Enchanted: Through The Gate

Enchanted Through The Gate, an inked picture that littlegem drew

My fingers touched the gate. I could feel everything. The enchanted metal reverberated with the life of the other land, its heartbeat strong and racing as if it were my own. 

This wasn’t the first time I crossed the gateway and I knew it wouldn’t be my last. It couldn’t be, I just had to keep going back. The other land drew me in, all my fantasies realised. Even the ones I didn’t know I had. Couldn’t possibly have imagined. Not in this world anyway, but once there it was all different. I became the other land, the rivers flowed as if blood in our veins. Our bodies are all connected, our skin shared its touch.

It was luring for us all but we knew we couldn’t stay long. No one knew exactly why but we heeded the riddled warnings anyway. No matter how hard it was to leave, how the land called for us to stay. Longed for us to be free amongst the foliage and play on it’s soft grass. Just a bit longer. It won’t hurt, just stay. 

One of the prompts for Inktober is enchanted so I thought I would draw the image from our previous post The Secret Garden. If you wanted to see the drawing I did for Ring, you can click the link. The original photo also happens to be the prompt picture for Masturbation Monday this week. Check out the sexy stories people have come up with using our image.

Masturbation Monday

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