Ring: My First Time Drawing With Fineliners

Ring: My First Time Drawing With Fineliners- a picture of PS's cock in his fist

I thought I would try to push myself drawing wise, after looking at all the lovely Sinful Sunday images I came across a post that explained about Inktober and decided I wanted to have a go. The first prompt is ring.

A few months ago I decided to buy some art supplies. I really enjoy being creative and have used a few different art mediums in the past. But I was never very good and was put off by having a friend who was amazing at everything she picked up. There was no way I could compare so it kind of trailed off. I had never used ink before and after an idea I had randomly I decided to see how comics were drawn. After watching a lot of YouTube videos I decided to buy some fineliner pens and marker pens. I am still learning techniques with marker pens and as the ones I bought were really cheap they don’t quite get the same effect that I was looking for. The fineliners I just used to ink the outside of the drawing.

After discovering Inktober yesterday I asked PurpleSole if he would pose for a photo. I can’t draw from my imagination, i’m just not that creative. With the prompt being ring I wanted his wedding ring to be prominent whilst also a part of him I really like… The photo I then edited to get it as contrast black and white as I could so it would be easier to draw. This was the resulting photo.

Ring: My First Time Drawing With Fineliners- a photo of PurpleSoles cock I am happy with what I have drawn, I did have to take a photo of it to put it on here so it looks less white than the original but who cares. I know it is not perfect and there are quite a few mistakes but the whole point was to try something different. In the end I had such a fun time drawing and trying new techniques. There is no way I am going to be able to have time to draw everyday but I am aiming for once a week!



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  1. I think you’ve done an amazing drawing, lg! … and guess what, many artists use some type of inspiration for their work … a live model, a spot in the middle of the woods … or a photo of such 😉 … nj .. xx

    1. Thanks nj, I was really unsure about posting it as I’m very critical about what I draw. I think the fact that I loved the photo I took so much helped lol.

  2. littlegem, your drawing is so very good !! your Master, I’m sure, is very proud of your work.

  3. That is a very good work! Rex is an artist too! I think he posted some a while ago. The subject looks “hard”! ? I wish I could draw. I have no talent so keep amazing us with your creative ability!

  4. I just saw this and it stands out and up as a superb drawing. As others have said believe in how talented you are…including multitasking: getting his cock upright and hard, framing and taking the photo, and cumming up with your beautiful rendition. Perhaps the first in a cumming series?

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