Dom Rod

Dom-Rod a photo of PurpleSole's erect penis

I really like this photo I took of PurpleSole’s Dom-Rod. Not just because it’s of a part of him I like to worship. But because it shows how far he has come in his self confidence and being behind the camera for a change. The fact that he is allowing me to show such a close up graphic photo of himself makes me very happy. Although, like me, he would never post the photo himself as he wasn’t completely sure about it.

The photo was originally taken so I would have something to draw for Inktober, if you want to see my fineliner drawing attempt please check it out.

Also, if you were wondering about the title Dom-Rod, It’s an amazing word that I totally didn’t make up a while ago and submit to Urban Dictionary… See also, sub-nub.

Sinful Sunday

44 Replies to “Dom Rod

  1. Maybe we should campaign for all our Doms to allow us to take an image like this… because I like you, do love a good Dom Rod ??

  2. There is something about a wedding ring flashing against that particular swath of flesh on a man that is particularly enticing to me. It draws my eye in a way the anatomy alone never will, and this photo is no exception. 🙂

    1. Thank you, yes the image was meant to be about the ring as it was the prompt for Inktober… I think I just got carried away with the rest!

  3. I want to say all sorts of inappropriate things, haha. The wedding ring is stopping me! I really like the angle of this picture. I can image ruby going “I want to lick it so it is mine!”, hehe. Really great picture!

  4. What a wonderful photo, I agree about the comment re: his wedding ring. I’m so glad that for once PS is that side of the camera. Fabulous xx

  5. Really sexy image, I love the edit – the black and white allows us to see a lot more details. I am also with the others, the wedding band adds so much – I am taken, this is hers… Hot x

  6. I’m usually not a fan of cock shots, they tend to come unsolicited and are usually anything but attractive. This one doesn’t rub it in, I almost didn’t see it coming, until couldn’t take my eyes off it (for a few seconds at least). No offense, but I still find the artistry of the picture more alluring than the object itself.

    1. Definitely no offense taken! ? I’m not usually a big fan either, close ups of male or female genitalia aren’t my thing. But I am a fan of this one, although I am biased having taken the photo lol.

  7. Only just catching up with this now thanks to your tweet. Having recently been to Pompeii where the penis was seen as a symbol of good fortune for the Romans I think your man’s Dom Rod would have gone down very well. That expression reminded me of when my wife and I first met (1982) and I sometimes referred to a wank as a Rocky Rod Knob Job. My attempt at being amusing!

    1. What a brilliant expression, hope it had the desired effect. Well I would say its good fortune for me to rub it so they were on to something!

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