This adds to the erotic humiliation value for me as every time I get onto the table I can’t help but think ‘what would people say if they saw it’ or ‘what kind of perverted weirdos would own one of these?!’ Us that’s who…

One play scene that the table helped with a medical look to is one I just realised we haven’t actually written about. PS sort of recreated the story he wrote about Puppy’s Trip and carried out a vet like inspection on my puppy persona.

Access granted

One of the reasons we wanted the sex table to be completely flat was so PS could put me in different positions. Whether tied down or not. It’s a good solid base for PS to verbally or physically manipulate my body to his will. Unlike a bed which would be too soft for a lot of the positions and the floor too low for PS to comfortably reach me.

In this post about Enema Play, you can see how the DIY sex table was fantastic for the scene. It gave PS access to my arse and me a squidgy but firm base to stay in position for as long as he needed. 

It is also a great height for impact play. We have had difficulties in the past with finding the right position for extended impact sessions. PS wrote about it in more detail in Cane and Able. Now the DIY sex table is the go to for most of our impact play, apart from our reset spankings as they are always done over the knee as its more intimate.  

Tied down

The metal rings give an anchor point for PS to tie me down. They are positioned down both sides of the table and also at the end, so whichever limb PS wants to keep in place he is able to. He has used both rope and cuffs on the table to tie me down but my favourite is rope. You can see an image of the table in this post Climax that PS screenshot from our scene of how he tied my legs using the Spiral Futomomo.

I really enjoy having a bit of a struggle whilst tied down and it is really pleasing to hear the metal of the rings clunking together. Puts me in a very primal mood. 

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    1. Lol thanks sweet. It’s not a position I can hold for extended amounts of time but it is a good one for humiliation… Liquids trickling down is very embarrassing.

  1. I agree with sweet, that image is brilliant. We love our play bench too which is a similar idea. I am not sure if HL will post about some of the things he had made but I hope so. Like you, we find ours really versatile, although a lounge empty of teenagers would open up the possibilities for use!
    Great post 🙂

  2. Great image firstly! And great idea and resourcefulness too. We have a therapist grade massage chair (the ones you kneel on) that is brilliant for perverting into a variety of positions and accessibility for scenes, with removable head and leg bits and various cranks and bendy bits so you can change angles etc. It’s a bit of a pain getting it set up and put away though but it stores flat so there’s that!

  3. I could not bend like that! Also we cheated when it came to a sturdy, useful table…a relative gave us a no longer used massage table!

  4. That photo is AMAZING. Your DIY sex table sounds brilliant, and exactly the kind of thing that might motivate me to pick up any sort of basic DIY skills. I love your descriptions of all the super hot ways you have used it together!

  5. This was a really interesting read! I am not too bad at DIY but I don’t think I am ready for that sort of a project (yet, haha). That picture is amazing by the way, you are so flexible, gem!

  6. Fabulous pose Gem! I dont think I could manage it for long!
    Your craft skills and ingenuity have impressed me no end, and the table looks super handy for its sexy purposes.

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