Stretched Out

Stretched out beside a river nude

We have been holding onto this photo for a while, it was taken in the same location as the one for our Power Exchange post. Just through the brick wall that you can see in that one in fact.  The reason the stretched out image has not been used so far is because when I look at it I see ways it could have been improved. When we go out to take photos we like to keep it laid back, PurpleSole will tell me to go stand (or lie) in a particular spot he likes and his direction pretty much ends there. I don’t pose or keep position for long, just move around to ways I like to hold my body. I also don’t know when PS is actually taking the photo, I usually can’t hear the click of the camera and I can’t see much as I don’t like having my glasses on in photos. On the plus side I think this gives our photos a natural feel to them, PS is not a professional photographer and I am certainly not a model. But on the negative side sometimes I feel I could have held my body slightly differently, in this instance I think my fingers being stretched out as well as my body would have looked better.

We have written before about how taking pictures works for us in Back in the Picture and Zips and Self Reflection. We have a rule that I am not allowed to see the photos after they are taken, not until we are back home anyway and even then I don’t look through them all. The reason for this is to stop me being critical of what I can see, which if it was when we were actually taking them I would want to stop and be a dampener on my mood. This leaves me free to enjoy the experience of having my photo taken in beautiful locations, which although might end up harder for PS to capture what he wants, still means we both have a lovely time.

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46 Replies to “Stretched Out

  1. What a lovely soft image. I like how you manage to take photos together. Your system works really well. Being the photographer and the model I often hate the images I take and find I have to give the images a few days to settle before I go back and see what I think of them.
    Missy x

    1. I think it’s amazing how you can be both the photographer and the model, I would get so frustrated with myself and be miserable all the time lol. But you are fantastic at both Missy!

  2. I think that is an excellent rule. And this is a spectacular look at you all stretched out. PS is to be commended on his excellent choice of a model and his photo eye.

  3. Omg gorgeous! I LOVE this shot. And, I like that your fingers aren’t stretched because it’s a nice contrast to your body and you looked so relaxed!

    1. Thank you Sweet. I find it amazing how far PS photography skills have come in a relatively short amount of time, all through trial and error really. If you look back to our earlier posts you can certainly see a difference lol. I am very lucky he’s so patient with me and wants to learn and improve!

  4. I love the way you and PS go about taking photos. This one is a great example. It’s the imperfection that makes it perfect. It’s allowing us to feel like accidental bystanders, rather than spectators in a gallery. ?

  5. It’s a lovely shot, gem … I can feel the summer sun on skin . I think your photographer/model roles and rules work well. It’s obvious from the results, it’s a love you both share :>) … nj … xx

  6. This setting is beautiful and YOU are gorgeous…makes me want to be there, stretched out next to you <3

  7. Had your fingers been stretched out, the mood and feeling of the shot would have been different. This shot breathes relaxation. Comfort. Peacefulness. Your fingers extended would have added tension and taken away those qualities.

  8. I actually like the positioning of your fingers – it is more natural. Me and my man are similar when taking photos – I want to keep asking to see them but it ruins the fun time of taking them – so now I wait until later. x

  9. I love how the two of you work together, and thank you for sharing just how you do it when you are out and about. I love this image, and when I read what you said about your fingers, I thought I love them the way they are, because you look so relaxed!

    Rebel xox

  10. It is often in the imperfections that beauty lies. It is the little things that makes something interesting to look at and to enjoy. Perfection is quite boring, to be honest. I love this picture, the vibrancy of the green, your lusciously stretched out body. Very beautiful!

  11. I love this image because you do look so relaxed in it. It looks completely relaxed like we have just stumbled across you there


  12. Your images are always so beautiful.

    We’re not professionals either but my partner always directs my poses. I’d like them to be more natural because I’m never quite as flexible as he seems to think I am!

    1. That’s funny, but it’s nice to have some direction as just looking natural can be difficult sometimes. I get too jiffily if posing for too long so start to mess around and pull faces…

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