Shoot Me Again

Shoot Me Again, littlegem sits by a river

All of our posts contain original photos, which can create quite a challenge. Almost all of these photos are of littlegem. After all she is the sexy one of the two of us. It is always a joy to shoot photos of her with our camera.

Taking these photos has certainly had a positive influence. Turn the clocks back a year and littlegem could be very cautious about what parts of her she wanted to show. I remember the first time she showed her breasts, now she’s more than happy to get them out. There are still areas that she is uncomfortable showing, and I have learnt how to flaunt the areas she prefers. 

I see this progress and how her confidence grows and I do feel a bit jealous. I don’t have strong self-confidence and am less comfortable about having my photo taken. It’s one of the reasons there are very few of me, despite it being a joint blog. 

We did have one of our weekly chats and I discussed the idea of photos being taken of me. It would push me out of my comfort zone, something I’ve been keen to do of recent. It would break up the routine of me being the one taking and editing almost all of our photos. This means showing littlegem how to use our editing software so she gets to learn too. Frankly she is much better with the camera than I and there is no reason why she can’t edit better either, I might soon be out of a job. 

Draw me like one of your French girls boys

Last week littlegem decided to get back into drawing. She wanted to use one of our images, but not of her because she didn’t want to appear too self obsessed. She decided to take a photo of my cock and then draw it. Although this isn’t the first time she’s done this I wouldn’t say I was totally sure about it. However she did a really good job and I hate to say it but I kind of like it.

I have a list of photos I would like to do when time allows it. Places I’d like to go, different props. The common theme was that it was always photos of littlegem, feminine and sexy (in theory). I have started to think of ideas for both of us and even just me. 

So does this mean more photos of me in the future? Maybe. Usually it is I that comes up with the photos we take, especially for Sinful Sunday. So it would be natural for me to want to take photos of littlegem rather than myself. I don’t think I’ll ever be easily forthcoming about having myself photographed, because who would want to see that. But if it makes me feel a little better about myself then having a push should be good for me. 

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24 Replies to “Shoot Me Again

  1. Honestly that image Gem took and then drew of you was awesome, I absolutely loved it. I think it showed you in a very wonderful light 🙂 I don’t think we have enough images to enjoy of menfolk throughout the sex blogging community so I wholeheartedly hope that Gem gets behind the camera more and shows you off a little. I expect we will all be here and ready to press that like button when she does x

  2. I absolutely love the photos you make of littlegem, and I love the drawing she has done, but honestly, I would love to see more pictures of you too 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. I think you do an amazing job of always using an original image in your posts. I occasionally use a pixabay one in mine but do continually take photos of objects and stuff just in case it may come in handy for a blog post one day. It is my bug bear that some bloggers use images in their articles without a credit, which is fine if it is of them- but often I have asked that question and get told it’s a stock image Grrrrr 😉 love the shots of Gem x

    1. Thanks ? it started with us not sure how it worked with stock images and has ended up with us taking photos all the time. Good idea with taking photos for the future.

  4. Your images are always fantastic, and littlegem’s drawing of you was brilliant. It would be terrific to see you in front of the camera as well as lg!

  5. I clicked through to the other post and I have to say I was absolutely delighted I did. Both the drawing and the photo are beautiful done and quite frankly sexy as all hell. I hope it does set you off down a path of more images of you. I think there is a shortage of beautiful erotic imagery of men and I think you are more then capable of creating some amazing work


  6. I’d love to see images of you both and it would be a really interesting twist and development to have you swap places as subject and editor, Gem is obviously as talented as you are!

  7. I know exactly what you are talking about here. Raven is very comfortable in front of the camera. He often gets in the mood for spontaneous photo shoots and the results are amazing. I like the idea of reciprocating but then get cold feet when it actually comes down to taking the photo. We have worked out that I am much more comfortable being the subject of the photo if he is in control of the camera, rather than me trying to take a “selfie” with my phone. So we are exploring with that.
    I look forward to what is to come from you and Little Gem.

    1. Thank you, yes I think we both need to trust in our partner. Littlegem will say a photo looks good when I’m not so sure. I think I’ll always be the one more comfortable taking the photos though

  8. I think it is amazing that you do all your own images. I’ve thought of doing that myself, but it is so time consuming that I end up falling back on internet images most of the time.

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