Anal Sex and Long Term Affects: “Will it Break My Butt?”

Anal Sex and Long Term Affects- littlegem's bottom in crotch-less knickers and a tail plug in her bum

For everyone that hasn’t read our blog before I will start by saying, I love anal sex. I have written a few posts about the topic: I’m a Little Bit Anal, Ruby Ring-piece, Butt I Do Like To Masturbate and Getting To The Bottom Of Temperature Play. So don’t want to tread on their toes, but I like pretty much anything in there. One question that I had always been too afraid to find the answer for though was if there were any long term risks to anal play. Not a sexy read i’m afraid but I found it interesting.

Anal sex, the risks?

Rather than shying away I decided I would actively go on the hunt for research and facts regarding anal sex. When I say anal sex I really mean any type of anal penetration play, be it a cock, plug or dildo etc. The one thing that I kept finding on my research was risks associated with STI’s (more specifically the HPV virus). I would hope by now that we all know the risks with STI’s from any kind of sex so I am not going to include it here. 

In regards to Anal Cancer the only factor in which you are at greater risk for having anal sex is due to the HPV virus which can be transmitted this way (or though any other sexual contact, it poses the same risk as vaginal sex and cervical cancer). Really what I am looking for is specific risks posed to my bum from being penetrated a lot. 

I have found that the most common medical problems that people have thought to be at a greater risk with anal sex are tears, faecal incontinence and haemorrhoids.

Medical News Today and Vice are a couple of the most useful sites I have found for my research as they contained the studies in which they were drawing their evidence from. Obviously a google search will bring up a lot more but I wanted hard evidence not opinions

Anal Tears

So this had a range from micro tears to full on fistula (really big tear). In my 10+ years of having anal sex, for the first 9 of those years I did experience tears quite a lot whilst having anal sex. Once we started D/s this ceased to happen (apart from one time when I was a bit stupid and tried to shove a massive butt plug in with no previous preparation). We always used lube so I think it had more to do with how relaxed I felt. With a complete mindset change of D/s I became more trusting of PS with my body.

My experiences aside the research does prove that anal sex can cause tears and complications can arise with bacteria being present in the area. That being said some common sense practises can significantly reduce the risks. Using lube and lots of it as your bum doesn’t make it’s own. Take it slowly and consider size to speed/ thrust. I.e. Don’t shove a massive butt plug rigorously up your arse… I find it best practice now to have a little anal preparation if using larger objects. Start with inserting something smaller for a few minutes for your body to accommodate it, then remove and gradually work up in size. It gives time for your muscles to relax into it and makes you hungry for more. Just me? 

I will point out that the fistulas resulting from anal do seem to be quite rare and from more extreme bum fun. Having experienced micro tears a lot previously it clearly wasn’t enough to put me off and in regards to long term effects there aren’t really any. The tears will heal just the same as a cut anywhere else. It is also worth noting that you can get tears in a vagina just as easily if not well lubricated.

Faecal incontinence

This is the one I was most worried about, although again not enough to stop having anal. Faecal incontinence is the inability to control bowel movements, this ranges from occasional leakage to complete loss of bowel control. Not pleasant right! I was trying to concentrate on more recent research regarding this that included all genders and unbiased in its vocabulary. You would be surprised how difficult that is.

Although all the statistics did vary slightly, which is natural due to them being drawn from their experiments and own sample sizes. The upshot was although some people who had regular anal sex did experience faecal incontinence the figure was extremely low, but so did the people who had never engaged in anal sex. So although the anal people were slightly higher in percentage to report faecal incontinence than non anal, it was still a tiny percentage in the first place (if you want the actual figures both the sites above have included them). The article also points out that other factors were not considered and of course we all know that correlation does not equal causation. 


I couldn’t find any studies on this one but all the sites I have gone on said that anal sex does not cause haemorrhoids. Maybe it is just a medical fact or perhaps no one wanted to do a study in this area? The only thing to consider is that if you have or are susceptible to haemorrhoids is that anal sex may aggravate the condition. The same logical advice would follow relax, lube up and take it slow.

Anal sex, the bottom Line 

Personally I find this really reassuring as I had just assumed that my butt was going to break at some point. I am really glad I took the time to trawl through the net looking for the worst and actually coming up with some pretty interesting positive fact. From my research I am happy to conclude that the proven physical long term effects are minor, if any (or inconclusive). That being mentally relaxed does help you become physically more relaxed down there, but does not mean you are going to poop yourself in the future. I think the main thing to take away with anal sex (as with all sexual activity) is as long as you are smart in listening to your body, well lubricated, clean (yourselves and toys, not your mind!) and up for it, you should be fine. ‘Phew’ So I will carry on having anal fun, how about you?!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice. I have not conducted my own scientific tests and are using only others results. Please feel free to conduct your own test with a representative sample size!

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23 Replies to “Anal Sex and Long Term Affects: “Will it Break My Butt?”

  1. love ow well written this was. Thank You for answring some of my questions too. I have to admit i saw this first oon tweeter and reposted before i read it and realized how informative this was.
    I love the pic of your tail and swett arse.
    BTW i do love anal play

  2. This is a hilariously written informational piece. I am so relieved that I don’t have to worry about pooping myself in the future lol. Great post!

    1. Haha glad to help ease that worry! It may have just been me that assumed things like that but thought I would post my findings just incase ?

  3. What a Brilliant bit of research! I must admit to getting my first hemorrhoid following some vigorous anal play with some beads and I do blame the shape and style of the toy for it, as when there is no “bubbles” ie a phallic shape I do not have this (ahem) issue ?

    1. There might be more of a link and no research in the area or perhaps a coincidence. It’s tricky if no one has decided to conduct a study into of this nature than there is little information around it. I remember you mentioning it before so I did try looking extra hard for some facts but zero came up for me! Everyone’s body is different though and we have to be aware of our own limitations regardless of facts too.

  4. I can so relate to the worry of anal sex being somehow damaging to my poophole! I am so glad you put this together! I think people need to talk about things like this way more often, so we are not left wondering and worrying! Also, did you know that it is totally normal for your bowel movements, smells and consistency of stuff to change after anal sex? I thought I had broken something! But then read up on it and apparently it has to do with the air being pushed into spaces where it usually doesn’t go in! Now, if only they taught that in school 😛
    This is a very cute picture too. I need to use my tailplug more often, they are adorable! Pretty!

    1. Yes I am very glad I looked it up as although the worries wernt enough to stop me enjoying anal, it’s good to know the facts and not have that niggle at the back of your mind.

      I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of you in a tail plug before, that would be a treat! ?

  5. Excellent article! I’m a fan of anal too and I find that it’s all so much easier if I have already orgasmed once – must me a muscular tension thing? I love the question “will it break my butt?” I laughed aloud at that one, because honestly, we’ve all wondered.

  6. Really interesting and informative post Gem, I know I’ve experienced micro tears at times but that simultaneous clit stim really helps, as well as providing amazing blended orgasms!

  7. This is just brilliant gem. I think so many of us wonder about this and don’t seek to find the answer, probably for the same reasons as you. I love the narrative style you have used and the way you have injected some humour. The research you have done is so helpful and I think this is a really important post. Thank you for sharing ?

  8. Rex and I have tried it once. It was slow getting there but I have to say it was very very sexy! Probably because it is a forbidden thing! I orgasmed very quickly and so did he! We took advice and used lots of lube. I was a little tender afterwards but only a couple of days.

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